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Jefferson County - Marriages 1860-1899 : T

Index of Brides and Grooms

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FIRST NAME (Last, First)
SECOND NAME (Last, First)
TABER, Martha A. GALLAGHER, John A. 22 May, 1895 Book B, p.399
TAFT, F.A. SMITH, Mattie 30 Dec, 1877 Book N, p.61
TALBOT, Sarah H. BALL, W.H. 28 Nov 1878 Book N, p.58
TALBOTT, Nellie TONG, M.L. 03 May, 1890 Book B, p.207
TALLANT, Mary E. PATTERSON, George A. 05 Sep, 1893 Book B, p.340
TALLMAN, Andrew BENGSON, Christiana 16 Dec, 1876 Book N, p.52
TALLMAN, Anna BENGTSON, Nels A. 23 Nov, 1878 Not located
TAMPLIN, Addie (Mrs.) MARCHANT, George L. 03 Apr, 1892 Book B, p.272
TANDY, Ida May MONTGOMERY, Arthur 15 Sep, 1889 Book B, p.184
TANKER, Kate BINZ, Joseph 09 Nov, 1899 Book C, p.168
TANNEHILL, Francis M. MOREY, Effie L. 29 Aug, 1880 Book N, p.88
TANNEHILL, Jonathan L. MOREY, Lillie D. 13 Nov, 1881 Book B, p.11
TANNER, George B. POST, Edith 24 May, 1882 Book B, p.27
TARBELL, Ell Dee BERKLEY, Virginia 01 Sep, 1877 Book N, p.56
TAUBER, Emilie E. BARTHER, Richard V. 15 Dec, 1898 Book C, p.125
TAUBMAN, Thomas K. VOTH, Mary E. 08 Sep, 1897 Book C, p.73
TAYLOR, Clara A. THOMPSON, John 18 May, 1893 Book B, p.329
TAYLOR, Emma MOYER, W.F. 16 Aug, 1875 Book A, p.62
TAYLOR, H.A. FITZGERALD, Benettie Gene 12 Nov, 1895 Book C, p.4
TAYLOR, Henry A. FLESHER, Minnie 13 Nov, 1896 Book C, p.40
TAYLOR, James F. GREEN, Bella 21 Nov, 1872 Book N, p.27
TAYLOR, Josephine W. EVANS, W.L. 26 Jan, 1898 Book C, p.89
TAYLOR, W.A. HINES, Myrtle C. 11 Mar, 1891 Book B, p.233
TAYLOR, Willard F. CUFF, Julia M. 25 Feb, 1896 Book C, p.12
TELFORD, Maggie GEARY, John 23 Jul, 1883 Book B, p.49
TELLER, Mary Edna BRENBARGER, Lee 29 Oct, 1883 Book B, p.52
TEMPLETON, Andy CONANT, May 01 Jan, 1874 Book N, p.41
TENNYSON, Delia HOWARD, Ashley C. 24 Mar, 1872 Book N, p.25
TERRELL, Andrew B. BELL, Rebecca M. 01 Aug, 1882 Book B, p.30
TERRILL, Charles F. OWENS, Minnie B. 16 Jul, 1892 Book B, p.288
TERRILL, George SEELEY, Lottie D. 25 Dec, 1899 Book C, p.173
TERRILL, Harry T. WOOLLEY, Lillie G. 26 Jul, 1891 Book B, p.248
TERRILL, William COOK, Lizetta M. 01 Jan, 1887 Book B, p.121
TERRY, Lottie P. LICHTENHELD, Albert F. 20 Sep, 1892 Book B, p.298
TETTAMENTE, C.A. KELLEY, Susie M. 23 Dec, 1895 Book C, p.7
TEVESEN, Christine BRAND, Andrew 15 Oct, 1896 Book C, p.36
THACKARA, John W. ISBELL, Emma 13 May, 1876 Book A, p.95
THARP, Jabish B. DUGAN, Agnes O. 27 Aug, 1892 Book B, p.292
THARP, L.J. (Miss) MOSHER, Wilbur 31 Jul, 1886 Book B, p.114
THARP, Samuel H. RIGGLE, Laura B. 30 Aug, 1883 Book B, p.51
THEOBALD, Annie C. SNYDER, Frank L. 01 Jan, 1894 Book B, p.354
THIES, Lizzie LUNAN, John C. 15 Jul, 1891 Book B, p.246
THIGPIN, W.J. MANLY, E.D. (Miss) 28 Mar, 1889 Book B, p.173
THOMAS, Charles E. MILLEN, Lucy O. 12 Oct, 1897 Book C, p.75
THOMAS, Charles F. KNOWLES, Kate 06 Jul, 1892 Book B, p.286
THOMAS, Edward HILLER, Lillie (Mrs.) 24 May, 1890 Book B, p.211
THOMAS, Emma E. CORFMAN, A.H. 03 Jun, 1896 Book C, p.25
THOMAS, Hattie KELLEY, John T. 07 Sep, 1886 Book B, p.112
THOMAS, Mellie A. OPIE, John W. 01 Feb, 1883 Book B, p.42
THOMAS, Sarah E. OWENS, Owen T. 11 Nov, 1875 Book A, p.74
THOMAS, Wm. A.H. McKNELLY, Nellie 16 Aug, 1897 Book C, p.70
THOMASSON, Nels BENGTSDOTTER, Sissa 03 Dec, 1892 Book B, p.306
THOMPSEN, Sara A. THOMPSON, John 18 May, 1893 Book B, p.329
THOMPSON, Anna JOHNSON, Swan 16 May, 1891 Book B, p.237
THOMPSON, Annie (Mrs.) BAILEY, Frank L. 05 Nov, 1887 Book B, p.136
THOMPSON, August HANSON, Emma 07 Jun, 1899 Book C, p.144
THOMPSON, C. Alice, Mrs. BAINE, Fred E. 05 Jul, 1899 Book C, p.147
THOMPSON, Chris C. BELGIN, Katie 24 Dec, 1887 Book B, p.141
THOMPSON, Edwar J. RAND, Lucy A. 20 Jan, 1869 Book N, p.3
THOMPSON, Helen ROGERS, F.J. 20 Apr, 1890 Book B, p.205
THOMPSON, Jennie Florence HIGGINS, Alfred H. 17 Apr, 1890 Book B, p.204
THOMPSON, John TAYLOR, Clara A. 18 May, 1893 Book B, p.329
THOMPSON, John THOMPSEN, Sara A. 18 May, 1893 Book B, p.329
THOMPSON, Laray ALEXANDER, David 30 Jan, 1897 Book C, p.45
THOMPSON, Minnie R. HESSEL, Andrew 26 Oct, 1879 Book N, p.82
THOMPSON, Pearle E. SUVALL, Ernest L. 10 Dec, 1899 Book C, p.173
THOMPSON, Rachel E. NICHOLS, J.H. 13 Dec, 1892 Book B, p.308
THOMPSON, Sarah E. SHANKS, William C. 10 Jul, 1881 Book B, p.5
THOMSON, Alba R. CRAVEN, Sarah A. 01 Dec, 1873 Book N, p.39
THORN, Jennie, Mrs. WARNER, George R. 18 May, 1896 Book C, p.23
THORNE, Squire J. ROGERS, Minnie E. 04 Dec, 1882 Book B, p.37
THORNTON, Amanda J. CRAWFORD, D.C. 21 Dec, 1872 Book N, p.26
THORNTON, Sarah A. JAMESON, Alexander D. 28 Jan, 1874 Book N, p.41
THORSON, Olof GUSTAFSON, Mary 29 Mar, 1897 Book C, p.51
THUET, Alfors KLETT, Lena 21 Jun, 1892 Book B, p.283
THUET, Xavier LENDWELER, Mary 28 Jul, 1887 Book B, p.131
THURBER, Dora (Mrs.) FIGARY, John H. 07 Sep, 1879 Book N, p.77
TIBBITS, Frank TRIMBLE, Eldora (Mrs.) 07 Jun, 1888 Book B, p.156
TIBBITTS, Fannie C. HASSLER, Louis 18 Jan, 1894 Book B, p.356
TIEPERMAN, Anna M. FRYE, Edward 19 Nov, 1895 Book C, p.2
TILLEY, Jennie BURCH, Thomas Russell 17 May, 1876 Book N, p.99
TILLEY, L. May (Mrs.) LIPP, Lewis S. 26 Aug, 1892 Book B, p.293
TINKER, J.F. APP, Rose, Mrs. 27 Sep, 1899 Book C, p.157
TISSOT, Alfred METROS, Clotilde 14 May,1886 Not located
TITLEY, Charles W. ROWE, Lavinia L. 11 Apr, 1889 Book B, p.173
TITUS, Clark A. FAULKNER, Ella A. (Mrs.) 18 Jan, 1882 Book B, p.19
TITUS, Dewit C. BRINKERHUFF, Rachel M. 02 May, 1872 Book N, p.21
TOBERS, Rosa HOYTH, N. Hamilton 22 Jan, 1880 Book N, p.85
TOBIAS, Harrie M. STOUT, Mary L. 13 Apr, 1897 Book C, p.55
TODD, James SIMMONS, Mary J. 31 Dec, 1880 Book 28, p.15
TODD, John W. MASSEY, A. Elizabeth 14 Dec, 1879 Book N, p.82
TODD, Lou M. BUTTON, Jesse D. 20 Dec, 1893 Book B, p.352
TODD, William B. MARSH, Nora B. 01 Jan, 1876 Book A, p.82
TOMLIN, Albert ELLIS, Maggie 09 May, 1894 Book B, p.367
TONG, M.L. TALBOTT, Nellie 03 May, 1890 Book B, p.207
TOUN, Frank N. BAGLEY, Anna L. 01 Sep, 1892 Book B, p.293
TOVANI, Sabalino FISHER, Clara 22 Aug, 1886 Book B, p.111
TOWNSDIN, Samuel DENMARK, Emma G. 22 Sep, 1877 Book N, p.56
TOWNSEND, George FITZPATRICK, Nellie M. 30 Dec, 1890 Book B. p.229
TOWNSEND, W.L. IRELAND, Capitola 24 Dec, 1884 Book B, p.76
TOWNSEND, Wm. Bolan SHAW, May 01 Nov, 1899 Book C, p.164
TRAGO, Maude GARRETT, Joseph W. 06 Oct, 1898 Book C, p.117
TRAIL, Mary J. HOWLETT, Thomas 05 Sep, 1875 Book A, p.64
TRASK, Marion M. SMITH, Sidney S. 10 Jun, 1895 Book B, p.401
TRAYLOR, James W. WARD, Emma Pearl 20 Apr, 1899 Book C, p.137
TRAYLOR, Josie BALDRY, W.S. 03 Nov, 1895 Book C, p.1
TREFFEISON, Louisa A. GREINER, James W. 04 Dec, 1883 Book B, p.54
TREFFEISON, Rosa Anne FULLER, Stephen 17 May, 1880 Book N, p.84
TREMBLE, J.G. SANDERSON, Lula D. 01 Sep, 1899 Book C, p.154
TRENT, Rose May DWYER, Daniel J. 28 Jan, 1898 Book C, p.89
TRESTON, William M. HODGE, Alice 09 Oct, 1897 Book C, p.75
TRGLOWN, Henry PHILLIPS, Jane (Mrs.) 01 Jan, 1881 Book 28, p.14
TRIMBLE, Eldora (Mrs.) TIBBITS, Frank 07 Jun, 1888 Book B, p.156
TRIPLET, Wm. SHIELDS, Ida 06 Sep, 1886 Book B, p.112
TRIPP, Arthur B. TYLE, Eile E. (Mrs.) 20 Jun, 1883 Book B, p.47
TRITES, Georgie L. (Mrs.) BOWMAN, C.L. 15 Sep, 1891 Book B, p.251
TROUNCE, Elizabeth RICE, Christian P. 01 Dec, 1881 Book B, p.13
TROUTMAN, Fetcher PERKINS, Eliza (Mrs.) 25 Jul, 1889 Book B, p.179
TUBBS, T.P. WELLS, Sarah A. 22 Sep, 1878 Book N, p.65
TUCKER, E.R. BETTS, Emma 01 Jan, 1891 Book B, p.229
TUCKER, Rocella MILLER, Howard H. 24 May, 1881 Book B, p.1
TUCKER, Thomas F. MILLER, Mary Church 10 Sep, 1892 Book B, p.294
TUDOR, William M. BABCOCK, Mary 07 Apr, 1893 Book B, p.323
TUNELL, Peter BALFELDT, Bettie 24 Oct, 1885 Book B, p.95
TURK, Evans GREGORY, Helen E. 07 Apr, 1898 Book C, p.97
TURNER, E. JONES, J. 27 Mar, 1888 Book B, p.148
TURNER, Frank E. WARREN, Fred R. 11 Oct, 1899 Book C, p.163
TURNER, Harry E. EDWARDS, Naomi 13 Apr, 1898 Book C, p.100
TURNER, Jane C. JONES, Charles H. 12 Jan, 1873 Book N, p.29
TURPEN, Charles C. BANNING, Lenora 22 Sep, 1887 Book B, p.134
TURPIN, C.D. WILLIAMS, Sarah 28 Sep, 1872 Book N, p.28
TUTTLE, Charles WILSON, Mary Ann 25 Mar, 1874 Book A, p.3
TUTTLE, Elizabeth KINGMAN, Jerry 06 Nov, 1889 Book B, p.190
TUTTLE, Katie A. CLARK, Frank W. 18 Nov, 1879 Book N, p.83
TUTTLE, Smith Ford BENEDICT, Mary Gertrude 22 Oct, 1884 Book B, p.73
TWINING, Arthur B. SULLIVAN, Mary L. (Mrs.) 26 Jul, 1895 Book B, p.407
TWIST, Samuel Lanclot GINNOLD, TIlda 10 Jan, 1882 Book B, p.17
TYLE, Eile E. (Mrs.) TRIPP, Arthur B. 20 Jun, 1883 Book B, p.47


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