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Amanda J. Hinton O' Brion LaMear Contributed by Margie Hinton February 15, 2003

I have been researching for many years for the family of my greatgrandfather, George William Hinton, who was born in 1839 in Missouri. I found my family living in Salt Pond, Saline County, Missouri at the time of his birth and that of his brother, Thomas J. (John?) and sister, Amanda. They lived with their parents, Thomas Yarnell Hinton, and Margaret (Spotts) Hinton.

I have the life story of George Hinton, especially of his life in California, so I went looking for his siblings. I may have discovered the family of Thomas John Hinton in Vermont - but that is another story that is yet to be discovered. I welcome correspondence with anyone who is interested in this family and who has further information to help me complete the Hinton-Henton family story.

Amanda's story at this time is presented from only the information I have found online and is, unfortunately, not a complete biography for her life. I only wish I had a photo of her to add to this story.

Amanda J. Hinton Obrion Lamear moved from Missouri, to Colorado about 1900 and lived in Pueblo and Hinsdale Counties until sometime after the 1930 Census which listed her as 85. Amanda Hinton, the daughter of Thomas Yarnell Hinton and Margaret Spotts Hinton, was born April 1844 in Salt Pond, Saline County, Missouri. She had two brothers, George William Hinton born 1839 and Thomas J. Hinton, born about 1846.

I have not found information about Amanda's early life in Saline County or possibly Pettis County, Missouri. Her father died 24 March 1851, presumably in Salt Pond, Missouri. Unfortunately, we do not have any record of her mother after the 1850 Census. Margaret was young when she became a widow in the early 30s, she owned a large parcel of land and had three small children to raise - so it is possible that she remarried; however, no marriage record has been found, nor do we know her death date.

Amanda's brothers, George and John (Thomas J. ?) left home in 1860 and moved to California. There is much family speculation why George at about twenty-one years old and his brother of about fourteen years old would leave their mother and sister alone in Missouri. We, in California, only have oral stories left by George to his children. According to what we have been told, the two boys left Chillicothe, Missouri about 1860 (they are not shown in the 1860 Census), for California; George remained in California and John moved on to Oregon then to Canada, where the family lost track of him. As George was my greatgrandfather, I do have more information on him than his siblings, however, this story focuses on Amanda.

Amanda's First Marriage

Amanda remained in Missouri, and she married her first husband, John O'Brion/O'Brien on August 7, 1859 in Pettis County, Missouri, the county just south of Saline County. John O'Brion was born between 1835 and 1845 in Northern Ireland. I have found very little on John other than he served in the Civil War and died after 1874. Amanda and John had at least five children, according to the 1870 Saline COunty, Missouri Census.

Children of Amanda Hinton and John O'Brion are:

1. Anna E. O'Brion, born about 1862 in Salt Pond, Saline County, Missouri.

2. Margaret C. O'Brion, born about 1866 in Salt Pond, Saline County, Missouri. Margaret was called 'Maggie.'

3. Ida M. O'Brion, born either August 11, 1867 or January 22, 1868 in Saline County, Missouri. She died October 12, 1955 in Pueblo, Pueblo County, Colorado. She married Emil W. Soderholm in 1906 in Cheyenne, Laramie County, Wyoming. Emil was born October 18, 1874 at Fremont, Washington County, Nebraska. He died January 23, 1962 in Pueblo, Colorado.

4. Thomas J. O'Brion, born about 1869 in Salt Pond, Saline County, Missouri.

5. John O'Brion, born about 1874, probably in Saline County, Missouri.

Amanda's Second Marriage

Amanda next married Peter F. LaMear on April 22, 1879 in St. Peter's Church, of Marshall, Saline County, Missouri. Peter LaMear was born about 1836 in Canada. He had previouslky been married to Mary Holland and brought children to this marriage; we do not have the death date of Mary. According to the 1880 Census, these LaMear children were Jno. B., age 7; William D., age 4. Interestingly, the older O'Brion children were using the LaMear name at the time of the 1880 Census.

Peter LaMear served in the Civil War in G Company, 2nd Missouri Cavalry on the Confederate side of the war. He was inducted and discharged with the rate of PRivate. He is shown in the Civil War Pension Index.

In the 1880 Census, the LaMear family was living in the town of Marshall, Saline County, Missouri and consisted of:

Peter F. LaMear, self, age 44, born in Canada, brick maker, parents born in Canada

Amanda J. LaMear, wife, age 36, born in Missouri

Ida LaMear, daughter, age 16, born Missouri

Thomas LaMear, son, age 12, born Missouri

Maggie O'Bryan, step-daughter, age 14, born Missouri

John O'Bryan, step-son, age 6, born Missouri

Jno. B. LaMear, son, age 7, born Missouri

William D. LaMear, son, age 4, born Missouri

Milton Neely, other relationship, age 28, born Ohio, brick maker

Hugh McCan, other, age 78, born Ireland, laborer

Spencer Cavil, other, age 20, born Missouri, laborer

In a telephone conversation with Robert Lamear, a greatgrandson of Peter, he told me that Peter lost a leg in the war and later moved his family to the St. Louis, Missouri area. He has little other information on Peter - he also does not have Peter's death date. As there is no 1890 Census, I have not found them in St. Louis.

At what point did Amanda and any other family members move West? This I do not know, however she is shown in the 1900 Census, living in Lake City, Hinsdale County, Colorado, household 154-156:

Lamear, Amanda white female, born April 1844, last birthday 56, widow, MO MO MO

No other family members are shown living with her on that page.

Amanda is next found in the 1910 Census of Pueblo, Colorado, household 527-97-143:

Lamear, Amanda J., head, white, age 75, born Missouri, father born Kentucky, mother born Tennessee

Next she is found living with her daughter and son-in-law:

1930 Census Lake City, Hinsdale County, Colorado, household 57, 35

Soderholm, Emil, head, 2000, age 55, first married age 34, born Nebraska, parents born Sweden, merchant, general store

Soderholm, Ida M., wife, age 19, Missouri, Northern Ireland, Missouri

Lamear, Amanda J., mother-in-law, age 84, widow, first married age 19, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee

At this point I have no further information on Amanda - I do not know her death date nor just where she is buried. I am hoping that there is someone in Colorado who will be able to help me with finding this information. I would dearly love to find a real live descendant or relative of Amanda - or Ida - who can help me complete her life story.

I am waiting to receive the obituaries of Ida and Emil. The obituary for Emil W. Soderholm appears in the Pueblo Chieftain of January 23, 1962 and the obituary of Ida Soderholm appears in the Pueblo Chieftain of October 14, 1955.

End Notes:

1. Amanda must have left Missouri sometime after the 1880 Census and before she is found in Hinsdale County, Colorado in 1900.

2. This information was handed down to us by George William Hinton's youngest son, Tolly Hinton.

3. http://members.tripod.com/2ndmocavcsa/roster_.htm

4. 1880 Census, Marshall, Saline, Missouri, Family History Library Film 1254716, National Archives Film Number T9-0716 Page Number 500C.

5. 1900 Census, Colorado, Hinsdale County, Lake City, ED 2. Sup 42, page 7-B, Ancestry scanned page 14 of 36.



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