Miss Lake City 1947

1947 Lake City, Hinsdale, Colorado
Norma "Wills" Perrigo (Addie Morrisey's mother) 16 yrs old on Mr. Wills horse Cloud riding in the parade after being crowned Miss Lake City in the "Ski Hi Stampede Rodeo." Norma was born in Kansas and raised in Colorado. She was taken in and raised by Don S. & Anna Wills, who owned and operated a Dude Ranch in the Mountains of Creed, Mineral, Colorado. Norma helped in all aspects while living on the dude ranch known as the S Lazy U Dude Ranch. Among her duties she helped prepare foods for the summer guests who stayed in the cabins; she led visitors on trail rides, helped the hired hands break horses, did trick riding, barrel racing, jumping, cattle roping and accompanied them on trail rides.

The family of Don Shirley Wills whom raised Norma was a well established family. Don Shirley Wills was Deputy Sheriff of Hinsdale County Colorado. Norma speaks often of them and wonders what ever happened to his badge and Pearl handled six shooter which was to be hers when he retired. Does anyone know of the family of Don Shirley & Anna Wills?

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The Daniel C. Baker Family

Daniel C. Baker came to Lake City from Windsor, Missouri in 1875. He settled on a ranch six miles north of Lake City, known today as the Goddard Ranch. In 1882 he returned to Windsor, Missouri and married Virginia "Jennie" Collins. They returned to Lake City where their seven children were born. See the Silver World, Volume 6, No. 41, March 2, 1984 for a story on the Baker Family. .Submitted by a descendant.

The photo shown below was taken at a picnic at the ranch of Daniel C. Baker. DC and his family are sitting on the ground in the front, right side of the photo. The other individuals are unknown.

The photo shown below, from the back row: Jennie Baker, Unknown, Elsie Baker, Unknown, Laura Baker; from the front row: Lillian Baker, Unknown, Unknown, Molly Beemis, Unknown.

The following photo is of the Daniel C. Baker family: Wilbert, Orville, Alva, D. C., Elsie, Jennie, Lillian and Laura.


George D. Bardwell

George D. Bardwell was an attorney in private practice in Lake City from about 1894 until his death in 1908. He was also a Deputy District Attorney in 1895-95, and a County Attorney from 1895 to 1908. Submitted by James Bardwell.

The children of George D. Bardwell: George and Electra, ca. 1907; photograph taken at the family home of 421 Gunnison Avenue, Lake City, Colorado.



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