Mines and Mining Companies of Hinsdale County, Colorado


Belle of the East Mine
Belle of the West Mine
Big Blue Group Mine
Big Casino Mine
Black Creek Mine
Black Wonder Mine
Bon Homme Mine
Cabury Mining Co.
California Mine
Capitol City Mine
Champion Mine
Child Park Lode
Cleveland Mine
Col-Tex Mining, Inc.

McCullough, Lester L. 4 Aug 1960, age 37, slipped and fell into open ore pit

Continental Development Co.
Contention Mine
Copper Boy Group
Couer D'Alene Mining Co.
Czar Mine
Dalco Mine
Dawn of Hope Mine
Detroit Mine
Dolly Varden Mine
Dolores Mine
Eagle and Mary Alice Claims
Edna Mine
Fanny Fern Mine
Foster Powder Magazine
Galconda Mine
Gallic Vulcan Mine
General Sherman Mine
George Washington Group Mine
Giant Lode Mine
Gnome Mine
Gold Meter Mining Co.
Gold Quartz Mine
Golden Fleece Mine
Golden Mammoth Mine
Golden Wonder Mine
Greves Tunnel Mine
Happy Days Mine
Hidden Treasure Mine

TEETERS, Fred 21 Apr 1899, fall of rock from hanging wall

Hiwasser Mine
Hoosier Boy Mine
Humble Oil Mine
Isolde Mine
Last Chance Mine
Lead Mines
Lead King Mine
Lillie Mine
Little Casino Mine
Mable Lode Group Tunnels
Minnie Lee Mine
Mono-Jax Mine
Monte Queen Mine
Moro Mine
Murray Watts Drilling
Name of Mine Unknown

BENSON, Adolph 23 May 1919, age 20, millman, caught on a running belt

SILK, Robert E. 26 Jun 1920, age 25, caught under caving ground in a stope

VALENZICH, Tony 12 Apr 1918, age 45, stoper driller, filled stope and suffocated


Nellie Creek Mine
Ocean Wave Mine
Palmetto Mine
Pearl and Ruby Group Mine
Pelican Mine
Pride of America Mine
Revenue Tunnel Mine

FENEKSBURY, William 7 Jun 1918, drilling too close to missed shot

Risorgimento Mine
Rodney #1 Mine
Rodney Portal Mine
Rozella Mine
S & M Mine
Second Million Mine
Silver Fleece Mine
Silver Jack Mine
Silver Key Mine
Silver Leave Lode Mining Co.
Silver Reef Group Mine
St. Mary's Mining Co.
Sterling Group Mine
Sulpherette Mine
Sulpherie Miing and Reduction Co.
Sunflower Mining Co.
Thatcher Brothers Co.
Ute and Ullay Group Mine

GRECO, James 10 Feb 1896, powder exploded when tamping hole, Ulay Mine

LAIR, George 28 Nov 1899, explosion while inserting cap, Ute Mine

McGREW, Edward M. 28 Nov 1899, explosion while inserting cap, Ute Mine

Uti May Mine

Johnson, Nick 27 May 1898, drum of tram broke

View of the Park Mine
White Cross Copper Co.
Williams Creek Dam Mine
Wyoming Mine
Yale Gold and Utility Co.



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