Longmont Genealogical Society

In Remembrance of Deceased Members



"When someone you love becomes a memory,

the memory becomes a treasure. "

Author Unknown

Robin Austin

Viola McCutchen

Barbara E. Connor

Ethel McDaniel Loper

Lorraine Courtright

Doris Morgan

Virginia Cowan

Betty Napple

Willa Craig

Annabelle G. Oliver

Beth Gardner

Mildred & Paul Pearce

Pat George

Stella Ross

Doris Grauberger

Ann Schnitzler

Eileen Green

Marguerite Spadi

Lola Hall

Nellie Stiles

Birdie Holsclaw

Jean Sweetman

Billy Hyde

Doris Ward

Virginia Hutchins

Paul Williams

Suellen Kleiner

Erma Young

Jane Kragh

Dan Wagner

Joyce Lofquist


Gerald Mack



Charter Members of the  Society's Names are in green.

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