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I Keep House by Schedule
By Mrs. T. E. Prather
DeBeque, Colo.

Mesa County Libraries - Partial listing of books

Nave Family

Book List

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A Valley So Grand . . .

The Pioneer Citizens and Early
History of Mesa County, Colorado

Edited by Robert W. McLeod 

by Ken Reyher

A story of a Western Colorado Fur Trader

1998 First Edition, Circle B Publications, Ouray, Colorado

History and Legend of the Disappointment Country

by Wilma Crisp Bankston

WHERE RIVERS MEET - Lore From the Colorado Frontier

by Muriel Marshall

Colorado State Coordinator Gail Kilgore
Assistant State Coordinator  Colleen Pustola -
Assistant State Coordinator  Billie Erin Walsh -
Mesa County Coordinator
Jessica Wolf


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