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Nave Family

Chris Nave was 6'2" tall with blue gray eyes and dark brown hair. He was orphaned at young age, and lived with his brother Godfrey until 14 or 15 years of age, when he struck off on his own. He must have been filled with wanderlust as he moved frequently before and after he married. He was the son of David N. Nave and Ruth Elizabeth Lyons, He is a direct descendent of Teter Nave. Christian Henry "Chris" Nave, was born 9 Apr 1873 in Arkansas, and died 10 May 1932, in Fruita, Mesa County Colorado, of Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever. He married Lusetta "Settie" Manning, 7 Dec 1902, in her fathers home in Hamilton Co. TX. She was the daughter of John Willis Manning, and Minerva Joplin. She was born 2 May 1884, in Hamilton Co. TX. and died 23 Nov 1966, in Grand Junction, Mesa, CO. both she and he are buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Fruita CO. Chris bought a family plot there.

Children of Chris and Settie are;

1. David Willis "Dave" Nave, born 16 Sep 1903 in Hamilton Co. TX. died 2 Mar 1947, of heart problems in CA. and buried in Elmwood Cemetery. in Fruita, Mesa, CO. He married Martha Jane "Mattie" Garner, 7 Mar 1936, she was born 11 Jun 1915, Goodspring, Giles, TN. died 1955 in Bellingham Whatcom, WA. they had no children.

2. Bessie Mae "Pat" Nave, born 23 Oct 1905, Hamilton Co. TX. died 10 Jun 1983, Minden, NV. and buried in Elmwood Cemetery. in Fruita, CO. she married 1st Walter Davis Ross 7 Oct 1922 Grand Junction, Mesa, CO. He was born 1 Jan 1899, died 1957, Stockton, CA. (Div) son of Joseph Davis Ross and Adda L. Crouch. They had 2 children a son that died young and Betty Lou Ross. 2nd married Eli Curtis, about 1928, Shawnee, OK. (Div) 3rd Louis Krek, 1940, in Sego, Utah, they made their home in Grand Junction, CO. until Louis died and she had Altimzers, and her daughter moved her to Mindon, NV.

3. C. H. Nave for his father, changed to Charles Henry. when drafted into the Army, in WWII and the government would not except CH as name. Born 30 Dec 1907, Hamilton Co. TX. died 23 Mar 1989, Modesto, Stanislaus, CA. In his later year he had Diabetes, and became legally blind. He married Florence Gaddy, 3 Aug 1929, in Shawnee, OK. she was born 8 Oct 1912, Ozark Co, MO. died 1 Apr 1995, in Modesto, CA. She was the daughter of Frederick Gaddy and Martha Debard, they are both buried in Lakewood Memorial Park, Cemetery in Hughson, CA.. They had 3 daughters Dorothy, Joan, and Martha.

4. William Hobney Nave, born 5 Dec 1909, Hamilton Co. TX.died 1911 in Wapanucka, Johnston, OK. at 2 years of age. Buried in Rosehill Cemetery. in Wapanucka, OK.

5. Ruby Bell Nave, born 17 Mar 1912, Wapanucka, Johnston, OK. died 27 Sep 1984, Grand Junction, Mesa, CO. She married Buford Sylvester Garner, 13 Apr 1929, McCloud, OK. He was born 14 Feb 1907, Goodspring, Giles, TN. a brother to Mattie who married Dave Nave, Buford died 28 Nov 1977, of a heart attack, Grand Junction, Mesa,CO. She died of heart problems and she also had Diabetus. They are buried in Elmwood Cemetery. in Fruita, CO. 5 children Jouise, Jim, Jack, Betty and Shirley.

6. Mary Cecil Nave, born 11 Jan 1913, Dragerton, (now East Carbon), Carbon, UT. died 1915, (maybe buried in Dragerton, Ut.)

7.. Jess Newt Nave, born 11 Jan 1918, Meeker, OK. died 3 Nov 1993, Grand Junction, Mesa, CO. buried in Elmwood Cemetery., Fruita, CO. Married Jewell Marian Lantz, dau of C.M. Lantz and Nellie M. Quisenberry. They had like 2 sets of children 3 boys, Larry, Gary, and Roy, born before he was drafted in the Army WWII, and when he got home again 3 more, twins Robin a boy and Becky, and Charlie.

8. Mabel Louise Nave, born 11 Jan 1921, Fruita, Mesa, CO. Died as a infant Feb 1921, buried in Elmwood Cemetery. in Fruita, CO.

9. Iris Pauline Nave, born 1 Jan 1922, Fruita, Mesa, CO. died 4 May 1984, Grand Junction, Mesa, CO. and buried in Elmwood Cemetery. Married 1st Robert Barnes, 7 Jun 1940, Price, Carbon, UT. he was born 1919, CO. died 27 Jan 1944, Dragerton, UT. He was a fireman on the train Engine that had a head on collision with another train, his father was the Engineer. he was the son of Alexander F. and Helen Barnes. 2nd Marvin Radolph, in CA. (Div) and 3rd Alton E. "John" Pettyjohn 28 May 1952, Elko, NV. They made there home in Grand Junction, Co. she died of complication due to heart surgery.

10. Ida Marie Nave, born 8 May 1925, Shawnee, OK. died 22 Nov 1995, Grand Junction, CO. and buried Elmwood Cemetery, Fruita, CO. Married Willy Orville "Bill" Boothe, 8 Apr 1945, (Div) he was born 3 May 1915, died 5 Feb 1979, Grand Junction, CO. son of Samuel and Emma Boothe she had 3 children Stanley before she married Bill. they had Douglass and Bonnie and Bill adopted Stan. She had Diabetes and some strokes and died in the nursing home. She was also legally blind.


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