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ANTOINE ROBIDOUX and Fort Uncompahgre by Ken Reyher
by Ken Reyher

The Story of a Western Colorado Fur Trader.

front cover painting "Paradise", oil on canvas, copyright 1997 Dan Deuter.

Antonie Robidoux, 1843. At home in either the latest fashions of the day or the greasy buckskins of a mountain trapper, young Antoine Robidoux  proved himself the master of both worlds.  Within four years of first entering Santa Fe, he had become a Mexican citizen, was married to the governor's daughter and had been granted the right to control trade in  what would someday become western Colorado and eastern Utah.
  • From Canada to Santa Fe
  • Roads of Commerce
  • Traders and Trade Goods
  • Competition, Horses & Slaves
  •  A Time of Change
  • A Time for War 
  • Looking Back


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