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Glade Park Cemetery,

Glade Park, Mesa County, Colorado


I-70 Fruita exit (19)

Go south to the Colorado National Monument.  Enter the Colorado
National Monument a few miles to the Sign marked Glade Park Store
five miles.  Turn right at the sign marked Glade Park Store five
miles.  (Gravel Road for about 2 miles then turns into pavement) 
Turn left at the sign that says Cemetery road, private road. 
Take the dirt road straight to cemetery.  (If you see the Glade
park general store you have gone one mile too far).

From Grand Junction take Broadway towards Redlands follow signs to
Colorado National Monument.  Enter the Colorado National Monument for a few
miles to a sign marked Glade Park store 5 miles. Take that road going towards
the General Store.  At the Junction where the General Store is located, take
the road going to the right.  Drive 1 mile to the sign that says Cemetery Road
private road.  Take the dirt road straight to the cemetery. 

Click on the name for a view of the headstone

A BIG thank you to Shirley and Rodney Richards for their help on getting these pictures!!

Adams, Bob Kruckenberg Rhyne, Leota "Rae"    (living) & Rhyne, Wendell R.1931-1997
Adams Frank & Patti Lawson, Eugene Roy 1924-1925 Ricks, Baby Boy 1935
Adamson, William Cordis 1909-1987 & Adamson, Hester M. (living) Lawson, Frank 1917-2002 Roehm, Karl Allen Jr. 1975-1994
Arden, Danny K. 1971-2000 Lawson, Roy G. 1874-1962 & Lawson, Lilly J. 1893-1986 Roehm, Minnie Margaret    (living)   Roehm, John William 1918-1995
Beason, Locy Thompson McAnally   1917-1993 Lewis, Mary Margaret 1892-1977 Roehm,
Bell, Gilbert Mason 1848-1932 Lewis, R. S. "Jim" 1872-1952 & Lewis, Mary M. 1893-1977 Rupe, John D. 1883-1933
Brown, Vadis E. 1916-1996 &   Brown, Broneese E. 1915-1988 Lines, Frank Howard 1925-2002 & Lines, Ester Stanley 1918-2000 Rupe, Samuel 1881-1969
Burrows, Harry D. 1914 Ludwick, Shaniah Taylor 1996 Spears, Clayton F. 1926-1998
Carpenter, Clifford 1912-1914 & Carpenter,Virgil R. 1909-1927 Martin, Clara 1864-1931 Struble, Jimmy Dale 1943-1992
Carpenter, Ralph 1910-1911 May, Samuel A. "Sam" 1969-1988 Syb
Carpenter, Terry Paul "TC" 1944-1990 McGruder, James R. 1834-1921 Terrill, Adin 1850-1914
Davidson, Alan J. 1937-1996 & Davidson, Patricia K. (living) McKague, John William Jr 1928-1988 Thompson, Bertha   1908-1933 Thompson, Elvin 1903-1933
Diamond, Donald O. (living) & Diamond, Julia A. 1922-1983 Meeker, Nannie A. 1885-1919 Thompson, Elvin R 1931-1937
DMR Miller, James Harmon 1905-1922 Thompson, Russell 1931-1937
Eckman, Genevieve S. 1896-1991 & Eckman, Charles V. 1894-1992 Miracle, Allen Duwayne 1934-1937 Thompson, Ward 1878-1919
Eckman, Katherine 1877-1954 Miracle, Amanda E. 1872-1935 Thompson, Ward S. 1979-1919
  Miracle, Clyde J. 1916-1938 Thompson, Wesley T. 1919
Eckman, William T. 1868-1936 Miracle, Coy Lester 1935-1937 Thompson, William J. 1919-1961
Fasnacht, Roger E. 1921-1977 Miracle, D. Creed 1908-1995 Miracle, Ella M. Robbins 1913-1986 Thomson, Ben 1862-1939
Ferguson, Nettie E. 1870-1918 & Ferguson, Amasa M. 1880-1942 Miracle, Eli D. 1890-1967 & Miracle, Eula P. 1897-1998 Thomson, Helen W. 1875-1961
Garner, Harold W. "Red" 1924-1992 & Garner, Thelma E. (living) Miracle, Dorothy L. Hull 1915-1972 Thomson, Nona Irene 1919-1936
Green, William C. 1904-1941 Miracle, George Clinton 1930-2000 Tipping, Clifford I. 1908-1937
Hammond, J.C. 1848-1920 Miracle, Gilbert D. 1955-1996  
Heupel, Melvin C. "Butch" 1960-1996 Miracle, Mack 1898-1971 Tipping, Clifford I. 1909-1937
HLavaty, James 1892-1948 Miracle, Marjorie W. 1930-1937 unknown
HLavaty Robert Davern 1922 Miracle, Mildred Louise 1933-1935 VanLoan, Maxine 1922-2000 Funeral Card
HLavaty Ruth 1897-1932 Miracle, Roy 1914-1935 Ward, Gertrude M. 1914-1933
HLavaty Frank Thomas 1924-1942 Miracle, Tom Jeff 1870-1954 Weaver, Charles "Jr." 1944-1989
Holloway, Nova E. 1895-1975 OHare, Marcia Ann 1946-2001 Weaver, Charles P. 1903-1996 & Weaver,Vina L. 1912-1998
Holloway, Violet G. 1934-1935   Welty, Mary J.   1845-1933   &  Kennedy, Mary M. 1861-1942
Hull, Dorothy L. Miracle 1915-1972 R, DM Wilkins, Mark R. 1958-1998
Israel, James Reed Mary E. 1851-1931 Wilson, John L. 1914-1935
Kennedy, Mary M. 1861-1942 & Welty, Mary J. 1845-1933 Reeder, Emma 1907-1926 Wilson, Lawrence Leroy 1934-1935
King, P. Franklin 1927
Rench, Samuel 1830-1913
Wilson, Wright L. 1876-1933
Kruckenberg, Jill L. 1977 Rhyne, Della M. 1880-1928 Yates, Mildred Marie 20 days
Kruckenberg, Jix Rhyne, Doris 1929
Colorado State Coordinator Gail Kilgore
Assistant State Coordinator  Colleen Pustola -
Assistant State Coordinator  Billie Erin Walsh -
Mesa County Coordinator
Jessica Wolf


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