Orchard Mesa Cemetery, IOOF (Oddfellows)

Grand Junction, Mesa County, Colorado



Bambino, Nadine Died 1982    Obit    
    Riley, Cora 1886-1934             Obit
Fonder, John B. 1868-1934            Obit    
    Stafford Antoinette 1939-1939 [Shirley at KillCoyote@aol.com]
Jenkins, John Wesley 1972 - 1975 Block 2 Lot 234 [Shirley at KillCoyote@aol.com] News Article   Stafford Antoinette 1916-2002 [Shirley at KillCoyote@aol.com]
Jenkins, John 1889-1965       [Shirley at KillCoyote@aol.com]    Obit    Funeral notice   Stafford Harold 1905-1983 [Shirley at KillCoyote@aol.com]
Jenkins, Louise 1907-1994     [Shirley at KillCoyote@aol.com]   Stafford Katherine1939-1939 [Shirley at KillCoyote@aol.com]

  Colorado State Coordinator Gail Kilgore gail.kilgore@gmail.com
  Assistant State Coordinator  Colleen Pustola - ladyaudris@earthlink.net
  Assistant State Coordinator  Billie Erin Walsh - bilwalsh@swbell.net
  Mesa County Coordinator
Betty Baker - email me


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