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Grand Junction Indian Schools - 1886-1911

Mandolin and Guitar Players at the Grand Junction Indian School 
(Photo Courtesy of the Museum of Western Colorado
and the Mesa County Historical Society)


Grand Junction Indian School
1900 Census Population
Enumeration District #74, Supervisor's District #2
Mesa County, Colorado

The Grand Junction Indian School taught Native Americans from 1886-1911. These schools with their bands, orchestras and athletic teams were viewed by many at the time as positive ways to assimilate these young people into the American culture.

Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Location
Ahaxy, Juand 1888 Arizona GR91
Ahaxy, Lucille 1888 Arizona GR91
Anadon, Frevonia 1883 New Mexico GR91
Aprndacci, Antonio 1885 New Mexico GR91
Arnallir, Andres 1888 New Mexico GR91
Arnell, Peter 1882 Nebraska GR91
Becca, Bicente 1890 New Mexico GR91
Betts, Thomas 1884 Arizona GR91
Big Fire, Allen 1894 Nebraska GR91
Big Fire, Harry 1892 Nebraska GR91
Big Fire, Johnnie 1894 Nebraska GR91
Bird, Dick 1874 Utah GR91
Boscas, Kruse 1884 New Mexico GR91
Boyd, Charles 1875 Arizona GR91
Boyd, Charlie 1895 Arizona GR91
Broken Tree Lop, Anna 1889 Nebraska GR91
Bullets, Charley 1880 Utah GR91
Cadman, Adelth C. 1890 Arizona GR91
Cadman, Byan 1895 Arizona GR91
Charlie, Foster 1883 Utah GR91
Chavey, Adalaide 1887 New Mexico GR91
Cheago, William 1885 Arizona GR91
Cheeta, Juan 1882 Arizona GR91
Choroomi, John 1880 Arizona GR91
Chuba, Gertrude 1880 Arizona GR91
Cidman, Carlie 1893 Arizona GR91
Cidman, Tulie 1885 Arizona GR91
Connally, Rex 1879 Arizona GR91
Cumrell, Will 1882 Utah GR91
Dick, Hattie 1880 Nevada GR91
Dile, David 1885 Arizona GR91
Donanyery, Romolo 1888 New Mexico GR91
Drury, Charles 1896 Arizona GR91
Duran, Domcio 1885 New Mexico GR91
Duran, Eleanor 1892 New Mexico GR91
Duran, Juanita 1888 New Mexico GR91
Duran, Lucero 1888 New Mexico GR91
Duran, Prudendia 1889 New Mexico GR91
Eaton, Silas 1883 Arizona GR91
Elyahze, Jose 1896 Arizona GR91
Eskeeto, Kene 1892 Arizona GR91
Feleciti, Arogas 1883 New Mexico GR91
Ferris, Allen 1884 Arizona GR91
Francisco, Austin 1881 Arizona GR91
Fry, John 1892 Arizona GR91
Gaggan, Warren 1885 Arizona GR91
Ganzueas, Augustino 1886 New Mexico GR91
Garcia, Francisco 1876 Arizona GR91
Garcia, Lewis 1888 New Mexico GR91
Garcia, Romolo 1886 New Mexico GR91
George, Beacham 1882 Utah GR91
George, Bng 1881 Utah GR91
George, Lucy 1881 Nevada GR91
Gnerula, Aufla 1884 New Mexico GR91
Gnerula, Manuel 1886 New Mexico GR91
Gomez, Deneronda 1887 New Mexico GR91
Gonzales, Antonio 1890 New Mexico GR91
Goudh, Solomon 1882 Arizona GR91
Grvappa, Jake 1881 Utah GR91
Guelyar, Evan 1880 Arizona GR91
Hailroo, Harry 1880 Arizona GR91
Harrison, Doc 1886 Utah GR91
Hay, Leonard 1883 Arizona GR91
Heskeltze, Detche 1882 Arizona GR91
Hogan, Stanley 1884 Arizona GR91
Hostinche, Abram 1881 Arizona GR91
Hostinche, George 1888 Arizona GR91
Howato, Goshoeneva 1885 Arizona GR91
Humpy, Charlie 1882 Nevada GR91
Ispehlito, Charles 1884 Arizona GR91
James, Henry 1887 Arizona GR91
James, Jack 1883 Arizona GR91
James, Jim 1891 Arizona GR91
Jones, Paul C. 1890 Arizona GR91
Jones, Walter 1898 Arizona GR91
Joseph, John K. 1886 New Mexico GR91
Joseph, Peter E. 1883 New Mexico GR91
Juaquin, Elmer 1884 Arizona GR91
Kartacomp, Jessie 1884 Arizona GR91
Keep, McKinley 1885 Utah GR91
King, Ralph 1883 Arizona GR91
Kistor, Juan 1885 Arizona GR91
Lahtte, Wila Juan 1884 Arizona GR91
Lalonal, Jose 1872 Arizona GR91
Lavabana, Charlie 1884 Utah GR91
Lewis, Frank 1884 Arizona GR91
Litz, Leonard 1895 New Mexico GR91
Litz, Pedo 1893 New Mexico GR91
Lobato, Lewis H. 1888 New Mexico GR91
Lolonus, Jose M. 1873 Arizona GR91
Long, Martin 1892 Arizona GR91
Lopez, Antonio 1888 Arizona GR91
Lopez, Avanesa 1888 Arizona GR91
Lopez, Elifas 1886 Arizona GR91
Lopez, Flora 1894 Arizona GR91
Lopez, Inaquin 1892 Arizona GR91
Lopez, Lottie 1890 Arizona GR91
Lopez, Margaret 1885 Arizona GR91
Lopez, Santas 1886 Arizona GR91
Louis, Congnkio 1885 Arizona GR91
Loupe, Frances 1893 Arizona GR91
Lucero, Dave 1892 New Mexico GR91
Lucero, Jose 1888 New Mexico GR91
Lucero, Louis 1880 New Mexico GR91
Lucero, Maliquias 1888 New Mexico GR91
Lucero, Mela 1883 New Mexico GR91
Lucero, Rafael 1885 New Mexico GR91
Luna, Flavis 1891 New Mexico GR91
Luna, Rafael E. 1890 New Mexico GR91
Lurgo, Fedalia 1890 New Mexico GR91
Martenez, Patricio 1888 New Mexico GR91
Martinez, Hosea 1884 New Mexico GR91
Martinez, Lavinita 1892 New Mexico GR91
Martinez, Marino 1890 New Mexico GR91
Mascanenas, Premitoro 1890 New Mexico GR91
Mecu, John 1886 Arizona GR91
Molina, Juan 1883 Arizona GR91
Montes, Joseph 1888 Utah GR91
Montes, Tommie 1886 Utah GR91
Montolay, Mariana 1891 New Mexico GR91
Montoya, Maurico 1888 New Mexico GR91
Montoya, Pedro 1885 New Mexico GR91
Montoya, Sebidio 1887 New Mexico GR91
Montoya, Thomas 1891 New Mexico GR91
Naunez, Milquadey 1883 New Mexico GR91
Norris, Creeka 1885 Arizona GR91
Pablo, John 1890 Arizona GR91
Pacheary, Delfina 1883 New Mexico GR91
Parsopa, Edward 1887 Utah GR91
Perea, Josefa 1888 New Mexico GR91
Perea, Rsidonta 1897 New Mexico GR91
Perea, Sofia 1885 New Mexico GR91
Pete, William 1881 Nevada GR91
Poquachy, Theodore 1890 Utah GR91
Pritchert, Leo 1887 Utah GR91
Quinn, Emma 1883 Nevada GR91
Richardson, Edith L. 1880 Utah GR91
Richardson, Kate 1874 Utah GR91
Rico, Minnie 1887 Utah GR91
Rivas, Alice 1893 New Mexico GR91
Rivas, Pablo 1890 New Mexico GR91
Rodnegus, Virginia 1888 New Mexico GR91
Rodnegus, Yenoro 1887 New Mexico GR91
Romer, Bennita 1890 New Mexico GR91
Romer, Cobora 1888 New Mexico GR91
Romer, Margarita 1891 New Mexico GR91
Romuro, Promeno 1883 New Mexico GR91
Russel, Lewis 1882 Arizona GR91
Salazel, Benjamin 1892 New Mexico GR91
Salazel, Elfugo 1888 New Mexico GR91
Sanchez, Abel 1883 New Mexico GR91
Sandonal, Felicita 1884 New Mexico GR91
Sanika, Tiva Allen 1884 Arizona GR91
Secanoissas, Mary 1888 Arizona GR91
Sham, Sammie 1889 Utah GR91
Silago, Liston 1886 Arizona GR91
Siliago, Lewis 1885 Arizona GR91
Simon, Juan A. 1886 Arizona GR91
Skrimp, Bessie 1890 Utah GR91
Smith, Eddie 1884 Utah GR91
Smith, Fitzhugh L. 1881 Nevada GR91
Smith, Louis 1888 Utah GR91
Smith, Roy 1887 Utah GR91
Spiroff, John 1886 Arizona GR91
Surgo, Benedita 1885 New Mexico GR91
Surgo, Elias 1883 New Mexico GR91
Surgo, Ronte 1888 New Mexico GR91
Tainson, Max 1885 Nevada GR91
Terry, Rye 1893 Utah GR91
Tomas, Henry 1886 Arizona GR91
Turcarora, Della 1883 Nevada GR91
Upshaw, Clara 1896 Arizona GR91
Upshaw, Jessie 1892 Arizona GR91
Wallace, Winnie 1887 Utah GR91
Welch, Henry 1883 New Mexico GR91
White, Etta 1888 Nebraska GR91
Wilson, Mike 1893 Arizona GR91
Yoppa, Callie 1885 Arizona GR91




Colorado State Coordinator Gail Kilgore
Assistant State Coordinator  Colleen Pustola -
Assistant State Coordinator  Billie Erin Walsh -
Mesa County Coordinator
Jessica Wolf


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