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Mesa County, Colorado Mines

Source: U.S. Geological Survey

Compiled and contributed by Betty Baker. October 2006

Name Local Area
Abbot Pit Grand Junction
Ajax One Mine Dolores Point North
Allen Pit Fruita
Amax Uranium Mine Grand Junction
Amethyst Mine Snyder Flats
Anchor Mine Ruby Lee Reservoir
Anchor Number One Mine Ruby Lee Reservoir
Arrowhead Mine Calamity Mesa
Arrowhead Mines Calamity Mesa
Austin Mine Dolores Point North
Big Indian Lease Mine Juanita Arch
Black Diamond Mine Round Mountain
Black Mama Number 3 Mine Gateway
Blackbird Mine Palisade
Blue Creek Mines Calamity Mesa
Blue Flame Mine Cameo
Bonanza Mine Dolores Point North
Book Cliff Mine Round Mountain
Boyer Mine Round Mountain
Boyer Peacock Mine Round Mountain
Burk Pit Grand Junction
C-G-26 Mine Grand Junction
Calamity Mine Calamity Mesa
Calamity Mines Calamity Mesa
Cameo Number One Mine Cameo
Campbell Number Two Mine Corcoran Peak
Captain Jinks Mine Dolores Point North
Cliffdweller Mines Calamity Mesa
Coal Gulch Coal Mine Ruby Lee Reservoir
Cole Pit Ruby Canyon
Colorado Copper Properties Mine Grand Junction
Copper Rivet Mine Juanita Arch
Corcoran Mine Corcoran Point
Deep Creek Mine Porter Mountain
Depression Mine Juanita Arch
Depression Mines Juanita Arch
Egger Pit 501 Grand Junction
Elizabeth Mines Calamity Mesa
Farmer Coal Mine Ruby Lee Reservoir
Farmer Mutual Mine Circle Dot Gulch
Farmers Mine Ruby Lee Reservoir
Farmers Mine Palisade
Farmers Number Two Mine Corcoran Point
Fireside Enterprises Quarry Grand Junction
Fruita Mine Ruby Lee Reservoir
Fruita Number Two Mine Fruita
Fruita Ready Mix Pit Fruita
G-2 Shaft Calamity Mesa
Garfield Mine Round Mountain
Garvey Mine Ruby Lee Reservoir
Gearhart Mine Round Mountain
Gearhart Pit Clifton
George Cocharan Mine Corcoran Point
Gilmore Lode Dolores Point North
Go Boy Mine Cameo
Golden Pit Clifton
Grassie and Cozzette Mine Corcoran Point
Grasso Mine Corcoran Point
Herron and Strong Pit Grand Junction
Hi-Grade Mine Corcoran Peak
Hicks Mine Ruby Lee Reservoir
Hidden Treasure Mine Calamity Mesa
Hidden Treasure Mine Corcoran Peak
Himes Drilling Mine Grand Junction
Holland Mine Corcoran Point
Homestead Mine Dolores Point South
Hubbard Mine Dolores Point North
Huffer Pit Colorado National Monument
Hunter Mine Corcoran Peak
Hy Grade Mine Corcoran Peak
Jarvis Coal Mine Corcoran Point
John Brown Mine Dolores Point North
Johnnie Mae Mine Dolores Point North
Kanarado Mine Juanita Arch
Kannah Creek Mine Palisade
Kelehen Mine Ruby Lee Reservoir
La Sal Group Mine Dolores Point North
La Salle Group Mine Dolores Point North
Lane Mine Ruby Lee Reservoir
Liberty Bell Number 2 Mine Gateway
Little Maverick Mines Juanita Arch
Locust Mine Juanita Arch
Lost Dutchman Mine Dolores Point North
Lost Indian Mine Dolores Point North
Lucky Day Mine Dolores Point South
Lumsden Mine Dolores Point North
Mammoth Mine Gateway
Mark Mine Dolores Point North
Maverick Mine Pine Mountain
Maverick Mines Juanita Arch
McGinley Mine Corcoran Peak
McGinley Mine Corcoran Peak
Mesa Mine Snyder Flats
Mica View Mine Jacks Canyon
Midway Farmer Number Three Mine Corcoran Point
Midwest Mine Palisade
Midwest Red Arrow Mine Palisade
Molina Deposit Mine Molina
Monarch Mine Round Mountain
Mother Dee Mine Juanita Arch
Mount Lincoln Mine Palisade
Nearing Mine Ruby Lee Reservoir
New Verde Mines Calamity Mesa
Nichols Pit De Beque
Nielson Mine Juanita Arch
North Beaver Mesa Mine Dolores Point North
Old Black Diamond Mine Round Mountain
Outlaw Mines Calamity Mesa
Outlaw Twenty-three Mine Calamity Mesa
Pack Rat Mine Dolores Point North
Packrat Group Mine Dolores Point South
Palisade Mines Palisade
Peach Mines Calamity Mesa
Peacock Mine Round Mountain
Powder Horn Incline Mine Calamity Mesa
Protector Mine Gateway
Rae Marie Mine Dolores Point North
Rajah Group Mines Gateway
Raven Mine Calamity Mesa
Rena Mine Gateway
Riverside Sand and Gravel Pit Ruby Canyon
Roadside Mine Cameo
Ronnie Mine Calamity Mesa
Salute Mine Calamity Mesa
Scott Mine Calamity Mesa
Shakin Quakie Mine Dolores Point North
Shelby Dean Two Mine Gateway
Small Spot Mine Calamity Mesa
Smith Aggregate Pit Ruby Canyon
Smith Mine Dolores Point North
Snowshoe Mine Calamity Mesa
Spring Mine Calamity Mesa
Stormy Treasure Mine Calamity Mesa
Sunspot Mine Dolores Point North
Sunspot Mine Dolores Point North
Supply Eleven Mine Calamity Mesa
Teepee Pole Mine Calamity Mesa
Tenderfoot Group Mine Gateway
The Duke Mine Dolores Point South
Thomas Allen Lease Mine Palisade
Thomas Mine Corcoran Point
Trojan Mine Calamity Mesa
Truck Stop Placer Uncompahgre Butte
United Sand and Gravel Pit Grand Junction
Upper John Brown Mine Dolores Point North
Vanadium King Mine Gateway
Vanaking Number 1 Mine Gateway
Wasp Mine Juanita Arch
William Mine Round Mountain
Winfield-McCormick Mine Dolores Point North
Winger Mine Cameo
Yellow Cat Mine Dolores Point North
Yellow Jacket Mine Pine Mountain
Yellow Jacket Mine Snyder Flats
Yellowbird Mines Calamity Mesa


Colorado State Coordinator Gail Kilgore
Assistant State Coordinator  Colleen Pustola -
Assistant State Coordinator  Billie Erin Walsh -
Mesa County Coordinator
Jessica Wolf


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