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Red Hole in Time
cover by Muriel Marshall

Texas A & M University Press, College Station 1988

Essays on the American West Number Nine

ISBN 0-89096-332-0

Red Hole in Time (Essays on the American...) at  


  1. The Vortex
  2. Only on Sunday
  3. The Make-Do Trap
  4. River-Dippers
  5. Shoog the Bootlegger
  6. Mail-Order Bride
  7. Diphtheria Dance
  8. Escape Hatch
  9. The Canyon is My Mistress
  10. Picture Postcard Cabin
  11. The Lovely, Tragic Lowe
  12. Ben Lowe
  13. Sandstone is Not Forever
  14. Underwater Death Trap
  15. Antique Dynamite
  16. Vein Gold
  17. Wrong-End Ditch
  18. The Water Wall
  19. Escalante Forks
  20. The Sheep War 
  21. Cash Sampson
  22. The Shoot-Out



List of Illustrations
  • Boy Rock
  • Bridge into canyon
  • Musser Big House
  • Calf and anxious mama 
  • Meadow where Lovey once picked peaches
  • Sagging cottonwoods
  • McHugh house
  • Bridge at Bridgeport
  • Spreading cottonwood at Canyon opening
  • Bert and Virgie's honeymoon house
  • Working equipment at new musser corrals
  • Trickle at Dry Fork ford
  • Petroglyphs and autographs on Dry Fork wall
  • Huffington orchard and butte
  • Mortise and tenon gate
  • Lower School
  • Huffington Big House
  • Peach tree survivors of 1963 freeze
  • Walker stone cabin
  • View of the Lowe
  • Horses in Mrs. Burton's meadow
  • Table Rock
  • Key Hole
  • Cap Smith's homestead
  • Autographed-slab wall in Cap Smith's cabin
  • Bed niche carved in slab wall
  • Cap Smith's swimming hole
  • Creek, showing granite and sandstone
  • Standing Slab
  • Hole in cliff left by Standing Slab
  • Wells' cabin
  • Picket corral
  • Stacked-rock shooting blind
  • Uncle Bob Smith's cabin
  • Blumberg Big House
  • Horse-drawn rake
  • Cookstove from Sawtell Big House
  • Hand-crank gas pump and cabin at the Forks
  • Mussers trailing cattle
  • Canyon near Elk Horn Springs
  • Door of First Delta jail
  • Cliff cranny like that in which Ben Lowe sought refuge
  • Cedar-sage jungle where Lowe and Sampson met


  Colorado State Coordinator
  Assistant State Coordinator 
  Montrose County Coordinator


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