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1920 Census - Montrose County

Township: Nucla

Enumeration District: 130      Film: T625_168

Last Name First Name Middle Age Birth place Race Page
Cooper Edward J 86 Michigan White 1A
Crecelius Webster   25 Colorado White 1A
Dabler Fred J 29 Kansas White 1A
Dewine Elanora   9 Oklahoma White 1A
English M L 54 North Carolina White 1A
Enstrom Edwin   27 Michigan White 1A
Enstrom Eric   52 Finland White 1A
Gobler Joseph M 27 Kansas White 1A
Hamilton Dennis M 28 Colorado White 1A
Hamilton Elsie   21 Colorado White 1A
Harrold John A 53 Ohio White 1A
Indovina Joe   44 West Virginia White 1A
Jenks Harry A 45 Iowa White 1A
Knaus Charles   56 Illinois White 1A
Lemon Ida   46 New York White 1A
Liley Emerson   31 Missouri White 1A
Maitland William   77 Pennsylvania White 1A
Oberding William   44 Illinois White 1A
Rainey Elmas E 57 Pennsylvania White 1A
Rice Charles A 55 Colorado White 1A
Scott James W 40 Texas White 1A
Abbott Jasper W 41 Colorado White 1B
Christopherson Jeno   65 Denmark White 1B
Clark Calvin R 76 Indiana White 1B
Dunn -   77 New York White 1B
Etheridge Rose   27 Idaho White 1B
Forsman Andrew   46 Finland White 1B
Hanna Bert   12 Colorado White 1B
Jensen Peter   56 Denmark White 1B
Mc Nutt Robert I 63 Ohio White 1B
Puderbaugh Sam B 29 Colorado White 1B
Rice Frank G 29 Idaho White 1B
Rice James S 21 Idaho White 1B
Rice Joseph F 26 Colorado White 1B
Rowley Frank   73 Indiana White 1B
Ubell Andrew F 45 Illinois White 1B
Walker Oscar J 45 Missouri White 1B
Zattal Peter   53 Ohio White 1B
Backlund Albert V 35 Finland White 2A
Bone John   41 New Jersey White 2A
Braman Herbert E 40 Iowa White 2A
Chambers Joan N 48 Nebraska White 2A
Demmer Escar J 27 Nebraska White 2A
Farner Christena   73 Missouri White 2A
Grant Charles A 41 Pennsylvania White 2A
Herniman Gustave G 45 United States of America White 2A
Lehman Joseph   52 Kansas White 2A
Mc Coy Pincus M 63 Iowa White 2A
Moreaux Charles   43 Deutschland White 2A
Nyguen Edward E 45 Finland White 2A
Patterson Lottie   57 Iowa White 2A
Archard Edward B 41 Colorado White 2B
Belfield James W 43 Missouri White 2B
Fredericks Mother   49 New York White 2B
Gibbs Everet J 23 South Dakota White 2B
Gibbs Frank C 56 Iowa White 2B
Howard James W 70 Indiana White 2B
Hutchins Harry L 26 Iowa White 2B
Moreaux Harr H 4 1/4 Iowa White 2B
Neilsen Etta M 23 Iowa White 2B
Westcott Wayne W 30 Colorado White 2B
Wilson Joe A 29 Oklahoma White 2B
Altiere William H 62 New York White 3A
Ashton Adeline E 37 South Dakota White 3A
Ballard Anna   62 Alabama White 3A
Brown Madge   34 Kansas White 3A
Chatfield Ralpa E 56 Ohio White 3A
Gile Cassius N 67 New York White 3A
Janes John M 51 Kentucky White 3A
Limb Carl   52 Sweden White 3A
Mc Clurg Hamilton   50 Indiana White 3A
Paul Edmond S 32 Illinois White 3A
Robinett Jasper N 50 Virginia White 3A
Rowley William E 19 Colorado White 3A
Shepherd Dora M 44 Iowa White 3A
Spradlin Samuel R 62 Kentucky White 3A
Sullivan Marco L 39 Illinois White 3A
Wilson David S 42 Missouri White 3A
Canfield Herbert E 58 Connecticut White 3B
Carver Jarl S 47 Texas White 3B
Ehrisman Gibbone   52 Iowa White 3B
Endsley Frank M 46 Illinois White 3B
Ford Thure B 41 Kansas White 3B
Foster Edson S 70 New York White 3B
Foster Mary A 63 New York White 3B
Gleasman Lilliam   34 Colorado White 3B
Havard Martha N 59 Illinois White 3B
Henderson Chester R 28 Arkansas White 3B
Irineo Oscar L 33 California White 3B
Keating William D 44 Illinois White 3B
Leap Nacalian M 61 Indiana White 3B
Lockwood Charles W 58 Illinois White 3B
Logan Freddy R 70 Ohio White 3B
Mac Kay Charles C 57 Scotland White 3B
Nordlund John H 27 Illinois White 3B
Preston Shanel M 59 Ohio White 3B
Robinett James E 16 Colorado White 3B
Sage Mary E 62 Illinois White 3B
Skinner William D 46 Illinois White 3B
Sly Clyde W 32 Nebraska White 3B
Sly George A 61 Michigan White 3B
Unfrid Francis M 25 United States of America White 3B
Walker Charley U 21 Colorado White 3B
Armstrong Orgie B 26 Tennessee White 4A
Canfield Julia B 19 Texas White 4A
Carrer Robert L 20 New Mexico White 4A
Chew Siddons G 65 Iowa White 4A
Elmer Bertha B 42 Colorado White 4A
Garber Orley E 29 Pennsylvania White 4A
Hallock Miranda P 11 New York White 4A
Lundahl John B 47 Sweden White 4A
Merrifield John R 66 Utah White 4A
Partain Defna F 19 Texas White 4A
Robinett Edward E 61 Colorado White 4A
Rodgers William P 57 Texas White 4A
Simoens Con E 47 Belgium White 4A
Sitton Robert R 43 Iowa White 4A
Skees John H 70 Kentucky White 4A
Tempelton Charles H 53 Illinois White 4A
Walters Barr A 37 Missouri White 4A
Wilson Elize   60 Missouri White 4A
Winter Micheal J 69 Denmark White 4A
Arps Otto   41 Wisconsin White 4B
Baldwin Edward F 28 Connecticut White 4B
Cooper Wilbert J 25 Canada White 4B
Dobbins Alma   14 Colorado White 4B
Dobbins Anna   38 Colorado White 4B
Dobbins Iola A 20 Colorado White 4B
Dobbins Joseph J 18 Colorado White 4B
Lewis Edgar   54 Illinois White 4B
Ray Hugh L D 31 Colorado White 4B
Ray Marion F 39 Colorado White 4B
Shaw Charles L 23 Kansas White 4B
Steeley George B 32 Colorado White 4B
Weimer Joseph P 31 Ohio White 4B
Williams Clayton C 30 Minnesota White 4B
Winter Miner M 33 California White 4B
Witters Harry W 41 New York White 4B
Chamberlain Sarah E 62 Iowa White 5A
Delaplane Albert S 62 Maryland White 5A
Gahn Philip   37 Ohio White 5A
Harrold Henry S 29 Missouri White 5A
Holybee Cyrus H 24 N White 5A
Huntley Fanny E 42 Illinois White 5A
Isaacs Leon J 50 Illinois White 5A
Kochler Henry   42 Ohio White 5A
Nitzsche Moritz   63 Deutschland White 5A
Nixon Joseph   33 New Mexico White 5A
Pahlke August F 40 Deutschland White 5A
Reinle John   45 Deutschland White 5A
Riehl Mary C 77 Pennsylvania White 5A
Robinson John D 35 Missouri White 5A
Venstrom Otto E 60 Sweden White 5A
Williams Dick   27 Minnesota White 5A
Ashcroft James P 31 Colorado White 5B
Ashcroft Robert E 38 Colorado White 5B
Banton Leonore   37 Nebraska White 5B
Biglin Thomas R 26 Pennsylvania White 5B
Bowen Miles D 56 Florida White 5B
Box Alice F 37 Colorado White 5B
Gilbert Arthur A 36 Iowa White 5B
Gilbert Guy H 31 Colorado White 5B
Gilbert William A 75 Indiana White 5B
Hance Walter E 41 Pennsylvania White 5B
Hopkins William A 47 Nebraska White 5B
Keller Agusta   65 Deutschland White 5B
Lage Flora C 62 Iowa White 5B
Lage Martin S 65 Wisconsin White 5B
Samons James   32 England White 5B
Sebelien Charles F 60 Wisconsin White 5B
Turpin Harry   50 Ohio White 5B
Vestal Lincoln   59 Iowa White 5B
Willis Ruman W 33 Missouri White 5B
  Colorado State Coordinator
  Assistant State Coordinator 
  Montrose County Coordinator


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