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1920 Census - Montrose County

Township: Olathe (includes Ash Mesa)

Enumeration District: 127      Film: T625_168

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Last Name First Name Middle Age Birthplace Race Page
(K?)Rlberday Joe   36 Russia White 9A
?ehon George   32 Tennessee White 3A
Adams Elba D 61 New York White 7A
Adams Herberta   33 Montana White 13B
Adler Robert V 39 Missouri White 1B
Adler Sarah   70 Missouri White 1A
Aiken William   36 Kentucky White 17A
Alderman Ed W 24 Mississippi White 8B
Allen Elias   58 Missouri White 4B
Allen William M 60 Tennessee White 6A
Allison Deane C 39 Colorado White 3A
Anderson John W 38 Mississippi White 8A
Anderson John F 52 Sweden White 6B
Appelhans Adam   44 Russia White 14A
Applegate William O 61 Illinois White 6A
Arroyo T   36 Mexico Colored 8A
Aschbremen John   49 Russia White 17B
Ash George   61 Indiana White 5A
Atkins Jonah   35 Ohio White 17B
Augustus Orine   49 Ohio White 6A
Bailey Ed   45 Iowa White 15A
Bailey Eugene   62 New York White 15A
Bailey Leslie E 35 Iowa White 15B
Bailey S T 43 Iowa White 19B
Baker Earnest H 32 Indiana White 6A
Ballard Joseph R 35 Missouri White 3B
Ballard Sidney S 60 Tennessee White 3B
Ballow Walter V 39 Kentucky White 2A
Berks Thomas M 53 Missouri White 7B
Beveridge Eli W 54 Illinois White 16B
Blackburn V V 32 Missouri White 3A
Blackburn William R 67 Missouri White 3A
Blair John F 50 Iowa White 11A
Blair Peter   74 Switzerland White 3B
Blixt Steven   60 Sweden White 16A
Bly William B 37 Kansas White 18B
Boran Dan   67 Iowa White 10A
Brage Mattie M 31 Colorado White 8B
Brenton Clarence S 46 Indiana White 17B
Bridges James   40 Iowa White 11B
Bridges Thompson   45 Iowa White 11A
Brown Andrew J 67 New York White 12A
Brown Dewitt   62 Indiana White 17B
Brown George H 57 New York White 11A
Brown Max   55 Russia White 18A
Bryant Floyd E 32 Nebraska White 2A
Bunton James   62 Tennessee White 11B
Burch Shirley   33 Missouri White 15A
Burgess Charles T 28 Alabama White 7A
Burkard Winchester   20 Iowa White 6B
Burmester Fred   68 Deutschland White 8A
Burns Thomas   57 Michigan White 5A
Bursk Isaac   43 Iowa White 9B
Butterfield Rallie   22 Iowa White 4B
Butterfield Rolla   26 United States of America White 2B
Byler James B 50 Colorado White 3A
Cambert John   32 Kentucky White 4A
Carlson Hugo   36 Kansas White 11B
Carmer Urban   34 Iowa White 14B
Casner Bene A 52 Ohio White 1A
Chaffin Joel   65 Missouri White 1A
Chahal Charles C 13 Nebraska White 3B
Christie Charles C 60 Missouri White 5B
Christie Floyd S 32 Missouri White 5B
Christie John F 53 Missouri White 18B
Church Aubry D 12 Colorado White 3A
Church Talitha A 62 Missouri White 4B
Clark Charles   45 Nevada White 3A
Clark Winford   54 Canada White 15A
Cleveland George S 60 Canada White 8B
Cliff David B 65 Arkansas White 6B
Clipper Arthur K 42 Iowa White 11B
Closter Ben   45 Illinois White 15B
Clubb David H 49 Missouri White 11B
Clubb Sherman   51 Missouri White 4A
Coffman Hayes B 44 Kansas White 13A
Colton John E 64 Illinois Japanese 14A
Cone George H 69 Michigan White 14B
Conley James G 36 Indiana White 4A
Cook Laverne   54 Ohio White 2A
Coomer Christopher   55 Ohio White 16B
Cooper Cora   51 Missouri White 9A
Cooper Homer L 37 Kansas White 6B
Cooper John W 46 Missouri White 11B
Cope John   39 Missouri White 17A
Corbin Daniel H 39 Missouri White 3A
Cordwell Thomas G 52 Missouri White 18A
Corey Albert S 43 Michigan White 18A
Corey Gardner   32 Colorado White 5B
Corey Helen   37 Michigan White 9A
Corey Martha   62 Indiana White 5B
Corey Russell   16 Colorado White 5B
Corr William F 37 Kansas White 1B
Cotter George A 26 Missouri Japanese 14A
Courtney Alice   28 Minnesota White 2B
Cox Harvey   36 Kansas White 2B
Cox James D 34 Arkansas White 6A
Craig Harry   31 Kansas White 7B
Crandell Louis F 60 Indiana White 2A
Crawford Ben H 24 Missouri White 18A
Crawford Oscar   40 Nebraska White 18A
Cuce Chas William H 56 Indiana White 17A
Curry Leonard   55 Ohio White 14A
Curtin Lima E 47 Ohio White 7B
Davis Raymond   49 Miisouri White 10A
Davoffard Herman   18 Missouri White 7B
Dawson Carl D 33 Iowa White 6A
Deganello Edmond   93 France White 5B
Deganello James   22 Colorado White 6B
Degrulle Adolph   45 New Jersey White 17B
Demere Albion   35 Florida White 6A
Demott Nannie   54 Indiana White 2B
Denham Marvin A 42 Missouri White 7A
Dennis Elmer G 34 Iowa White 5A
Dicker Benjamin   81 Missouri White 4A
Dickerson Joel   73 Missouri White 12A
Dickerson Joel W 31 Kansas White 8A
Dohlin Carl V 26 Iowa White 13B
Doland Charles   64 New York White 11A
Donlan Elie   65 Ohio White 12A
Doward Michael   70 Ireland White 1A
Duncan James E 36 Iowa White 15A
Dunkel Stone W 30 Illinois White 18A
Dunmire Harvey   41 Nebraska White 7A
Durston Robert   18 Colorado White 4B
Eads Gilbert   48 Missouri White 2B
Eads Ollie   17 Missouri White 13A
Edgar Everet W 46 Illinois White 8A
Edmonds Arthur M 39 Nova Scotia White 18B
Elicker Frank F 48 Iowa White 11A
Fahrney Lloyd   28 Nebraska White 15A
Fay Austin B 29 Kentucky White 2B
Felix Charles   53 Indiana White 16A
Felix John   33 Iowa White 15B
Ferguson Alison   55 New York White 5B
Fields Fred C 43 Kansas White 2A
Fields Gwenda   46 Missouri White 6A
Fields Jessie   34 Missouri White 6A
Fink William H 32 Tennessee White 14B
Fisher Chester   38 Illinois White 8B
Fittz Warren A 62 Missouri White 16B
Flammer Sarah   29 Pennsylvania White 5A
Flohr Alvis   20 Colorado White 3B
Folmer Fred O 35 Colorado White 10A
Foster John J 50 Indiana White 9B
Frasier Augustus   65 Virginia White 7B
Frederick Carrie E 65 Vermont White 9A
French John F 45 Illinois White 5A
Froom Robert N 25 Illinois White 5B
Fukuda Frank   33 Japan Japanese 12A
Gaines William S 58 Missouri White 1B
Gary Bertha   22 Colorado White 3A
Gerstenlauer Edna   22 Missouri White 2B
Gibson Austin   51 Illinois White 2B
Gilbert Walter A 26 Kansas White 12A
Gilbreath Robert M 69 Ohio White 2B
Glezen Florence   28 Indiana White 2B
Goddard Bertran C 33 England White 1B
Goode Charles H 28 Colorado White 11A
Goodis David H 56 Virginia White 5A
Graham Claude P 27 Colorado White 2B
Greenbank Homer   41 West Virginia White 4B
Greenbank Martha   66 Ohio White 13B
Greer George P 59 Mississippi White 11A
Guthrie James H 45 New York White 2B
Hackworth William   49 Texas White 4B
Haines Irvin H 39 West Virginia White 4B
Hall John H 37 Iowa White 12A
Hall Warren H 27 Mississippi White 7A
Hankins George   37 Kansas White 17A
Harmen Floyd A 22 Iowa White 5B
Harris Abel W 52 Missouri White 19B
Harris Marcus D 70 Tennessee White 1A
Harris Ralph   45 Tennessee White 18B
Harris Samuel J 47 Tennessee White 11A
Hartman Ephriam   63 Pennsylvania White 11B
Hastings Margaret   24 Pennsylvania White 5A
Hawkins James   45 New Mexico White 14B
Hawkyard Alban   43 Canada White 5A
Hay Cameron   54 Illinois White 11A
Hedgecock Ernest   35 Illinois White 18B
Henderson John F 42 Ohio White 17B
Hickert Theodore   51 Wisconsin White 7B
Hiskey Arnold   33 Tennessee White 13A
Hoadley Arthur L 35 Michigan White 4A
Hoadley Maud   48 Michigan White 4A
Hobaugh Samuel V 53 Pennsylvania White 2B
Hogan John S 62 Missouri White 8A
Holdon Clarence C 39 Iowa White 15B
Hollan Clifford W 13 Colorado White 9B
Holman Willis C 57 Virginia White 2A
Honeycutt Walter A 18 Nebraska White 1A
Horton Margaret   63 Ohio White 6A
Horton William J 62 Ohio White 3B
Howard Harrison   27 Pennsylvania White 3B
Howard Thomas D 30 Missouri White 6B
Hubbard Alice   10 Colorado White 9B
Hubbard Glen   22 Colorado White 11B
Hubbartt Lila M 38 Kentucky White 3B
Hubbs Martin L 24 Kentucky White 7B
Hunt Clarence E 35 Missouri White 6B
Hunt John C 70 Missouri White 6B
Huppman Phipple   32 Iowa White 16B
Huston John F 63 Iowa White 1B
Hyatt Fred D 48 Pennsylvania White 4B
Izard Alva   40 Kansas White 2A
Jenkins Len F 46 Kentucky White 10A
Jenson Oscar   39 Kentucky White 6A
Johnson Augustus   47 Sweden White 8A
Johnson Hollis   12 Missouri White 11A
Kauffman Clark F 46 Indiana White 1B
Keller Ray   35 Colorado White 12A
Kelley Charles H 41 Colorado White 9A
Kelley Cora   68 New York White 6A
Kerner Frank W 31 Ohio White 16B
Kerry George W 46 Texas White 6B
Kinal Lewis   42 Missouri White 13A
Kirk Taihee   47 Missouri White 1A
Kirk William A 37 Arkansas White 8B
Knob Joe   47 Russia White 14B
Knowler Ass L 46 Missouri White 1B
Koch Jannie   16 Ohio White 2A
Kornega Fred   46 Japan White 12A
Krabbe Tyler H 53 Wisconsin White 17B
Kramer Andrew   52 Russia White 13A
Krocker David   34 Kansas White 7A
Lane Merritt   33 Missouri White 5B
Langston Imo   36 Missouri White 1A
Lawson George   49 Iowa White 6A
Leckman Kate   32 Russia White 14B
Lell Alexander   49 Russia White 13B
Lewis Rufus E 47 Georgia White 11B
Lindsey Meek H 63 New York White 1A
Lipes Rufus M 33 Virginia White 15A
Lockwood Charles L 49 Pennsylvania White 2A
Loper Isaiah N 75 Ohio White 5A
Luquire Frank S 62 New York White 15B
Luthman Mathew   58 Ireland White 3A

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