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There are towns and places listed here that may not be in existence any longer. 
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City/Town/Place Name Dates/County/Remarks
Barnes RR Stop 1899 map, Montrose Co. PO 1901-1903
Bedrock Established 1883, Montrose Co.
Brown prev Colorow now Olathe Established ~1880, Montrose Co.
(Brown PO Established 1883,
renamed Olathe 1896)
Cameville PO 1882-1890, Gunnison Co. Later Montrose Co.
Cashin PO 1898-1905, Montrose Co. PO at Cashin copper mine
Cedar Creek RR Stop 1885-1923 map, Montrose Co. PO 1904-1924
Cerro aka Cerro Summit RR Station 1885-1923 map, Montrose Co.
(Located near Summit. Some maps show the names combined.)
Chipeta now Naturita Established 1881, Gunnison Co.
(Name changed 1882) Now in Montrose Co.
Cimarron Established ~1875, Montrose Co. PO Established 1883
Clines Ranch Stage Stop, Montrose Co.
Coke Oven On 1924 map, Montrose Co.
Colorow orig Brown PO now Olathe Established ~1880, Montrose Co.
(Brown PO Established 1883, renamed Olathe 1896)
Coventry PO 1894-1917, Montrose Co.
Crystal, Crystal Creek RR Stop 1885-1924 map, Montrose Co..
East Portal Montrose Co.
Eva 1889 PO, Montrose Co.
Fairview RR Station on 1895-1899 map, Montrose Co.
Fort Crawford prev Uncompahgre Cantonment Military Post Established 1880 RR Stop on 1895 map, Montrose Co.
Fort Roubidoux see Fort Uncompahgre Montrose Co.
Fort Uncompahgre aka Fort Roubidoux Trading Post 1830-1844 Site now in Montrose Co.
Hoovers Corner Montrose Co.
Horsefly PO 1886-1915, Montrose Co.

Horsefly was a rural post office that operated from 1886 to 1915. It was located in Montrose County in the Horsefly Creek drainage west of Horsefly Peak (the peak is in Ouray County.) The Horsefly Post Office was about straight south of Montrose in the jog Montrose makes into Ouray County. According to my map, to get into the area today, you would go to Norwood and then follow the Sanborn Park Road northeast into the Uncompahgre National Forest. The area is probably still "inhabited" but the zip code appears to be that of Norwood.

Hydraulic PO 1888-1905, Montrose Co.
Jo Junior see Jojunior Montrose Co.
Johnson's Ford Ext 1880s, Montrose Co.
Jojunior, Jo Junoir 1914 PO, Montrose Co. (Never operated?)
Jones Summit Montrose Co.
Los Pinos PO 1877-1881, Gunnison Co. Site now in Montrose Co.
Lujane PO 1905-1910, Montrose Co.
(Gunnison River project construction camp)
Maher Established 1882, Montrose Co.
Menoken PO 1891-1892, Montrose Co. RR Stop 1895-1899 map
Micheols 1919 PO, Montrose Co. (Never operated?)
Montrose PO Established 1882, Inc 1882, Montrose Co.
Mountain View Montrose Co.
Naturita orig Chipeta Established 1881, Gunnison Co. Inc 1951, Montrose Co.
Nucla Established 1904 Inc 1915, Montrose Co.
Oak Grove Montrose Co.
Olathe orig Brown, Colorow Established 1881, Gunnison Co. Brown PO Established 1883,
renamed Olathe 1896 Inc 1907, Montrose Co.
Orchard Corner Montrose Co.
Ouray Junction RR Stop 1895 map, Montrose Co.
Paradox Established ~1882, Gunnison Co. Now in Montrose Co.
Paradox Valley Montrose Co.
Paxton PO 1905-1907, Montrose Co.
Pea Green Corner Montrose Co.
Piņon PO 1896-1905, Montrose Co.
Redvale prev Redlands Established 1908, Montrose Co.
River Portal PO 1906-1910, Montrose Co.
Roe Montrose Co.
Rudolph 1886 PO, Montrose Co.
Shenandoah PO 1892-1896, Montrose Co.
Sinbad PO 1914-1933, Montrose Co.
Sinbad's Valley Montrose Co.
Summit aka Cerro Summit Montrose Co. Located near Cerro. Some maps show Cerro Summit
Uncompahgre RR Stop was Fort Crawford PO 1880-1906, Gunnison Co. Later Montrose Co.
Uncompahgre, Uncapaghre PO 1875-1877, La Plata Co. Later San Juan then Montrose Co.
Uranium PO 1900-1922, Montrose Co.
Uravan Established ~1912, Montrose Co. PO 1936-1986
Ute PO 1912-1951, Montrose Co.
Vancorum Established 1930, Montrose Co.


Primary source for this is due to the wonderful resource that Lee Zion provides at

  Colorado State Coordinator
  Assistant State Coordinator 
  Montrose County Coordinator


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