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Sheridan Celebrates - Family Ties II

Forward - written by Roger Rowland.

"Sheridan Celebrates" has been held each year since the city centennial in 1990. There is a theme for each year and a booklet is published containing information about the City of Sheridan, the activities and sponsors for the day, and history. The theme in 1995 was "Family Ties II." In 1995 biographies were included for four Sheridan families.

The Yarbrough Family

Written by Bonita Hutcheson and edited by Thea Hutcheson
for Sheridan Celebrates in 1995.

Rowena Yarbrough "moved into a small house at 3330 S. Clay in January of 1956." They "built onto it shortly after moving in. Don [her husband] went to work for Stanley Aviation where he worked until poor health forced him to retire in 1976."

Their "three sons Doug, Dan, and Kenny went to Petersburg School; Dan and Kenny went one year to Maryville School. They attended Fort Logan." and "Doug graduated from Sheridan [Union] High School." The two younger "boys attended Sheridan High School [finished in 1974]."

Rowena served "as President of Petersburg Association of Mothers" and she and her husband "were active along with the boys in Scouts-Don was Cub Master and [Rowena] was a Den Mother." Don has the distinction of "getting soccer started in this area." He also served on the "the volunteer fire department" as an officer and Rowena continued to serve her community, branching out to serve as president of the Auxiliary. The Fire Department was integral to the recovery of the community after the [1965] flood. Everyone in the community pitched in to rebuild and Don was no exception, helping "when the new building was built."

Rowena remembers that "we used to have picnics [at the park] where Cinderella City is now [before it was removed]." They "participated in Tri-County events also," founding "many long standing friendships."

In 1968 the Yarbrough's "moved on South Hazel Ct." She remembers "One year when Bear Creek was very high and expected to flood, our house was the meeting place for those firemen on the South side of the river.

Don Yarbrough "passed away in 1989." Rowena says, they "always enjoyed the feeling of the country in the city." And like many long time residents, she has enjoyed watching "the changes that have taken place over the years." She believes "the Sheridan Recreation Center and Park is an asset to the neighborhood as well as the trail along Bear Creek and the Platte River."

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