Summit County, Colorado

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 Boreas Pass

Population: 150
Elevation: 11,482

Map displays the Boreas Pass area, as it would have been in the late 1800's.

Published in 2010, Ghost Town Sites Along Boreas Pass: Argentine, Farnahm, Farnahm Spur and Dywer by Roger C. Thweatt, Ph.D., provides a look at these four mining camps in some detail, including maps, development, name changes and how the railroad affected them. Allowing even the casual reader to drive along what is now Boreas Pass Road and find the sites for themselves.
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All four of these communities had a rail spur of the main line of the Denver South Park and Pacific Railway, running along the Boreas Pass High Line. This was one of the narrow gauge railroads that existed through the high country of Colorado, going in, over and around the Rocky Mountains.  

Station NumberElevation (in feet)Milepost from Denver
Farnham Spur----11,197100.3


This meadow is the site of Argentine (photo taken fall, 2011)

Farnham Spur


Rail Sign from the Summit.   Debris from the aerial tramway in Farnham Spur. View of the Rocky Mountains from Dwyer. Track debris with restored structures in background.