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I'm sure you are aware of the Parish of Ballymacelligott (Town or Estate of
the McElligott's) in County Kerry.

See if you can locate a copy of "The History of Ballymacelligott and Its
People", published 1997 by Ballymacelligott
Active Retirement Association, Printed by Kingdom Printers.  (Paperback, 156
pages).  My copy was brought back
from  Ireland by a relative - there's no ISBN listed on it.

On page 13 is a somewhat rambling article "McElligott's Castle"  attributed
to Fr. John O'Donovan (1841), which
begins: "In the centre of the townland of Arabella in this parish are the
ruins of a castle called McElligott's Castle.
Nothing remains of it at present, but traces of a foundation and a portion
of one wall, thirty feet in length and
about twelve feet in height at the south east corner."

It seems the castle was wrecked by Oliver Cromwell & Co.

Charles Sullivan