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Barthshounas, (i56), b.-d.
Barthshounas, ? (i60), b.-d.
Barthshounas, Anthony (i58), b.-d.
Barthshounas, Joseph (i57), b.-d.
Barthshounas, Katherine (i59), b.-d.


Buckley, Agnes (i170), b.1898-d.
Buckley, Bridget (i72), b.1859-d.1944
Buckley, Catherine (i100), b.1871-d.
Buckley, Catherine E. (i164), b.1883-d.
Buckley, Cornelius (i99), b.1868-d.
Buckley, Ellen (i97), b.1861-d.
Buckley, Ellen (i166), b.1887-d.
Buckley, Mary (i95), b.1855-d.
Buckley, Mary L. (i163), b.1881-d.
Buckley, Patrick (i96), b.1857-d.
Buckley, Patrick (i167), b.1889-d.
Buckley, Peter (i93), b.-d.
Buckley, Peter (i101), b.1874-d.
Buckley, Peter (i168), b.1893-d.
Buckley, Veronica (i169), b.1895-d.
Buckley, William (i98), b.1863-d.
Buckley, William L. (i165), b.1885-d.


Cona, Michael (i46), b.1951-d.
Cona, Stephen (i44), b.-d.
Cona, Stephen (i45), b.1951-d.


Cotter, (i20), b.-d.
Cotter, Alice B. (i74), b.1883-d.
Cotter, Alice Theresa (i115), b.1912-d.
Cotter, Annie (i83), b.1860-d.
Cotter, Christina Jane (i40), b.1987-d.
Cotter, Colleen Marie (i39), b.1983-d.
Cotter, Cornelius (i79), b.1895-d.
Cotter, Daniel (i82), b.1858-d.
Cotter, Elizabeth Norine (i116), b.1914-d.
Cotter, Hannah (i91), b.1863-d.
Cotter, James (i88), b.1878-d.
Cotter, Jeremiah (i71), b.1859-d.1926
Cotter, Jeremiah (i134), b.-d.
Cotter, John (i92), b.1865-d.
Cotter, John F. (i73), b.-d.1966
Cotter, Joseph (i106), b.1898-d.
Cotter, Joseph Aloysius (i114), b.1909-d.1936
Cotter, Katherine Jean (i38), b.1983-d.
Cotter, Kathleen (i120), b.-d.
Cotter, Leo Joseph (i118), b.1928-d.
Cotter, Margaret (i87), b.1875-d.
Cotter, Margaret (i105), b.1896-d.
Cotter, Margaret (i121), b.-d.
Cotter, Mary (i15), b.1946-d.
Cotter, Mary (i104), b.1894-d.
Cotter, Mary A. (i75), b.1887-d.
Cotter, Mary A. (i86), b.1870-d.
Cotter, Michael (i90), b.1856-d.
Cotter, Nancy (i16), b.1948-d.
Cotter, Nora (i19), b.1955-d.
Cotter, Paul Gerard (i117), b.1916-d.
Cotter, Peter (i76), b.1889-d.1964
Cotter, Regina (i17), b.1949-d.
Cotter, Rena (i132), b.-d.
Cotter, Robert Emmett (i78), b.1899-d.
Cotter, Theodore (i77), b.1892-d.
Cotter, Thomas (i89), b.1879-d.
Cotter, Timothy (i80), b.1830-d.
Cotter, Timothy (i84), b.1868-d.
Cotter, William (i85), b.1872-d.
Cotter, William John (i13), b.1910-d.1991
Cotter, William Joseph (i14), b.1885-d.
Cotter, William Joseph (i18), b.1951-d.


Daly, John (i36), b.-d.
Daly, Joseph (i34), b.1983-d.
Daly, Michael (i35), b.1987-d.
Daly, Patrick (i33), b.-d.
Daly, Paul (i31), b.-d.
Daly, Paul (i32), b.-d.


Fitzgerald, Erin (i22), b.1969-d.
Fitzgerald, John (i21), b.-d.
Fitzgerald, Kiernan (i27), b.1975-d.
Fitzgerald, Sean (i26), b.1970-d.


Gaffney, (i150), b.-d.
Gaffney, Bridget (i146), b.1861-d.
Gaffney, Elizabeth (i108), b.1866-d.1914
Gaffney, Ellen (i147), b.1863-d.
Gaffney, James (i148), b.1865-d.
Gaffney, John (i149), b.1869-d.
Gaffney, Margaret (i145), b.1855-d.
Gaffney, Owen (i151), b.1810-d.
Gaffney, Rose (i144), b.1853-d.
Gaffney, Terence (i135), b.1821-d.
Gaffney, Thomas (i143), b.1851-d.


Gallagher, Anthony (i48), b.-d.
Gallagher, Patricia (i52), b.1947-d.
Gallagher, Rose Ann (i53), b.1951-d.


Gaughan, (i159), b.-d.
Gaughan, (i160), b.-d.
Gaughan, (i161), b.-d.
Gaughan, (i162), b.-d.
Gaughan, Bridget (i142), b.1868-d.
Gaughan, James (i113), b.-d.
Gaughan, John C. (i111), b.-d.
Gaughan, John J. (i107), b.1869-d.1949
Gaughan, Martin (i137), b.1825-d.1871
Gaughan, Mary Elizabeth (i51), b.1890-d.1969
Gaughan, Michael (i141), b.1863-d.1900
Gaughan, Patrick (i140), b.1861-d.1900
Gaughan, Thomas (i109), b.1855-d.
Gaughan, Thomas (i139), b.1855-d.1900


Iacono, Brigid (i29), b.1982-d.
Iacono, Corey (i30), b.1984-d.
Iacono, Lawrence (i28), b.-d.


Labshousky?, (i55), b.-d.
Labshousky?, Alec (i61), b.-d.
Labshousky?, Ben (i63), b.-d.
Labshousky?, Mary (i62), b.-d.


Schueler, Drew (i24), b.1994-d.
Schueler, Eric (i23), b.-d.
Schueler, Jackson Fitzgerald (i25), b.1996-d.


Smith, Francis (i41), b.-d.
Smith, Francis (i42), b.1991-d.
Smith, Matthew Cotter (i43), b.1994-d.


Tighe, Anna (i156), b.1894-d.
Tighe, Joseph (i157), b.1896-d.
Tighe, Katherine (i154), b.1890-d.
Tighe, Mamie (i155), b.1892-d.
Tighe, Martin (i152), b.1861-d.
Tighe, Michael (i158), b.1898-d.
Tighe, Thomas (i153), b.1888-d.


Wasilouskas, Anna (i9), b.1911-d.1976
Wasilouskas, Anthony (i2), b.1876-d.1921
Wasilouskas, Anthony (i6), b.-d.
Wasilouskas, Christopher (i8), b.1909-d.
Wasilouskas, Eva Julia (i11), b.1914-d.1982
Wasilouskas, George (i49), b.-d.1927
Wasilouskas, Mary (i7), b.1907-d.1956
Wasilouskas, Regina Marie (i12), b.1918-d.
Wasilouskas, Rose (i50), b.-d.1971
Wasilouskas, Simon (i10), b.-d.1921
Wasilouskas, Stephen (i1), b.1850-d.


Wassaitis, Aldona (i174), b.-d.
Wassaitis, Anthony (i4), b.1859-d.
Wassaitis, Anthony? (i177), b.1882-d.1978
Wassaitis, Christopher (i171), b.-d.
Wassaitis, Christopher (i175), b.-d.
Wassaitis, Eva (i3), b.1883-d.1973
Wassaitis, Maria (i172), b.-d.
Wassaitis, William (i173), b.-d.1949

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