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1.  Theodor Klinkhammer was born about 1822.  Theodor & Christine Stein came

to North America 21 Feb 1852 reportedly from Dahtine ??? .  Prussia. It is reported but there is some confusion on this point that their parents came from Cologne in Germany ( possibly form Netherlands)

A translation of their Old passports is as follows

                   Theodor Klinkhammer       Christine Stein K.

Religion               Catholic                   Catholic

Age                         30                            22

Height                 5'1''                              5'0''

Hair                     Black                         Blonde

Eyes                    Black                            Black

Nose                    Long                         Small

Mouth                   Pleasant                   Ordinary

Complexion           Healthy                    Healthy

Symtoms               None                              None

Chin                     Black Pointed Beard       Round

Face                    Round,Low forehead       Round Black eyebrows

Klinkhammer in Detroit area are reported to have dropped 1 "m" to become Klinkhamers  Christine Stein was born about 1830. 
Children of Theodor Klinkhammer and Christine Stein were:

+2 i. Peter  "Pat"???? Klinkhammer.

+3 ii. Nicholas Joseph Peter Klinkhammer.

+4 iii. Matthew "Morris" Klinkhammer.

+5 iv. Michael Klinkhammer.

6 v. Mary "Mother Mary Conception" Klinkhammer1 was born on 5 Sep 1863 in Hasburg (Hapsburg) Ontario Canada.  She Entered on 18 May 1882.  She Received habit on 6 Mar 1883.  She Perpetual vows on 10 Jun 1885.  She was buried in 1939 in St. Anthony's Cemetery Chatham Ontario.  She died on 22 Dec 1939 in Chatham Ontario Canada.  Died at the Ursuline Motherhouse  Mother Conception is affectionately remembered as a devoted homemaker, a fervent religious with a lovable disposition.

7 vi. Theodor Klinkhammer was born about 1861.  He appeared on the census in 1881 in Seaforth Ontario Canada.2  2 sons 1 daughter Kitchener Ont.

8 vii. David Klinkhammer was born about 1865.3  He appeared on the census.

9 viii. Victoria "Sister Gertrude" Klinkhammer.  Sister Gertrude USA

10 ix. Tony Klinkhammer.  3 sons

11 x. Joseph Klinkhammer.

12 xi. Frank Klinkhammer.  2 daughter 1 son


2.  Peter  "Pat"???? Klinkhammer was born about 1852.  He appeared on the census in 1881.  He died on 19 May 1925 in Los Angeles California.  He was buried in Calvery Cemetery Los Angeles California.  Peter's death certificate shows fathers name as John perhaps half-brothers son

He was married to Bridget Dorsey.  Bridget Dorsey was born on 12 Nov 1850. She died on 9 May 1926 in Los Angeles California.  She was buried in Calvery Cemetery Los Angeles California. 

Children of Peter  "Pat"???? Klinkhammer and Bridget Dorsey were:

+13 i. Rose Mary Klinkhammer.

14 ii. Ambrose Klinkhammer was born about 1877.  He appeared on the census in 1881.

15 iii. Joseph Klinkhammer was born in 1876.  He appeared on the census in 1881.

3.  Nicholas Joseph Peter Klinkhammer was born about 1853.  He died about 1919.  age 41 in 1894

 Census 1881 Brantford

Nicholas Klinkhammer Male age 26 Cath German Cooper

Sarah                        female age 20 Cath, Irish

Leo J                         male age 1 cath. German 

Sarah Anne Dorsey was born on 28 Sep1860 in St Columban Ont. Canada.4  She died in Jun 1937.  She was buried in Jackson Michigan USA.  Information from Rev. P. A. Oostveen from parish records for birth

Sarah Anne Dorsey born 28 sept 1860 parents Matthew Dorsey & Anne Ryan

age 35 in 1894

Paralyized for 18 years from age 59 blind for many years 

Children of Nicholas Joseph Peter Klinkhammer and Sarah Anne Dorsey were:

+16 i. Leo Joseph Klinkhammer.

+17 ii. Sarah Mary Klinkhammer.

18 iii. Anne Mary Klinkhammer was born about 1883 in Brantford Ontario Canada.  She died about Jan 1931/32 in Jackson Michigan USA.  She was a Nurse.

+19 iv. Michael Joseph Klinkhammer.

+20 v. Herman Joseph "Harry" Klinkhammer.

+21 vi. Lucy Mary Klinkhammer.

22 vii. John Joseph Klinkhammer was born on 7 Aug 1891 in Brantford Ontario Canada.5  He died about 1908.

+23 viii. Joseph Mary Klinkhammer.

4.  Matthew "Morris" Klinkhammer was born about 1857.  Reported to have lived in Jackson Michigan

Margaret Dorsey was born on 26 Jun 1851 in St Columban Ont. Canada.4

Information from Rev. P. A. Oostveen from parish records for birth

Margaret Dorsey born 26 june 1851 parents Matthew Dorsey & Anne Ryan

Children of Matthew "Morris" Klinkhammer and Margaret Dorsey were:

24 i. Mary Klinkhammer.  Became Sister Celestine IHM Order Monroe Michigan

+25 ii. John Klinkhammer.

+26 iii. Corrine Klinkhammer.

+27 iv. Anastasia "Anna" Klinkhammer.

28 v. David Klinkhammer.  died when baby

+29 vi. Olive Klinkhammer.

+30 vii. Maurice Klinkhammer.

+31 viii. Gertrude Klinkhammer.

32 ix. Isabelle Klinkhammer.  died age 10

5.  Michael Klinkhammer1 was born about 1857 in Ontario Canada.  He appeared

on the census in 1881 in Seaforth Ontario Canada.  Dublin Ontario

Bridget Burke1 was born in Ontario Canada. 

Children of Michael Klinkhammer and Bridget Burke were:

33 i. Rose "Mother Mary Bonaventure" Klinkhammer1 was born on 30 Aug 1896 in Dublin Ont. Canada.  She was baptized on 6 Sep 1896 in Church Of St Columban Ontario.  She was confirmed on 20 Sep 1910 in St Patrick's Church, Dublin Ontario Canada.  She Entered on 29 Feb 1920.  She Received habit on 28 Aug 1920.  She Temporary Vows on 28 Aug 1922.  She Perpetual vows on 27 Aug 1925.  She died on 22 Sep 1967 in Chatham Ontario Canada.  She was found dead in bed - coronary at Ursuline Motherhouse  She was buried in St. Anthony's Cemetery Chatham Ontario.  Mother Bonaventure was an outstanding religious and high school teacher. Her high principles made a lasting impression on her students.


13.  Rose Mary Klinkhammer was born about 1879.  She appeared on the census in 1881.

She was married to John Joseph Kelly. 

Children of Rose Mary Klinkhammer and John Joseph Kelly were:

34 i. Francis Xavier Kelly.

16.  Leo Joseph Klinkhammer was born about 1879 in Brantford Ontario Canada.

He died on 2 Jul 1947 in Lethbridge Alberta Canada.  Leo had a grocery store on Albion Street in Brantford Ontario. This was taken over by his brother Joe in 1926 when Leo brought his family west to Lethridge.

 Emily Mulligan died on 5 Nov 1921. 

Children of Leo Joseph Klinkhammer and Emily Mulligan were:

35 i. Paul Benedikt Klinkhammer was born in Nov 1910.  He died in Mar 1921.

+36 ii. Mary E Klinkhammer.

+37 iii. Bernard Klinkhammer.

+38 iv. Francis Klinkhammer.

17.  (THIS IS MY GRANDMOTHER) Sarah Mary Klinkhammer was born on 9 May 1881

in Brantford Ontario Canada.5  She was baptized on 22 May 1881.  Godparents: Robert Lailey & Catherine Dorsey She died on 14 Oct 1960.  She was buried in Coutts Alberta Canada.

 She was married to Henry James Tennant on 26 Oct 1910 in Lethbridge Alberta Canada.

Henry James Tennant was born on 19 Oct 1876 in Emerson Man. Canada.  He was educated between 1892 and 1895 in St Boniface Manitoba.6  He was living in 1894 in Coutts Alberta Canada.7  He was a Farmer in 1910 in Coutts Alberta Canada.8  He was Knights of Columbus Charter Member between 24 May 1910 and 6 Dec 1926 in Lethbridge Alberta Canada.8  initiated 24 May 1910 and suspended from Council 1490 on 6 Dec 1926 with no further record  He was a Rancher in 1913 in Coutts Alberta Canada.  He died on 6 Nov 1930 in Lethbridge Alberta Canada.  He Died of heart failure. 

Children of Sarah Mary Klinkhammer and Henry James Tennant were:

+39 i. Mary Eileen Tennant.

+40 ii. Monica Frances Tennant.

+41 iii. Henry James "Jim" Tennant.

+42 iv. Sadie Mary "Mayme" Tennant.

43 v. Joseph Benedict "Joe" Tennant was born on 19 Mar 1922 in Red River Ranch Coutts Alta. Canada.  He was issued Canadian A88713 on 25 Sep 1940 in Winnipeg Man. Canada.  He was a Truck Driver in 1941 in Lethbridge Alberta Canada.  He was described as 5 ft 11 1/2 in brown hair & Brown eyes in 1941 in Coutts Alberta Canada. He was issued Canadian 118966 on 1 Oct 1941 in Vancouver BC Canada.  He died on 26 Feb 1960 in Calgary Alberta Canada.  He Died of heart attack.

 19.  Michael Joseph Klinkhammer was born about 1885 in Brantford Ontario Canada.  He died on 29 Apr 1959 in Jackson Michigan USA.

 Agnes McInerney was born about 1890.  She died in 1953. 

Children of Michael Joseph Klinkhammer and Agnes McInerney were:

+44 i. Mary Louise Klinkhammer.

+45 ii. Margaret Sarah "Peggy" Klinkhammer.

20.  Herman Joseph "Harry" Klinkhammer was born on 12 Jun 1887 in Brantford Ontario Canada.  He died on 21 Apr 1946 in Grand Rapids Michigan USA.

 Margaret Elizabeth Collins was born on 15 Oct 1890 in Michigan.  She died in Aug 1982 in Michigan.  Death info from Marg Brown  She had Social Security Number 385-36-4824.9  B: 15 oct 1890 Michigan D: aug 1982 Death date from Marg. Brown & Social Security 

Children of

Herman Joseph "Harry" Klinkhammer and Margaret Elizabeth Collins were:

+46 i. Leo Francis Klinkhammer.

+47 ii. Margaret Eileen "Marge" Klinkhammer.

+48 iii. John Joseph "Jack" Klinkhammer.

21.  Lucy Mary Klinkhammer was born about 1889 in Brantford Ontario Canada. She died about 1918.

Children of Lucy Mary Klinkhammer and Lloyd Taylor were:

+49 i. Jean Taylor.

50 ii. Gilbert Taylor.

23.  Joseph Mary Klinkhammer was born on 28 Feb 1894 in Brantford Ontario Canada.5

Father: Nicholas Joseph age 41 Mother Sarah Anne Dorsey age 35  He died on 24 Aug 1961 in Galt Ontario Canada.  Overtook grocery store in Brantford after brother Leo in 1926

 Ethel Leighton died on 10 Sep 1890.  She was born about 1894. 

Children of Joseph Mary Klinkhammer and Ethel Leighton were:

51 i. Albert Francis "Pat" Klinkhammer.

52 ii. Edward Douglas Klinkhammer.

+53 iii. Dorothy Klinkhammer.

54 iv. Raymond "Teddy" Klinkhammer.

25.  John Klinkhammer.

Children of John Klinkhammer were:

55 i. Allen Klinkhammer was born on 31 Mar 1902 in Michigan.10  He died on 24 Jan 1965 in Michigan.  He had Social Security Number 363-07-3267.9  B: 31 Mar 1902 Michigan  D: Jan 1965 Michigan

26.  Corrine Klinkhammer.

 She was married to Berns.  Corrine Klinkhammer and Berns had no known children.


27.  Anastasia "Anna" Klinkhammer.  3 daughters

She was married to Kelly.  Anastasia "Anna" Klinkhammer and Kelly had no known children.

29.  Olive Klinkhammer was born on 23 Jun 1884.  She died in Jun 1964.  2  sons & 1 daughter

 She was married to Hahnke.  Olive Klinkhammer and Hahnke had no known children.

 30.  Maurice Klinkhammer was born on 19 May 1890 in Michigan.  He died on 20 Apr 1963. He had Social Security Number 382-09-3527.9  B: 19 May 1890 Michigan D: apr 1963 He was married to ?????.  Children of Maurice Klinkhammer and ????? were:

56 i. William ?? Billie Klinkhammer was born on 3 Mar 1923 in Michigan ?.  He died in Oct 1982 in Ohio ??.  He had Social Security Number 377-14-3361 ??.

57 ii. dtr ?? Klinkhammer.  Killed in an accident

58 iii. Margaret "Sister Mary Caroline" Klinkhammer.  Sister Mary Caroline Dominican Order Washington DC USA

He was married to Vivian.  Children of Maurice Klinkhammer and Vivian were:

59 i. David Klinkhammer.  Annapolis Md

60 ii. ?????? Klinkhammer.

31.  Gertrude Klinkhammer was born on 19 May 1890.  1 son & 2 daughters

She was married to Doughtery.  Gertrude Klinkhammer and Doughtery had no known children.


36.  Mary E Klinkhammer was born on 2 Apr 1912.  add. Sept 1964: 2210 14 Ave. S. Lethbridge Alberta

  Children of Mary E Klinkhammer and Edward William Soady were:

61 i. Beverly Soady was born on 20 Jun 1948.

62 ii. Douglas Soady was born on 14 Nov 1951.

37.  Bernard Klinkhammer was born on 22 Nov 1918.  General Manager Ramler Motors Lethbridge 1964

  Children of Bernard Klinkhammer and Yvonne Stouth were:

63 i. Gail Klinkhammer was born in 1947.

64 ii. Gerry Klinkhammer was born in 1950.

65 iii. Donald Klinkhammer was born in 1952.

66 iv. Kenneth Klinkhammer was born in 1954.

38.  Francis Klinkhammer was born on 14 Jan 1921.  Corporal RCAF stationed  in Winnipeg 1964

  Children of Francis Klinkhammer and Wanda Morris were:

67 i. Leo Klinkhammer was born on 22 Mar 1948.

68 ii. Brian Klinkhammer was born on 22 May 1950.

44.  Mary Louise Klinkhammer.

 Mary Louise Klinkhammer and Ott had no known children.


45.  Margaret Sarah "Peggy" Klinkhammer.

   Margaret Sarah "Peggy" Klinkhammer and Donahue had no known children.


46.  Leo Francis Klinkhammer died in Jan 1978 in Michigan ?.  He was born 19 okt 1918 ?? in Michigan ?.  He had Social Security Number 367-12-2379 ???.9  b: 19 oct  1918 Michigan D: jan 1978

Children of Leo Francis Klinkhammer and Joy Maxine Peterson were:

81 i. Leo Daniel Klinkhammer.

+82 ii. Joan Joy Klinkhammer.

83 iii. Jean Marie Klinkhammer.

47.  Margaret Eileen "Marge" Klinkhammer was born on 17 Jul 1920.  Add. Feb. 65 3424 Brooklyn Ave SE Grand Rapids Michigan USA 49508

  Margaret Eileen "Marge" Klinkhammer and James Reed Brown had no known


48.  John Joseph "Jack" Klinkhammer was born on 31 Dec 1924 in Michigan ?. He died in Jan 1987 in Michigan ?.  He had Social Security Number 376-18-5143 ?.9  b: 31 Dec 1924 Michigan ?? D. Jan 1987 Michigan ?????

He was married to Mary Ellen Weeber.  Children of John Joseph "Jack"  Klinkhammer and

Mary Ellen Weeber were:

84 i. Kathryn Mary Klinkhammer.

85 ii. Margaret Ellen Klinkhammer.

86 iii. John Joseph jr Klinkhammer.

49.  Jean Taylor.

  Jean Taylor and Hosteller had no known children.

53.  Dorothy Klinkhammer.

  Dorothy Klinkhammer and Taylor had no known children.


82.  Joan Joy Klinkhammer.

  Children of Joan Joy Klinkhammer and Louis Paul Kurant Jr. were:

100 i. Diane Marie Kurant.

101 ii. Louis Paul Kurant lll.


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