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French War & Revolutionary War Soldiers

[From The History of the Old Town of Derby, Connecticut, 1642-188O, by Samuel Orcutt and Ambrose Beardsley, Published 1880, pages 787-790]


FRENCH WAR, 1755 -- 1763.

The following is all the account that has been obtained concerning the soldiers in the French War, from 1755 to 1758:

CHARLES BUNNELL, son of Benjamin, died July 26, 1758, "being killed by the enemy, between Fort Edward and Lake George, in the twentieth year of his age, in the king's service."

LUKE BUNNELL, son of Benjamin, died Oct. 23, 1756, "at Canaan, in the king's service."


LEMUEL CHATFIELD died at the camp at Lake George, Sept. 3, 1758.

LEVI CHATFIELD died Oct. 15. 1758, having returned home from the camp. These were twin brothers, nineteen years and nine months of age.

JOHN FRENCH died Oct. 17, 1761, at Crown Point, in the twenty-first year of his age.

NEHEMIAH, son of Nicholas Moss, was taken ill near Oswego, returned home, and died soon after, Jan. 3, 1762.

LIEUT. JOHN GRIFFIN was three years in the French war.

LINUS LOUNSBURV, of Nyumphs, was in the French War and in the Revolution.

DANIEL MUNSON died at Fort Edward, Aug. 2, 1756.


GEN. WILLIAM HULL served with great credit throughout the war.

GEN. DAVID WOOSTER served with peculiar honor until his death in 1777.

LIEUT. JOSEPH HULL went with his company to New York m 1776; was taken prisoner, and exchanged after two years, and after that served efficiently on Long Island Sound.

GEN. DAVID HUMPHREYS served nobly throughout the war.

ELIJAH HUMPHREY was a major in the Revolution, and had three horses shot under him.

SAMUEL HULL, brother of Gen. William, was a lieutenant for a time in the war.

WILLIAM CLARK was captain of volunteers.

JABEZ THOMPSON went out as first major of the 1st Regiment and captain of the 3d Company, in 1775.

CAPT. THOMAS HORSEY went from Derby, in 1775, as lieutenant on the brig Minerva, and was promoted to be captain. He died in 1789, aged 46.

BRADFORD STEELE went, in 1775, as first lieutenant; was promoted to be captain. (See his Biog.)

NATHAN PIERSON went, in 1775, as ensign, and was promoted to be captain.

NATHANIEL JOHNSON went as captain, in 1775.

JABEZ PRITCHARD was in the war. (See his Biog.)

CAPT. BRADFORD STKELE was in the war.

JOHN WHITE, son of Daniel, was in the war. He died Feb 19, 1830, aged 73.

MR. LEACH was under Washington seven years; was several times severely wounded.

ABRAM BASSETT, son of Abraham, was in the war.

THEOPHILUS MILES was in the war; he died in 1822, aged 83.

TRUMAN LOVELAND was in the war.


JESSE BALDWIN, brother to James.

ISAAC JOHNSON, son of Benajah. He died April 10, 1813, aged 78.

EZRA BUTLER was in the war.


JETHRO MARTIN (colored), servant to Gen. Humphreys, was a long time in the war. He died in New Haven, having received a pension many years.

JOSEPH MAUWEHU (Chuse) is said to have been in the war.

PHINEAS JOHNSON, from Pine's Bridge.


DR. JESSE BALDWIN was surgeon.


JOHN HOLBROOK, NATHANIEL HOLBROOK, ABEL HOLBROOK. These three were in the war, and afterwards drew a pension many years.

MAJOR NATHAN SMITH was in the war.

JONATHAN LYMAN, son of Rev. Jonathan, served some time as captain.

JOEL JOHNSON, son of Asahel and Lois, died at King's Bridge, N. Y., Aug. 23, 1777.



ABIEL CANFIELD enlisted May 8, 1777.


WILLIAM CLARK WHITNEY was wounded, and drew a pension some years.


The following were soldiers from that part of Derby which is now Oxford, and who drew pensions afterwards:

Capt. Samuel Candee,
Capt. Job Candee,
David Peck,
Isaac Chatfield,
Timothy Johnson,
Phineas Johnson,
Jeremiah M. Kelly.

The memorandum of Lieut. Jabez Pritchard, who was taken prisoner with Bradford Steele and others, was brought home by Lieut. Steele, and contains the list of guards detailed at Horseneck from September 15th to the 21st. A large part of the company was from the town of Derby. The names are:

Gideon Ailing,
Samuel Andress,
Abraham Barnes,
Nathaniel Black,
Edward Bassett,
David Blakesley,
Corp. Bristol,
Corp. Candee,
Oliver Chatfield,
Caleb Chatfield,
Reuben Canfield,
Martin Clark,
George Clark,
Chauncey Clark,
Amos Collins,
Jonathan Cartright,
Jairus Congdon,
Joseph Deremore,
George Dachester,
Samuel Durand,
Ebenezer Durand,
Isaac Durand,
Vespasian Eastman,
Corp. Foot,
Amos Fox,
Joseph Hulse,
Jonathan Lyman,
James Leach,
James Lines,
Nathan Mallory,
Major Morris,
Abraham Murray,
Asahel Newell,
Ensign Osborn,
Lieut. Pierson,
Noah Peck,
John Prindle,
Jabez Pritchard,
John Priestly,
Oliver Root,
Joseph Sanford,
Philo Sperry,


Jabin Sperry,
Job Sperry,
Alexander Sperrv,
Jonathan Sperry,
Corp. Smith,
William Smith,
Lieut. Steel,
John Swift,
Wm. Tomlinson,
Thomas Torrance,
Adam Vose,
David Whittemore,
Samuel Wood,
Hezekiah Wooding,
Eli Washband,
Aaron Webster,
Bowers Washburn,
James Yatman.

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