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Nathaniel Bishop ADAMS
[History of Defiance County (Ohio). Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co., 1883.]
Nathaniel B. ADAMS was born June 17, 1802 in Lisbon, Connecticut. He lived on a farm with his parents until he was of age, and then engaged himself as a clerk to a firm from Boston, who were doing a manufacturing business in Norwich, Connecticut; in connection with which they had a store, doing a general mercantile business. He continued as clerk in this firm for nearly two years, then bought the stock, and remained in business four years. He then sold his stock of goods and removed to Seneca County, Ohio in October, 1832, where he remained about three years. In January 1836, he came to Defiance, and again commenced mercantile business, in company with his brother-in-law, N. F. EMMONS, [married to Mary CARPENTER's sister, Nancy CARPENTER] and continued in the same tow years, when his health became so poor, he was induced , by the advice of his friends and family physician, to move on his farm, then in Henry County (now Defiance), which had purchased about a year before locating at Defiance, and which at this time was but partially cleared, thinking by assisting in clearing the land, burning logs, brush, etc., his health would be better; but in this undertaking he was sadly disappointed, as his health grew gradually worse, until he was obliged to give up his experiment and return again to Defiance, where he commenced to build a residence in North Defiance (it being the first brick built on that side of the river), which was partly completed when he died on consumption August 9, 1843. Mr. ADAMS was married to Miss Mary CARPENTER, of Norwich, Conn., September 13, 1831, who was born in the village June 3, 1806. There was born to them four children, who died in youth and infancy, except Ellen E., their first born, who grew up to womanhood and was married to George C. BACKUS, of St. Lawrence County, N. Y., in May, 1856 who had born to them seven children – Minnie, Kate, John A., George Dwight, Nellie (who died in infancy), Nathaniel B. and Nellie (who died aged five years). Mrs. BACKUS passed away February 15, 1871, and five weeks after her husband followed her to her "long resting place," leaving five children (the eldest nearly fourteen years) to the care of her grandmother, whom God, in His good providence, has seen fit to spare them until all have positions to support themselves. The two eldest, Minnie and Kate, are teachers; the two boys have good positions in the machine shops, while the youngest boy , of fourteen years, is going to school. Mrs. ADAMS married, for her second husband, Sereno LYMAN, March 18, 1846, having two children by this husband, who both died in early childhood. Mr. LYMAN died in 1858. Mrs. LYMAN is now living, and is remarkably active and well preserved, and at the age of seventy six, her memory, sight and hearing are good. When Mr. and Mrs. ADAMS came to Defiance, they were members of the Congregational Church, but there was no church of this denomination, neither was there any Presbyterian form of government at that time. Soon after (in 1837), the few members of the two churches united in forming an organization, and adopted the Presbyterian form of government, at which time, Nathaniel B. Adams and Curtis HOLGATE were chosen elders and Sereno LYMAN, Clerk. Mrs. ADAMS also, was one of the number at the time of the organization.

from Historical Sketches of Lisbon, Conn. From 1786-1900.
by Henry F. Bishop, NY: Henry F. Bishop (1903).

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Dr. Joseph LATHROP, D.D., was born in Lisbon, 1731; graduate Yale College 1754; died 1820. His descendant, Samuel, graduate Yale College 1792; died 1846; who for several years was a Member of Congress --from 1818 to 1826.

Rev. Nathan PERKINS, D.D. , fourth son of Captain Matthew and Mrs. Hannah Bishop PERKINS, was born in Lisbon (Newent), May 18, 1749; graduate C.N.Y. 1770; died January 18, 1838. Preached at West Hartford after he had been settled in Wrentham, Mass.

Gen. Simon PERKINS, born in Newent, Lisbon, in 1771; died November 19, 1844. He was a land surveyor when a young man about twenty-four. He married Nancy Anna BISHOP; removed to Warren, Ohio, in 1804. He is said to have done valuable service in the war of 1812-1815. His father, Simon PERKINS, was a lieutenant in the Continental Army. Born October 25, 1737; died September 7, 1778. He was the second son of Dr. Joseph PERKINS and Mrs. Mary Bushnell PERKINS, and a grandson of Deacon Joseph PERKINS and of his first wife, Martha Morgan PERKINS. This General Simon PERKINS, who removed to Warren, Ohio, became a thrifty and prominent citizen of that place. He was the father of the late Henry Bishop PERKINS, who died in Warren March 2, 1902, who was well known throughout the State and country as a multi-millionaire, and has left three children, now living in Ohio. One of his sons, Henry Bishop PERKINS, Jr., died October, 1900.

Hannah PERKINS, born in Newent, Lisbon, July 7, 1702; died 1745. She was the daughter of Jabez PERKINS, Esq., and Mrs. Hannah Lathrop PERKINS. She married October 16, 1718, Capt. Joshua HUNTINGTON, born December 13, 1698; died August 26, 1745. He was one of the earliest of the shippers from Norwich Landing, afterwards called Chelsea. The oldest child of Capt. Joshua and of Mrs. Hannah (Perkins) HUNTINGTON was Jabez, born August 7, 1719; died October 5, 1786. He had been a successful merchant in Norwich and was well known in the West India trade. During 1750-1763, two or three years excepted, he was a Representative in the Colonial Legislature, and was Speaker of the Lower House 1760-1763. He was one of the State's Council of Safety in the period of the Revolution; appointed in 1776 one of the two Major-Generals of the Connecticut Militia, and a year afterwards was a sole Major-General. One of his children was Jedadiah HUNTINGTON, born August 4, 1743; graduate H.C. 1763; died September 25, 1818. He was a Brigadier-General in the Continental Army, afterwards Brevet Major-General; Sheriff of New London County; Treasurer of State, Connecticut, and a member of the Convention by which Connecticut accepted the U.S. Constitution. Appointed in 1789 Collector of the Customs for New London district, and held that position under four National Administrations. He was one of the original Corporate Members of the A. B. C. F. M. One of his sons was Jabez HUNTINGTON, graduate Yale College 1784, a President of the Norwich Bank; another was Joshua Huntington, graduate of Yale College 1804, a pastor of the old South Church in Boston; another son was Ebenezer, born December 26, 1754; graduate Yale College 1775; died June 17, 1834; a Brigadier-General chosen in 1810, and in 1817 a Member of Congress; also a Major-General of Connecticut Militia. One of the daughters of Major-General Jabez was Mary, wife of the Rev. Joseph STRONG, D.D., of Norwich; and another was Elizabeth, wife of Col. John CHESTER , of Wethersfield, whose daughter Elizabeth was wife of Eleazer F. BACKUS, of Albany, N.Y., and was the mother of the Rev. John Chester BACKUS, of Baltimore, Md. and of Rev. Trumbull BACKUS, D.D., of Schenectady, N.Y.

Susanna PERKINS, born in Newent, Lisbon, January 29, 1752; died September 10, 1810; was a daughter of Capt. Mathew and Mrs. Hannah Bishop PERKINS; she married August 13, 1772, Rev. John STAPLES, of Taunton, Mass; born 1744; died February 15, 1804; first pastor of the second church in Canterbury till his death. Among their eleven children were Seth PERKINS, graduate Y.C. 1797; died 1861; a distinguished lawyer, resident in New Haven and in New York; appointed with Nathaniel TERRY and David DEMMING, 1815, to revise all the militia laws of Connecticut. Job PERKINS, graduate Y.C. 1808; died 1861; and Sophos, graduate Y.C. 1809; died 1826.

Rev. William POTTER was born in Lisbon, February 1, 1796, the second son of William and Mrs. Olive Fitch POTTER. William, the last named, was born in Ipswich, Mass., January 29, 1758; the second son of Anthony and Sarah (Fuller) POTTER, said Anthony having died in November, 1758; his widow married Josia WOOD. Her son, William, was brought by them to Scotland, Conn., in 1762, from which he moved to Newent, Lisbon, in 1777, where he died May 27, 1832. The wife of the above named William POTTER, Sr.,was a daughter of William and Mary (Paine) FITCH, the former a son of Hon. James FITCH of Canterbury, Conn.; the latter a daughter of Rev. Elisha PAINE, Jr. originally a lawyer in Canterbury, Conn, Pastor of a Separatist Church in Bridgehampton, L.I., and in his time closely connected with the origin of the denomination called Separatists, now extinct. William POTTER, Jr., attended the Academies at Litchfield, now Morris, and at Clinton, N.Y., and was approved by the Windham Association, January 20, 1820, and later in the same year was ordained at Killingly, Conn. He was a missionary ;to the Cherokee Indians for some twenty years at Creek Path, Ala. Since then he has been in minsterial service in Ohio. He married Laura WELD, of Braintree, Vt., a niece of Rev. Ludivicus WELD, Pastor in Hampton, Conn., from 1792 to 1824.

Dr. Jedediah BURNHAM, born in Newent, Lisbon, April 3, 1755; died in Kinsman, Ohio, March 11, 1840; was the oldest child of Capt. Benjamin BURNHAM, Jr., and of his first wife, Mrs. Jemima (Perkins) BURNHAM. Benjamin BURNHAM, Sr., along with three brothers and a nephew, were early emigrants to Lisbon from Ipswich (now Essex), Mass. He married, April 20, 1727, Mary, born January 20, 1707-8, daughter of Robert and Rebecca (Burley) KINSMAN, born in Ipswich, Mass., December 21, 1696; died Ocober 15, 1737. Dr. Burnham, after receiving medical tuition from Dr. Joseph PERKINS, Sr., practiced his profession in his native place until his removal to Ohio in the spring of 1817, and was also before his revmoval employed much in Parish and town affairs. He married, April 27, 1799, Lydia KENT, born September 19, 1752. Their oldest son, Jedediah, born July 19, 1806, was father of Jedediah Kent BURNHAM, graduate Y.C. 1854; an attorney at Fort Smith, Ark.

Rev. Aaron KINNE was born in Lisbon, son of Moses and Abigail (Read) KINNE, April 26, 1742, graduate Y.C. 1765; died 9th July, 1824. He was a pastor in Groton, Conn. He was a home missionary in New York and Berkshire County, mass. Married Mary (Wolworth) MORGAN and they had eleven children; two sons graduated at Yale College 1794 and 1804.

Dr. Elisha PERKINS, third son of Dr. Joseph PERKINS, born in Newent, Lisbon, January 161741; died in New York, September 6, 1799. After completing his study with his father he settled in Plainfield, Conn., and had an extensive practice as a physician. He invented, about 1796, a sort of mechanical remedy called Tractors, which was thought to effect remarkable cures by some.

Dr. Elisha's son, Rev. John Douglass PERKINS, graduate Y. C. 1791; died 1847; was a home missionary in 1795. His son, Rev. George PERKINS, graduate Y. C. 1803; died 1852; was a pastor in Jewett City, and his son, Benjamin Douglass PERKINS, graduate Y. C. 1794, died 1810, was an eminent bookseller in New York, and his daughter, Susan, married first Josiah Lyndon ARNOLD, Esq., graduate D. C. 1788; died 1796; and second, Hon. Charles MARSH, L.L.D., graduate D. C. 1786; died 1849. She was the mother (by first marriage) of the Hon. Lemuel Hastings ARNOLD, graduate D. C. 1811; died 1852, who was a Member of Congress and a Governor of Rhode Island. Susan was also the mother of Lyndon Arnold MARSH, graduate D. C. 1819, and of Hon. George Perkins MARSH, L.L.D., graduate D. C. 1820, who was Minister of the United States to Turkey, and to Italy. A grandson of Dr. Elisha PERKINS above was Dr. Elisha H. PERKINS of Baltimore, Md.

Dr. Joseph PERKINS was born in Newent, Lisbon, November 25, 1704; graduate Y. C. 1727; died July 7 1794. He was the eldest son of Deacon Joseph and Mrs. Martha (MORGAN) PERKINS. Deacons Joseph and Jabez PERKINS and their brother Mathew PERKINS. were among the earlier settlers of Lisbon. They were born at Ipswich Mass. They were the sons of Jacob and Mrs. Elizabeth PERKINS. Said Jacob, to whom his father's homestead was bequeathed, was one of the six children who, with their parents, John and Judith PERKINS, came from England in 1631. This John PERKINS was among the first twelve occupants of Ipswich, founded by Hon. John WINTHROP, Jr., founder afterwards of New London, Conn. Elizabeth, a daughter of Jacob, and Mrs. Elizabeth PERKINS, was by her husband, Thomas BOARDMAN, mother of Margaret (Boardman), wife of Capt. Richard MANNING of Ipswich, whose daughter, Anstice, became the wife of Samuel CHIPMAN of Salem, Mass.

Dr. PERKINS, after applying himself to the study of medicine and surgery, established in Newent and soon showed himself an able practitioner. In both departments of his profession he had alike knowledge and skill. He continued to practice until near the close of his life. Patients sometimes were resident at his house, making it substantially, if not formally, a private hospital. He was especially distinguished, as has been said, as a surgeon. The "heroic" practice, as by him exhibited, was not the daring of an experimenter who was rash, but the courage of one who knew exigencies and responsibilities, and as well knew what resources he had for meeting them. His abilities were appreciated in other than professional lines. He was elected selectman when a little over thirty; was made a deacon of the church at the age of thirty-eight years, and to the last justified the confidence he had gained. Dr. PERKINS married first, July 17 1728, Lydia PIERCE, of Plainfield; she died January 8, 1730, aged twenty-four years. He married again, July 28, 1730, Mary, the second daughter of Dr. Caleb BUSHNELL, of Norwich. She died February 8, 1795, aged eighty-seven. by the first marriage Dr. Perkins had a daughter, Lydia, who married Daniel KIRKLAND (probably Daniel, born October 1, 1725, son of Rev. Daniel KIRKLAND). By this latter wife there were several children. Dr. Joseph PERKINS, Jr., oldest son of Dr. Joseph Perkins, Sr. born August 11, 1733; died may 5, 1775. He was instructed by his father and practiced in his native town, Newent, Lisbon, until smallpox terminated his life. He married Joanna, oldest daughter of Benjamin KINSMAN and his wife, Mary (BURNHAM) KINSMAN, who was born May 30, 1733. She married the second time, on January 16, 1780, Pember CALKINS, of New London. Dr. Perkins's children were four sons, viz.: Major Joseph PERKINS, a Captain in the Continental Army, merchant in Norwich, whose son, Alfred Elijah PERKINS, M.D., graduate Y. C. 1830 died in in 1834, a generous benefactor of Yale College. His daughter, Mary Watkinson PERKINS, was the wife of the late John A. ROCKWELL, M. C. from 1847 to 1849, and the mother of Alfred Perkins ROCKWELL, graduate Y. C. 1855, late professor there. She was also the mother of Joseph Perkins ROCKWELL, P. B. at Y. C. 1868; also of John A. ROCKWELL, M.D., who more recently lived at Lisbon on the TRACY farm, which he owned for a while; also of Benjamin PERKINS, graduate Y. C. 1785, died in 1841. Elijah PERKINS, M.D., graduate Y. C. 1787; died 1806; a practitioner in Philadelphia; and Hon. Elias PERKINS, graduate Y. C. 1786; died 1845; M. C. from 1801 to 1803, and was Mayor of New London 1829-32. He was the father of Nathaniel Shaw PERKINS, M.D., graduate Y. C. 1812, who died 1870; he practiced medicine in New London, and was the father of Thomas Shaw PERKINS, who graduated Y. C. 1812, and died in 1844.

Dr. Eliphas PERKINS was born in Newent, Lisbon, 1753; graduate Y. C. 1776; died at Athens, Ohio, 1828. After receiving medical instruction with Dr. Jabez FITCH of Canterbury, he established himself in medical practice at Vergennes, Vt., whence he removed to Marietta, Ohio, in 1799. He was an able physician, a patron of learning, and a devout Christian, and was a treasurer of the Ohio University. His father was Capt. John PERKINS, born October 5, 1709; died April 16, 1761; a son of Deacon Joseph PERKINS. His mother, the second wife of his father, was Lydia (TRACY) PERKINS. The above Dr. Eliphas's wife was Lydia FITCH, second daughter of the above-mentioned Dr. FITCH, and who died in 1800 in Marietta, Ohio. Of their children, the eldest was Chauncey Fitch PERKINS, M.D., born 1782; died 1872; a practitioner in Athens, Ohio, and at Erie, Pa. the youngest was Rev. Henry PERKINS, D.D., born February 9, 1796; graduate O. U. 1816. In Allentown, N. J., from 1820 to January, 1880, a pastor there, and at his death still retaining the pastoral relation.

Dr. Caleb PERKINS, born at Newent, Lisbon, 1747, the youngest son of Dr. Joseph PERKINS, Sr., was a physician who practiced his profession in West Hartford, Conn. His wife was a sister of John TRUMBULL, L.L.D., who graduated Y. C. 1767, and a daughter of Rev. John TRUMBULL, who graduated Y. C. 1735, and was first pastor of the church in Westbury, Watertown.

Dr. Abijah PERKINS, born at Newent, Lisbon, August, 1755; died August 31, 1782. He was a surgeon in the revolutionary army and was captured by the British forces, and his death occurred from hardship endured while held as a prisoner. His parents were Capt. John PERKINS and Lydia (TRACY) Perkins.

Simeon PERKINS, Esq., emigrated to Liverpool, Nova Scotia, in 1762. Said to have been born in Norwich, February 24, 1735. He died May 9, 1812, having been a Judge of Probate, and held various other official positions in that Province. He undoubtedly was born in Newent, Norwich, or Lisbon, February 1735, as he was baptized there on record February, 1735, and was the son of Jacob Perkins, Esq., and his wife, Mrs. Jemima (Leonard) Perkins.

Enoch PERKINS, Esq., fifth son of Capt. Mathew and Mrs. Hannah (Bishop) PERKINS, born Newent, Lisbon, August 11, 1760; graduate Y.C. 1781, and was made a tutor there from 1784 to 1786; died in 1828. He was a legal practitioner in Hartford, Conn. He married Anna, born February 19, 1764, a daughter of Rev. Timothy PITKIN, who graduated Y.C. 1747, a son of Gov. William PITKIN. A son of Enoch PERKINS and his wife was Hon. Thomas Clap PERKINS, born July 29, 1798, and graduate Y.C. 1818; died October 11, 1870; an attorney in Hartford and a revisor of the statutes of Connecticut, and often a State Senator, and elected a Justice of the Supreme Court, an office which he declined. His children by his wife Mary, a sister of Rev. Lyman BEECHER, D.D., were Charles Enoch PERKINS, who graduated W.C. 1853, an attorney-at-law at Hartford, Conn., and Frederick Beecher PERKINS, who graduated Y.C. 1860. Another son of Enoch PERKINS and of Mrs. Anna (Pitkin) PERKINS, was Rev. George William PERKINS, who graduated Y.C. 1824; died November 15, 1856; was successively a pastor at Montreal, Canada; in Meriden, Conn., and a pastor and editor in Chicago, Ill.

Ephraim PERKINS, Esq., was the third son of Capt. Mathew and Mrs. Hannah Bishop Perkins, born July 8, 1745; died April 23, 1813, was a prominent and leading citizen of Becket, Mass., where he emigrated in 1770. He married, November 7, 1771, Mary CHAPLIN of Mansfield, now Chaplin, and was the father of Mathew Perkins, who graduated Y.C. 1799, and died 1808; he was an attorney at Lisbon, N.Y.; and still another son and brother to this last, was Hon. Bishop Perkins, who died in Ogdensburgh, N.Y., and was a Member of Congress, as well as a Member of the Constitutional Convention of New York.

Samuel PERKINS, seventh son of Capt. Mathew and Hannah Bishop Perkins, born September 14, 1766; graduate Y.C. 1785; died September 22, 1850. He was approved as a candidate for the ministry by the New Haven Association, 1789. He lived in Windham and was a deacon of a church there. He married Anna HUNTINGTON, and was the father of Samuel Huntington Perkins, graduate Y.C. 1817, a lawyer in Philadelphia, Pa.

Mary LEE, born in Hanover, Lisbon, April 16, 1771, a daughter of Rev. Andrew LEE, D.D.; married February 12, 1795, William PERKINS, of Ashford, who graduated Y. C. 1792; died 1820. One of the children of said William Perkins and his wife, Mary Lee, was George PERKINS, born December 24, 1803; graduate Y.C. 1828; a lawyer and resident in Norwich, who died October 13, 1874.

Dr. Jabez FITCH was born in Newent, Lisbon, May 23, 1728 or 1729; he was a second son of Col. Jabez Fitch and his wife, Lydia (Gale) Fitch. This Jabez Fitch, Jr., and Hannah PERKINS were married by Peter POWERS. His ancestros were of the first settlers. Major james Fitch appears as an original proprietor of large tracts of Lisbon territory. These Fitches were allied to the BRADFORD and ADAMS families of Massachusetts; some of them had been residents i Canterbury; one of Dr. Fitch's children was Rev. Ebenezer Fitch, D.D., born 1756; died 1833; graduate Y.C. 1777, and a tutor there eight years, and the first president of Williams College. Later he was a pastor in West Bloomfield. N.J.

Abigail PORTER of Newent, Lisbon, married, February 25, 1776, Jacob Galusha, whose son, Hon. Jonas Galusha, born 1753, was in 1813 Governor of Vermont, and died in Shaftsbury, Vt., 1834.

John KINSMAN, born in Newent, Lisbon, 1753; died in Kinsman, Ohio, August 17, 1813. He was the oldest son of Capt. Jeremiah and his wife, Sarah Thomas KINSMAN. John married Rebecca PERKINS, of Lisbon, October 4, 1792; removed June 14, 1804, to Ohio, and was chief among the founders of the township by him purchased, where his posterity perpetuates his name.

Rev. James, a son of James ABEL, whose parents were Alpheus and Elizabeth Abel, baptized at Hanover, Lisbon, April 20, 1803; graduate Y.C. 1819; was pastor at Andover Theological Seminary in 1822; afterwards in other places. He died at Oswego, N.Y., May 1868.

Rev. Beriah GREEN, born in Hanover, Lisbon, 1800; died May 4, 1874; graduate M.C. 1819. He was afterwards in several positions of trust and importance, and was made President of Oneida College Institute, Whitesboro, N.Y. He had a brother, Rev. John Smith Green, born in Lisbon, graduate Andover Theological Seminary 1827, who was ordained minister and went as missionary of the A.B.C.F.M., at Wailuku, or Maui, S.I. Since 1843 he was a missionary of the A.M. Association at Makawao, Sandwich Islands.He also had a son, Rev. J.P. Green, also a missionary at Oahu, S.I. Rev. J.S. Green died January 5, 1878, aged eighty-one years.

Luther MANNING, M.D. (1786-1835)

Rev. John Adams ALLEN (1816- )

Dr. Daniel GORDON (1765 - )

Hon. John LOVETT (1761-1818)

Rev. Ebenezer Werks ROBINSON (d. 1869)

Dr. Jonathan Knight, born in Newent, Lisbon, 1758; after studying medicine, was a surgeon 1777 and 1780 in the Continental Army, and afterwards settled in Norwalk, Conn. David Knight, one of the early occupants of Lisbon, who married in Norwich, March 17, 1692, Sarah, a daughter of Stephen and Mrs. Sarah (Spencer) Backus, was a grandparent of the above Dr. Jonathan. A son of Dr. Jonathan Knight was Jonathan Knight, Jr., M.D., graduate Y. C. 1808, an eminent physician and distinguished professor in Yale College, and was made Predident of the American Medical Society. He was born September 4, 1789; died August 25, 1864.

Rev. Caleb KNIGHT (1771-1854)

Temperence BISHOP (1733- ) (married Daniel HOLMES)

Rev. Stephen TRACY (1749-1822)

Eleazer JEWETT ( 1731-1817)

Elizabeth CLEMENT (married David BREED and Rev. Aaron CLEAVELAND)

Eunice [LEE], the oldest daughter of Rev. Andree [sic] LEE, D.D., and his wife, Eunice Hall Lee, was born in Hanover, Lisbon, October 26, 1769, and married, January 21, 1796, Rev. Asa WITTER, born in Preston, 1766. The earliest known persons by that name were at Lynn, Mass., in 1650: Ebenezer WITTER, of Preston, born 1668, married May 5, 1693, Dorothy MORGAN, a sister of Rev. Joseph MORGAN, who was pastor of two churches in Greenwich and whose sister, Mary, was wife of the eldest Deacon, Joseph PERKINS, of Lisbon.

Rev. Asa WITTER, graduate Y. C. 1793; died 1833; was pastor of a church in Wilbraham, Mass., from 1797 to 1814. He removed to Canandaigua, N. Y., 1815, and subsequently to Winchester, Tenn., where he died. His oldest child, John, graduate Y. C. 1812, was a tutor in 1815-17 and a practitioner of medicine in Texas, where in 1858 he died.

Rev. Timothy ALLEN (1715-1806)

Clarissa HUNTINGTON (1791- ) (married Martin BOTTOM and Dr. Rufus SMITH)

Dr. Walter BURNHAM (1762- )

Josiah READ deserves mention as being probably the earliest white settler in what was then called the crotch of the rivers Shetucket and Quinabaug, later known as Newent and now Lisbon. This was in 1687. He died July 3, 1717. The estate of said Josiah Read, in Lisbon, has from his death till this time been in the possession of his descendants.

Jerusha PERKINS (1711- )

Rev. Horace BUSHNELL (1802- )

Louisa Kirkland BUSHNELL (1791- ) (married Agrippa S. MARTIN of New Jersey)

William Fitch BUSHNELL (1794- )

Rev. Nathan Lynde LORD, M.D. (1821-1868)

Rev. Amos READ, youngest child of Joseph and Mrs. Thankful (Andrew) READ, was born in Newent, Lisbon, March 25, 1756, and died in Lisbon, November 2, 1838. He was, as minister of the Baptist denomination, employed by churches in the vicinity of his homestead. He married, first, July 9, 1778, at Scituate, R. I., Mary BENNETT, who died January 11, 1831: he married, second, in Lisbon, June 28, 1831, Amelia Wales Palmer, who died January 24, 1847. Of the eleven children of Amos READ were Lydia, born July 27, 1790, who married Rev. Oliver TUTTLE: [____] Caleb READ, a son, born Lisbon, November 24, 1780, who became a minister of the Baptist denomination and a resident in Brookfield N. Y., and in Germania, N. Y., 1805 to 1809, and in Lisbon in 1810 to 1816, and later in Colchester and in Griswold. He married in Montville, September 6, 1804, Mary LEFFINGWELL, and their son Caleb was a Baptist minister, as also their son Hiram, who was a missionary in New Mexico. Rev. Levi READ, third son of Rev. Amos READ, was born in Newent, Lisbon, March 16, 1783, and died there January 21, 1872; he married in Brookfield, N. Y., 1817, Elley Potter. Of his children are Charles B. Read, a Baptist minister, and a Daniel READ, L.L.D., who has been a president of Shurtleff College and has lived at Lawrence, Kan. Rev. James READ, was born in Lisbon, September 8, 1793, and has been a Baptist minister.

David, son of Deacon andrew Tracy, married, in Newent, Lisbon, March 20, 1806, Sally Gorton. Their son, Rev. William Tracy, D.D., born in Norwich, June 2, 1807, studied at Andover, Mass., and at Princeton, N.J.; has been since 1836 a missionary of the A.B.C.F.M., at Madura, East Indies, to 1872, and then at Timpavanum, and there he died in November 1877.

Albert L TRACY (m. 1825 Harriet BURCH)

Hon William BISHOP (1803- )

Rev. William HYDE (1805-1874)

Sarah BENEDICT (1774- ) married Rev. Eliphalet NOTT, D.D., LL.D.

Rev. Philo JUDSON (1784-1874)

Samuel Coit MORGAN (1789-1876)

Joshua BISHOP (1814- )