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Bits and Pieces - Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness

Over the past few years volunteers of the Genealogy Club of Newtown have answered Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness. This page features a few families that have been researched.  Each article is cited so researchers will know its origin. As with all genealogy research, information should always be checked for accuracy.

 Families featured in this section:
Bassett, C. Howard
Beers, Nathan
Blakeman (Blackman)
Davis, Aaron
Duncombe, George and Lucy Beers
Jabot, George and Ida Janet Adams         
Kelly, John
McMahon (Blake, McCarthy)
Morse, Parker
Randall, Mrs. Ada Davis
Winton, Clara Belle

Barnum Family

Transcribed from the Julia Brush file of Crofut – Barnum – Stone
Written by Maria Barnum Castle on May 16, 1892

"My Grandfather Weston (my mother’s father) was a captain in the Revolutionary War, from  Windsor, VT, served all through the war and escaped unwounded, though m en were shot down so near him their elbows touched, was honorably discharged and served the state as assemblyman for twelve years.

Grandfather Barnum moved from Danbury, Conn., in the commencement of the war to Ballston Spa (NY), had sorrowful times, was sick with ague was the reason he was not in the army. Being in favor of the war raised the ire of the Tories, they led the British on at night to Grandfather’s house, knowing that he was unable to defend himself and family, plundered the house and carried Grandfather away as prisoner.

When the house was being plundered, Grandmother was in bed with a babe.  She took what she could out of the draws of a bureau and tucked them behind her in the bed so saved what she could. Then they bound in a bundle what they had taken, tied it on Grandfather’s back with a looking glass tied to the bundle and told him if he broke the glass his life was forfeited.  The Lord watched over him in his weakness and the glass was not broken. He was taken through the wilderness to Canada. The ground was his bed at night.

Grandmother had brothers in the army, they were on a scout the night Grandfather was taken. They cared for Grandmother and her three children and as soon as they could they took them back to Connecticut to Great Grandfather Benedict’s.  

They never heard a word from each other, when the war was over and prisoners exchanged. Grandfather made his way to Ballston Spa and heard where the family was.  He went to Danbury. Grandmother happened to come out of the house as he entered the yard. She was so overcome at seeing him that she fainted.

He drew a pension the remainder of his life. At his death he was about 96 years old.

After his return they had a daughter who lived to be about 80 years old – a lovely old lady, beloved by all who knew her."

Below is information from the family bible now in the possession of Alice C. Noble who lives in the vicinity of Norwalk, Ohio.

Caleb Barnum died September 24, 1819, age 18 years, 9 mo and 6 days
Olive Barnum died December 7, 1819, age 14 years, 10 mo
Jerusha Barnum died March 1, 1825, age 26 years, 2 mo and 21 days
Isaac Weston Barnum died June 10, 1830, age 20 years, 10 mo and 3 days
Achsah Barnum died June 19, 1843, age 32 years, 1 mo and 10 days
Thomas S. Barnum died May 20, 1865, age 52 years, 4 mo and 12 days
Hiram Barnum died October 7, 1860 age 44 years, 4 mo and 14 days
Emily L. Barnum died May 26, 1874, age 55 years, 9 mo and 2 days
Mary Barnum died April 4, 1877, age 74 years, 2 mo and 5 days
Sally Barnum died January 9, 1881, age 73 years, 7 mo and 9 days
Louisa Barnum Wann died December 1, 1883, age 60 years
Maria Barnum Castle died February 21, 1895, age 74 yeas (The last of the children of Isaac Barnum.)

Bassett, C. Howard and Clara Belle Winton

Wedding annoucement in The Newtown Bee July 23, 1897

A very sensible, pretty wedding it was, at the home of the bride’s parents in Huntingtown district on Wednesday afternoon the 21st at 3 o’clock. Miss Clara Belle, daughter of Charles and Fannie Nichols Winton was united with Charles Howard, son of A.W. and Nellie Richards Bassett of Sandy Hook. The bride’s maid was Miss Hattie E. Taylor of Monroe and best man was Fred J. French of Oxford. Rev. O.O. Wright solemnized the marriage in the presence of a very pleasant company composed of the families and their friends. The happy pair received a number of beautiful and useful gifts and went directly to their own home in Zoar, formerly owned by grandparents of the bride, Oscar and Eliza Winton.

 Bassett, C. Howard

Information from The Newtown Bee obituary, Friday, October 3, 1919

 C. Howard Bassett of Sandy Hook died suddenly, Friday at 9:30 age 43. Son of Albert W. Bassett who survives him. Wife:  Clara Bell Winton Bassett.
Two sons – Charles Howard Bassett and Harold Winton Bassett
Mr. Bassett was for several years in the blacksmith and carriage repair business for himself.  Burial in Berkshire Cemetery. Pallbearers: Fred French, Edward French, John Carley and John Gilbert.

 Other information: Alfred W. Bassett died October 1934

Charles H. Bassett m: July 23, 1897 Clara Belle Winton

Cara Belle (Claribel) died 1958 age 82

Beers Family

Information shared by Beers family genealogist in October 2005

Great grandfather
William Beers b: 28 June 1843;
Married Delia Catherine Dennis;
Moved west died in Idaho

GG Grandfather
Simeon Nichols Beers b: 2 Sept 1801;
Married Ann Eliza Mc Ewan b 10 Mar 1811 in Monroe;
Both died in Chicago

Possibly Daughter Sarah d: 25 Sept 1841 age 7 mo.

GGG Grandfather

Samuel Beers b: 27 June 1779; d: 23 July 1820 age 41
Married Rissa Hard b: 22 Dec 1773; d: 8 Dec 1842 age 63
Buried in Berkshire Cemetery, Sandy Hook, CT

GGGG Grandfather

Simeon Beers b: 12 July 1752; d: 11 Dec 1813 age 62
Married Phedima Nichols b: 9 Feb 1754; d: 6 Jan 1822 age 66
Married 7 Feb 1776
Buried in the Village and Town Plot

GGGGG Grandfather

Samuel Beers b: 26 June 1712; d: Oct 12 (sunken stone)
Married Abigail Blackman b: 1 Oct 1716; d: 5 April 1792 age 76
Abigail’s stone reads: “Consort of Samuel”

6G Grandfather

Samuel Beers b: 8 Nov. 1679;
Married Sarah Sherman b: 16 Dec 1681in Stratford
Married in 1706

“Only son of John of Stratford” - Newtown’s History and Historian
7G Grandfather

John Beers b: 20 Jan 1652 Watertown MA; d: abt 1682-3
Married Mary Fowler b: abt 1655 Stratford, Fairfield County

John was son of Anthony Beers of Roxbury, MA. Arrived in Stratford 1677 – History of Stratford, Wilcoxson, page 225

 8 G Grandfather Anthony Beers born in England and lived in Fairfield county at time of his death date abt 1676, Spouses Elizabeth and Mary Adams

There is a short write-up and also a picture of a house built by Nathan Beers in the History of Stratford.

Beers, Nathan

Information from Stratford Land Records, vol. 3, current page 42, but numbered 21 in the old folio style. 

“Nathan Beers of Middletown, County of Monmouth in ye eastern Division in the New Jersies, in consideration of fourty pounds… paid to me by my Brother Joseph Beers of Stratford in the county of Fairfield & Colonie of Connecticut…” This proves the removal to New Jersey of Nathan Beers. 

Belden Family

Information from Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records. Volume and page number in brackets.
Mrs. Cornelia Belden d: 5 Jan 1828 age 28 [2:143]
David H. m: Cornelia Johnson 20 Oct 1824 by B. Glover [3:13]
David’s wife died 15 Jan 1835, age 25 [2:131]
David’s son died 4 Nov 1848, age 2 days [4:8]
David’s son died 29 Aug 1853 age 2 [4:15]
David’s wife died 17 Oct 1863 age 44 [4:32]
David Hull Belden m: Susan Johnson, 25 Dec 1828 by Rev. Daniel Burhans [3:35]
Frederick Belden died 31 Dec 1870 age 25 [4:44]
Mary E. Belden died 1 Nov 1863 age 19 years 10 mo [4:32]

 The first two wives are buried, apparently next to one another in Newtown’s Village Cemetery as recorded in the Hale Collection of Cemetery Inscriptions, p. 53.

Cornelia Belden, wife of D.H. and daughter of John and Clarissa d: 5 Jan 1838 age 23 years, 4 mo.

Susan Belden, wife of D.H. and daughter of John and Clarissa d: 15 Jan 1828, age 26 years, 7 mo.

There is just one entry in the records of the Congregational Church of Newtown:
Mrs. David H. Belden buried 24 Nov 1880, age 49 [7:141] 

Blakeman – Blackman

Information from Hale Collection of Cemetery Transcriptions

They are buried in the Huntingtown Cemetery (south Newtown)
Stephen W. Blakeman d: 13 March 1881 age 61 years 5 months
Sophia Botsford Blakeman b: 13 June 1822; d: 18 May 1860
Jane E. Johnson Blakeman d: 17 October 1871 age 32 11 mo, 16 days.

Clark Family

Transcribed from Newtown’s History and Historian by Ezra Levan Johnson

Children of James Clark (b: 1769) and Polly Sherman – Newtown, CT
Grandison     m: Hannah Hard of Newtown, CT
           m: Ann Barnum of Bethel, CT
Eliza               m: Levi Edwards of Trumbull, CT
Polly               m: Abijah Hard of Newtown, CT
John                m: Mary Curtis
                        m: Sally French of Monroe, CT
William          m: Nancy Adams of Newtown, CT
Zachariah      m: Sarah Ann Camp of Newtown CT
Anna Maria   m: Charles Warner
Huldar           m: James B. Beers of Brooklyn, NY

Other information from Johnson’s history: A James Clark was one of the signers of the Fundamental Articles of Agreement when North Haven settled in 1639. James Jr. earliest Clark settler in Fairfield County. Married Deborah Peacock in 1662.

 Zachariah Clark b; 1739 married Mary Bacon 4 Feb. 1761.

 Hale Headstone Collection

Clark, Polly wife of James d: 11 March 1848 age 76 yr
Clark, James d: 1 Nov 1857 age 88 yr.

 CT Vital Records Newtown

Clark, James and Sherman, Polly m: 24 Oct 1793.

Davis, Aaron

Last will of Aaron Davis dated 10 October 1881 
Vol. 15, page 508 Newtown Probate Court

 I, Aaron Davis of the town of Newtown, count of Fairfield and the State of Connecticut, make this my last will and testament.

1st  I direct that my just debts and funeral expenses be paid by my executors hereinafter named.

Second I give to my wife, Mercy Ann Davis, the use of all my estate both real and personal during the term of her natural life. The said use to be in lieu of dower.

 Third After the death of my said wife, I give, bequeath and devise to my daughter Sarah E. Glover, wife of Charles Glover of Newtown, the estate both real and personal of one said to be hers absolutely and forever.

Fourth I hereby constitute and appoint my wife Mercy A. Davis and Smith P. Glover of Newtown executors of this my last will and testament.  In witness whereof I have here under set my hand and seal this 10 th day of October 1881 at Newtown.

                                                                        Aaron Davis  

Signed, sealed, and declared to be his last will and testament by the above named Aaron Davis in the presence of us who in his presence and at his request and in the presence of each other have here unto subscribed our services as witnesses.

 S.F. Tillson
James A. Wilson
Wm. C. Wile
All of Newtown

Vol. 15, page 515 List of real property appraised. House and lot appraised at $1,450 with total appraisal at $1,592.85.

 Vol. 15, page 515 Additional Inventory – Newtown Savings Bank $93.69

 Vol. 15, p. 584-5 Claims against estate totaling $240.40

Duncombe, Mrs. George F. (Lucy Beers Duncombe)

Newtown Bee, obituary, April 7, 1939

On Tuesday of this week there passed away one of those gentle quiet souls where departure is scarcely noticed in the busy world and yet whose passing leaves a great word in many hearts.

Mrs. Lucy Beers Duncombe, after almost a year of invalidism quietly slipped into the great beyond on Tuesday evening. Born August 10, 1854 she spent her entire life in Newtown, first on Botsford Hill where she was married to George F. Duncombe. They came to the Village later to make their home, and there, Mrs. Duncombe died in 1921.

Mrs. Duncombe was a member of the congregational church for 65 years and saw many changes in church and town and county during her long life. She possessed a quiet and retiring disposition yet had many friends for she was friendly and never spoke an unkind word of anyone. She was truly a gentlewoman. Earth is poorer and Heaven is the richer because of her passing. 

Mrs. Duncombe leaves one daughter, Mrs. Julia D. Aiken and one grandson, Gilbert D. Aiken, besides several other more distant relatives.

The funeral will be held Saturday at 2:30 in the congregational church. The pastor, Rev. Paul A. Cullens will officiate and burial will be in the Village Cemetery.

Duncombe, George F.

Information from July 8, 1921 Newtown Bee obituary of George F. Duncombe,

George F. Duncombe b: April 1, 1857 in Redding Connecticut; d: July 4, 1921
Son of William E.D. and Sarah Fairchild Duncombe
Married Lucy, daughter of David H. and Lucy Fairchild Beers June 25, 1915
Sister: Mrs. George B. Beers
Brother: David S. Duncombe

Jabot, George H. and Ida Mae Adams

Information gathered by volunteer genealogist, C.H. Booth Library

George Jabot and Ida Adams were married 30 September 1922 in Monroe, CT.
In the 1930 Census they appear in Milford, CT with son, Richard S. age 3.
In the 1930 Census George is age 35 (married at age 30) born in New York, parents born in Switzerland. Ida W. (?)  is age 33 (married at age 28) born in CT, with parents born in New Jersey and Connecticut.  George is a truck driver for a contractor.
Ida Mae Adams b: August 26, 1896 

Kelly, John

Information from The Newtown Bee obituary, August 30, 1901.

John Kelly lived in the Hanover District of Newtown.  His daughters were Mrs. John B. Cox and Miss Mary Kelly. Pall Bearers: John and Michael Donohue, John Leavey, Thomas Griffen, and William McNamara. 


Information supplied by C. H. Booth Library volunteer genealogist.

Lawrence McMahon: No record in Newtown. Not in 1860 census. No record of service anywhere in Conn. in Civil War. Perhaps he served from a different state. Many such service records are posted on line, and he is not there. However the on-line records are far from complete. 

Michael McMahon: In Connecticut Men in the War of the Rebellion Michael McMahon of Newtown enlisted 9 Aug 1862 in Co. E, 17th Conn. Vol. Infantry and was discharged due to disability on 17 Jan 1863. During that time the regiment made a winter march from Chantilly, VA, to Fredericksburg on Dec 6-13. Perhaps he became disabled due to that strenuous duty. In the 1860 census of Newtown Michael McMahon, age 46, is shown with Mary 43, John 23, Sarah 19, and Daniel 11.

John and Bridget Blake:  Not found in 1860 census. In 1870 in Newtown, John Blake, 35, works in rubber factory, with Bridget 35, and Mary 3. In 1880 in Newtown, John Blake 45, rubber factory, with Bridget, 44, Margaret 12, Mary Jane 10, Catherine 7, John 4, and with Thomas Blake, 87, and Bridget Blake, 77. In the Hale Collection of Headstone Inscriptions for St. Rose Cemetery, Newtown, we find John Blake, b. 1835, d. 1890, and Bridget McMahon Blake, b. 1842, d. 1907.

Thomas and Margaret McCarthy: Only record found in Newtown is the 1880 census. Here we have Thomas 42, works in rubber factory, Margaret 40, Catherine 18, Patrick 14, Mary 12, Matthew 10, John 8, and Ellen 4. 

There certainly were many early Irish in Newtown from Co. Clare, including other McMahons, Blakes, and Lillises.

Family Bible pages for family of Parker Morse
(Possibly of Canterbury, CT)

American Bible Society
Holy Bible, 1853

 Bible donated to Friends of the C.H. Booth Library, Newtown CT

Inscriptions as they appear in the Bible:
Parker Morse and Abigail Cary married October 6, 1798
James C. Morse and Melissa Larned married September 11, 1824
Doctr Elijah Dyer married to Abigail Carolyn Morse [no date]
Mason Morse and Henrietta Safford October 16, 1837 married
James Cary son of Parker and Abigail his wife born September 20, 1799
Parker born April 9, 1802
Charles Thomas born March 24, 1805
Mason born January 7, 1808
Abigail Corbin born March 23, 1812
Abigail Cary, daughter of Mason and Henrietta Morse born March 4, 1840
Parker Morse born December 28, 1870
Abigail Morse, wife of Parker Morse born January 28, 1774
Doctr Parker Morse died July 18, 1773 age 35 yrs, 9 mo, 22 days
Lydia Morse, wife of Doctr Parker Morse died April 26, 1803 age 58 years
Charles Morse, M.D. died September 20, 1836 age 31 yrs 

Parker Morse father to Parker and Charles T. Morse died August 27, 1842 in the 72nd year of his age
Abigail, wife of Parker Morse died March 10, 1865 aged 91 years 


Information from Hale Collection of Cemetery Listings, St. Rose Cemetery

 Mary Murphy wife of Edward d: 3 Aug 1881 age 49
Mary Murphy dau of Edward and Mary d: 8 Jan 1879 age 23
John son Edward and Mary d: 3 September 1877 age 19 years
Elizabeth dau Edward and Mary d: 12 Aug 1882 age 23 


Information from Newtown record books at the C.H. Booth Library
Ebenezer Prindle was one of Newtown’s founding fathers and one of the first selectmen, and he held various other positions.
Jehoshaphat Prindle took his Oath of Fidelity in 1783.
Daniel Prindle took his Freeman's Oath in 1793
Ebenezer's will was witnessed by John Hobe.

There are a number of deeds from Ebenezer to a James Prime of Milford, CT.
One dated March 12, 1709 which shows that Ebenezer had not yet moved
to Newtown. But he was there before 1711.

Jehoshaphat Prindle children by first marriage:
Hannah b: April 10, 1736
John b: Oct 28, 1737
Lucy b: July 4, 1739
Aust b: April 15, 1742
William b: May 2, 1744

By second marriage:
Eldad b: June 26, 1746
Daniel b: March 30, 1748
Olive b: March 4, 1750
Anna b: Feb. 13, 1752
Mary b: Dec 20, 1753
Allen b: Jan 12, 1755
Peter b: Jan 17, 1757
Jabez b: Aug 23, 1759
Ame/Amy b: Oct 14, 1762

Information from Prindle family history

"A Daniel Prindle, died in Newtown April 19, 1820. Jamina Prindle, an
infanct dau of Daniel and Jamina Prindle of Stamford, CT was baptized
there by Rev. Ebn. Dibble, April 26, 1770. St. John's Church records
Stamford. A Jamima Prindle died in Redding, CT April 1848 aged 78 with
birthplace given as Newtown - Redding probate records - probably this

Randall, Mrs. Jeremiah Randall

From The Newtown Bee 16 November 1951

Funeral services for Mrs. Ada Davis Randall, wife of Jeremiah H. Randall of Sandy Hook, who died Tuesday in St. Vincent’s Hospital, Bridgeport, are being held this afternoon fro the Stepney funeral home of Wilmot, West and Goulding, Route 25. Burial is to follow in Stepney Cemetery.

Mrs. Randall, 57, had been ill for the past six months and had been hospitalized much of the time.

She was born in Easton and was the daughter of Wallace Davis, now of Monroe and the late Alice Canfield Davis. Her entire life had been spent in this area, moving to Sandy Hook from Long Hill about two years ago. She was a member of the Baptist Church in Stepney.

Mrs. Randall leaves five sons, seven daughters and 25 grandchildren. Her 12 surviving children are: Daniel F. and Charles B. Randall, both of Newtown, Fireman Apprentice Jeremiah H. Randall, Jr. USN, stationed at Bainbridge, MD, Wallace H. Randall of Monroe, George Randall of New Milford, Mrs. Louis Szekeres, Mrs. James Buda and Mrs. Edward Raynor, Jr. all of Fairfield, Mrs. G. John Brush of Milford, Mrs. Lee Stevens of Redding Ridge, and Mrs. Steven Dudics and Mrs. Irving Mahler, both of Stepney and two sisters, Mrs. Ruth Schwartz of Easton and Mrs. Lewis Myers of Bridgeport.  

Rhodes Family 

Wethersfield Soldiers in the Revolution

p. 525 Rhodes, William in Capt Chester Welles' Company; Col. Belden's Regiment; Wolcott's
Brig. Peekskill, NY Mar-June 1777 

Ancient Wethersfield, CT by Henry R. Stiles 1904
Information from Wethersfield Church Records

P. 541 Vol. II William Rhodes m: Rhoda Dix 19 Sept/Dec 1764*

William Rhodes d: 4 May 1806 age 61

William, Jr. b: 9 May 1765; d: 3 Mar 1828 age 53 m: Sara Coleman 6 Dec 1878  (7 children)
Josiah b: 25 June 1768 
Dix, Rhoda b: 13 Aug 1746 m: 19 Dec 1764*
Daughter of Moses and Hannah Dickinson Dix - 11 children 

* The entry on William Rhodes stated they were married in September; the entry in same volume for Rhoda Dix said she was married in December.

Tinto, Michael

The Newtown Bee, obituary December 28, 1928

Michael Tinto, a resident of Taunton District, died on Christmas morning, aged 73 years. Surviving him are his wife, three sons, Charles, Samuel and Nicholas Tinto and two daughters, Mrs. Columbo and Mrs. Vacario of New Rochelle, NY. The funeral took place on Thursday morning from St. Rose’s church. Rev. Father Kennedy officiating. The burial was in New Rochelle, NY.

Tinto, Mrs. Michael

The Newtown Bee, obituary January19,  1952 p. 2

Funeral services for Mrs. Michael Tinto, 85, of Whisconier Hill, Brookfield, widow of Michael Tinto, were held from the Honan Funeral Home, Main Street, Newtown at 9:15 Tuesday morning and at 10 o’clock at St. Joseph’s Church, Brookfield, with a high mass of requiem celebrated by the Rev. John Tomis, assistant pastor.

Mrs. Tinto died last Saturday, January 12 following a brief illness. She was born in Italy and came to America 67 years ago, living for several years in New Rochelle, NY, for seven years in the Taunton District of Newtown, and for the past 21 years in Brookfield.

Mrs. Tinto is survived by three sons and a daughter, a sister of Brooklyn, 28 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren; several great-great grandchildren. Burial took place in Holy Sepulcher Cemetery, New Rochelle.

Wheeler, Mrs. Lorraine

Transcribed from The Newtown Bee, 21 April 1944, p. 2, col. C

Mrs. Lorraine Wheeler of Sandy Hook celebrated her 88th birthday at the home of her daughter and granddaughter and sons, Mrs. Harry Lane and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Simon at Sandy Hook. She received many nice gifts and friends and relatives called. Among them were three nieces from Torrington, Mr. and Mrs. William Wheeler of New Milford, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pavone of Bridgeport, Mrs. Fred Cole, Walter and Dorothy; Mr. and Mrs. Thom Heil and daughter, Bertha. Mrs. Wheeler enjoyed very much seeing her relatives and friends.

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