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Transcribed by Harlan R. Jessup

25 Taunton Ridge, Newtown, CT  06470

 The genealogical collection of Newtown's Cyrenius H. Booth Library includes Bible records from a number of Newtown/Danbury area families, including:  BEARDSLEY, BEERS, BURR, FAIRCHILD, HAWLEY, PECK, OLIVER, TAYLOR, and WINTON.  The family record pages have been removed from these Bibles and are kept in vertical file folders.  We are publishing them as a series in Connecticut AncestrySpellings are maintained in these transcriptions, and word arrangement simulates that of the original record.

Birdsey BEARDSLEY Family

This Bible was published by Mathew Carey of Philadelphia in 1812.  The inscription inside the front cover reads, "Birdsey Beardsley & Sarah Beardsley, our Bible.  To Charles Beardsley.  To Birdsey Beardsley.  To Jerome Beardsley."

            Marriages (first column)                                         

            Horace Beardsley and Mary Cole were married Nov 19th 1828

            Frederic Beardsley and Mary Beardsley were married Dec 6th 1835

            James Beardsley and Mary M. Platt were married Mar. 23d 1836

            Daniel S. Evitts and Sarah A. Beardsley were married Apr 27, 1842

            Sidney H. Lyman and Abigail E. Beardsley were married Apr. 20th 1847

            Wesley Colkins and Laura Beardsley were married Oct. 29th 1849

            Charles Beardsley and Maryette Taylor were married Mar. 13th 1850

            James Beardsley and Prudence Barrows were married Sept 20th 1837

            (second column)

            Birdsey Beardsley and Sarah McEwen were married October the 12th 1805

            James McEwen & Abigail Judson married 17th day of January 1765

            James McEwen and Ruth Beardsley who is the widow Ruth Blakeman was

            married November 28th 1786

            Charles Beardsley and Maryette Taylor were married March the 13th 1850

            Horace Beardsley & Julia Chandler were married Oct 23th 1858

                   William Beardsley [the name only, in same hand as above entry]

            Birdsey D. Beardsley and Julia E. Bradley were married Jan 7th 1887

            Eathelbert F. Wakeley and Anna L. Beardsley were married March 26th 1888


            Births (first column)

            James McEwen was Born March 28th 1740

            Abigail Judson was Born March 24th 1744

            Ruth Beardsley was born December 15th 1743

            Lemuel Born November 18th 1770

            David was born April 20th 1776

            Sarah was born June 19th 1783

            (second column)

            Birdsey Beardsley was born October 12th 1785

            Sarah McEwen was born June 19th  1783


            Births of our Children

            Horrace born July 18th  1807

            Frederick born January 17th  1809

            James Birdsey born May 28th  1811

            Laura born February 9th  1813

            Abigal Esther born March 12th  1815

            Charles born December 12th  1817

            William born Sept. 7th  1819

            Sarah Ann born August 25th  1822

            (third column)

            Charles Beardsley was born Dec 12th  1817

            Maryette Taylor was born May 16th  1820


            Annie L. Beardsley was born Oct 5th  1851

            Birdsey D. Beardsley was born Feb 22th  1858

            [line erased]

            Ethelbert F. Wakeley was born May 16th  1851

            Jerome William Beardsley was born Aug 12th  1891


            Deaths (first column)

            Abigal Lyman died Dec 18, 1895

            Charles Beardsley died Nov 15, 1898

            Anna Beardsley Wakeley died Feb 28, 1901 in her 49th  year

            Maryette Beardsley died June 5, 1909, 89 years old

            Jerome W. Beardsley died Monday, June 26, 1911 killed by the cars.

            (second column)

            James McEwen died the 5th June 1809 in the 70th year of his age.

            Abigail McEwen died the 20th day of February 1786 in the 42d year of her age~~

            Ruth McEwen died the 15th day of February 1815 in the 72d year of her age~~~

            Sidney H. Lyman died February 16th 1877 aged 64

            Mary Beardsley died December 6th 1886 aged 68

            Prudence Beardsley died August 2nd 1887 aged 70 years ll months 17 days

            Sarah Ann Evitts died August 6th 1889 in the 67 year of her age

            Daniel S. Evitts died Feb 20th 1890 in the 71 year of his age

            William Beardsley died January 5th 1892

            (third column)

            Birdsey Beardsley died the 29th Oct 1852 in the 67th year of his age

            Sarah McEwen the wife of Birdsey Beardsley died April the 5th 1863 in the 80th year of her age

            Laura Beardsley died the 5th Aug 1850 in the 38 year of her age

            Sarah M. Platt the wife of James Beardsley died July 10th 1837 Aged 27

            Mary Cole wife of Horace Beardsley died Oct 28 1854 Aged 45..6month

                Frederick Beardsley died July 7th 1874 in the 65th year of his age

            Julia the wife of Horace Beardsley died March 24th 1873 in the 49 year of her age

            James B. Beardsley died Feb 14th 1884 aged 72 years and 9 months


            (Separate slip of paper)

            Elijah S. Taylor Died Feb 14th 1848 aged 60

            Anna Taylor died January 12th 1870 aged 81



Philo HAWLEY Family


This Bible was published by Collins and Co., New York, 1816.  In large script inside front cover is inscribed:  Abigail Hawley Book.  And the following order of the Probate Court was found as a loose sheet of paper in the Bible:


At a Court of Probate holden at Bridgeport within and for the District of Stratford on the 6th day of December 1833


Upon the application of the Executor on the Estate of Ephraim Hawley late of Monroe deceased order that said Executor sell at public auction or at private Sale at not less than Inventory price the residue of the personal Estate belonging to said Estate & make returns to this court

                                                                                                Mark Moore Judge



            Births (first column)

            Philo Hawley his birth December 1 AD 1781

            Abigail Hawley hur birth September 25 AD 1781


            (second column)

            James Burr was born August 11th 1742

            Jastina Burr was Born Oct 25th 1749

            Aburrin Burr was born Jan 22th 1772

            Henry Burr was born Feb 1th 1774

            Mary Burr was born Jan. 27th 1775

            Jerusha Burr was born April 15th 1776

            Abigail Burr was born September 25th 1781

            Anna Burr was born Jan. 10th 1784

            Huldah Burr was born Jan. 14th 1787

            James Burr was born De. 27th 1791


            (third column)

            James U. Hawley was born March 12 AD 1808

            Mary Ann Hawley Born August 14th AD 1814

            Cornelius Denison Hawley Born November 4 Day AD 1835

            Burr Hawley Born September 25th AD 1837

            Columbus D. Hawley Born June 5th AD 1843

            Martha A. Hawley Born August 7th 1843

            Elmor J. Hawley Born Febuary 20th 1866

            Milon B. Hawley Born Aug 4th 1871

            Clayton Burr Hawley Born Dec 24, 1898


            Marriages (first column)

            Philo Hawley was Married July 15 AD 1802

            [added in pencil] to Abigail Burr


            (second column)                                                                

            James Uriah Hawley was Married to Mary Ann Curtiss  November 24th AD 1833

            Burr Hawley Was Married to Martha A. Drew  October 17th 1864

            Elmore J(ames) [added in pencil] Hawley & Mary Effa Johnson was Married Jan 1st 1893

            Milon B(urr) [added in pencil] Hawley & Lillie May Gilbert was Married March 19, 1895


                   Deaths (first column)

            Cornelius D. Hawley died August 13 AD 1843                 Aged 7 years 9 month 9 days

            James U. Hawley Died November 14 AD 1853            Aged 45 years 8 months 2 days

                                                          ["55" in heavy pencil over more correct original 45 years]

            Abigail Hawley died September 17th AD 1859        Aged 77 years 11 months 22 Days

            Philo Hawley Died September 24 AD 1864                  Aged 82 years 9 months 3 days

            James Burr Died March 1th AD 1851                                                     Aged 59 years

            Columbus D. Hawley Died June 6, 1908                                                Aged 65 years

            Mary Ann Hawley Died July 24, 1900                                               [in pencil] Age 86


            (second column)

            Abijah Hawley Aged 35 Died October 12 AD 1824

            Ruth Hawley Aged 74 Died February 19th 1830

            Ephraim Hawley Aged 82 Died September 15 AD 1833

            Nancy Nichols Died July 8th, 1846                                                    Aged 55

            Cyrus Hawley Died January 6 AD 1850                                            Aged 66

            Burton J. Nichols died December 23 1855                                         Aged 66


            (third column)                                                                                        Ages

            Jerusha Nichols Died Jan 25th 1878                                                           43

            James Burr Died March 31th 1819                                                            77

            Aburrin Burr Died June 29th 1822                                                             50

            Jastina Burr Died Oct. 19th 1824                                                               74

            Christopher Beardslee Died April 22th 1819                                              [  ]

            Edmund Plumb Died Oct. 7th 1821                                                            35

            Henry Burr Died Dec 31th 1834                                                                61

            Mary Manning Died August [  ] AD 1836                                                  62

            Martha Burr Died January 18 AD 1844                                                     65

            Anna Beardsley Died June 1th 1845                                                           60

            Fred[er]ick Nickols died April [  ] [perhaps 1847]                                 75[?]

            Elias Manning died Februar  [smudge]                                               aged 82  

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