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Transcribed by Harlan R. Jessup

25 Taunton Ridge, Newtown, CT  06470

These records are from the genealogical collection of Newtown's Cyrenius H. Booth Library.  Spellings are maintained in these transcriptions, and word arrangement simulates that of the original record.

 Jesse and Daniel PECK Families

This sheet was found tucked in the pages of an old book donated for the annual book sale at the Booth Library.  It is not a Bible record, but it is an authentic family record penned by Daniel PECK of Danbury sometime before his death in New York City in 1829.  The orthography, the type of paper, and the traces of sealing wax are all consistent with an early 19th century date.


The birth dates differ no more than a day or two from those published in Ira B. Peck's Genealogical History of the Descendants of Joseph Peck, Boston, 1868.  No sources are cited in the published work, and only Daniel PECK's marriage and the birth of his first child are recorded in Danbury Vital Records.  But this document may be considered a primary source as Daniel here gives the birthdates of his parents, wife, and children from first-hand knowledge (though his age calcuations are not quite right).  He also gives the full names of two daughters who have only middle initials in Ira B. Peck's work.


Record of my father family


Jesse Peck was born 20 Sept 1734

and died 28 January 1777 aged 42 years  11 months & 23 day [sic]


Ruth Peck was Born february 26  1738 and

died 2 february 1809  Aged 70 years 11 & 1 day [sic]


Nathaniel Peck Born Desemb 12  1757 and died

february 1  1777  Aged 20 year 1 month 20 day


Eliphalet Peck Born March 19  1758


Jesse Peck was born Descemb  22  1759

and died May 5   1808


Bengamin Peck Born September 24  1761


Louis [Lois] Peck Born Oct 28  1763


Calvin Peck Born Sept 4  1765  [Sept 3 published]


Luther Peck Born June 12  1767


Daniel Peck Born August 21  1769


Mersey Peck Born oct 29  1771

died Nov 30  1776 Aged 5 years  1 month  1 day


Esther Peck born August 15  1773 [Aug 13 published] died Desember

25  1776  Aged 3 years  4 month  10 day



A Record of your father family


Daniel Peck Born August 21  1769


Phebe Whitlock born 5 Sept 1767


Maried 2 february 1791


My son Bengamin W. Peck Born Nov 20  1791


My Daughter Luara Esther was Born 26 Desember 1797


My Daught Phebe Ursula Born July 6  1804


My son Daniel S. Peck was Born 24 June 1806


My son Gorge H. was Born 30 Januy 1809



MC EWEN Family


Color photocopies of these Family Record pages were recently given to the Library by Mrs. Elma Jean (Beardsley) Wiacek of Shelton, CT, a descendant of Abigail (McEwen) Beardsley.  The Bible, which remains in her possession, was published in New York in 1813 by Evert Duyckinck, John Tiebout, G & R Waite, and Websters & Skinners of Albany. 




Lemuel McEwen and Ruth Ann Hurd ware married AD 1793 [overwritten, originally 1794?] August 30th


Abigail was mared AD 1819 Feb. 22


Hiram was mared AD 1821 January the 18 then / Hirams wife obtain a bill of divorse.


Lemuel McEwen and Hannah Riggs were Maried October the 29 AD 1823


Charles McEwen and Sarah M. Summers were married AD 1841 Dec. 1st




Hiram was Born AD 1794 September 14th


Abigail was born AD 1798 February 27


Marcus was Born AD 1801 August the 10


Orval was Born AD 1803 November the 20


Ann Eliza was Born AD 1811 March the 10


Joel was Born AD 1813 August the 9th


Lemuel was Born AD 1816 June the 10


Charles was Born AD 1819 March the 15


Sarah Abigail McEwen was born AD 1842 Nov 4th



(in Births column)


Sarah M. McEwen wife of Charles McEwen died December 1st 1891





January the 21 AD 1823 then Ruth Ann McEwen departed this Life aged 47


September the 14 AD 1828 then departed this Life Joel McEwen aged fifteen years


May 30 AD 1836 then departed this life Lemuel McEwen aged Sixty five years


Hiram McEwen died Nov. 25th 1849 aged 55 years 2 months 11 days


Sarah Abigail McEwen died Sept 1st 1846 aged 3 years 10 months


Orville McEwen died April 26, 1864  aged 61 years. 5 mo. 6 days


Marcus McEwen died May 5th 1871 aged 69 years 8 months & 24 days


Ann Eliza McEwen (Beers) died 1868 July 19th in Chicago aged 57 years 4 months & 9 days


James McEwen Father to Lemuel, and Grandfather to Charles had two sons and one daughter.  The eldest Son being Lemuel, then next being David McEwen who died in Oxford.  Also one daughter Sally who Married Birdseye Beardsley of New Preston.

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