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Transcribed by Harlan R. Jessup

25 Taunton Ridge, Newtown, CT  06470

The genealogical collection of Newtown's Cyrenius H. Booth Library includes Bible records from a number of Newtown/Danbury area families, including:  BEARDSLEY, BEERS, BURR, FAIRCHILD, HAWLEY, PECK, OLIVER, TAYLOR, and WINTON.  The family record pages have been removed from these Bibles and are kept in vertical file folders.  We are publishing them as a series in Connecticut Ancestry Spellings are maintained in these transcriptions, and word arrangement simulates that of the original record.

The records of these related families of Simeon BEERS, David C. PECK, Simeon B. PECK, and Jonathan S. FAIRCHILD are from four separate sources, all apparently donated to the library about 1979 by Mildred Moore Lefler of Westport. 

Simeon BEERS Family

  This brief record is on a small separate paper and is not a part of a Bible record itself.  It is in one hand, apparently recorded at the same time, perhaps soon after the last date entered (from the style and age of the paper).

            Simeon Beers married Phedime Nichols                  Febuary 7th  AD 1776

            Abel Beers was born                                              Sept 1st AD 1777

            Samuel Beers was born                                          June 27th  AD 1779

            Esther Beers was born                                            October 29th AD 1781

            Rebecca Beers was born                                        July 2nd  AD 1786

            Abner Beers was born                                            May 19th  AD 1793 [or 6?]

David C. PECK Family

 For this family we have only a photocopy of the original Bible record pages.  The location  of the original is unknown, and there is no indication of the publication date of the Bible from which the copies were made.


            David C. Peck and Rebecca Beers married                         8 Jany  1809          

            David C. Peck & Harri[e]t Booth married                           April the 10 1842

            Simeon B. Peck and Caroline Curtis marriaed                     March 16th  1831

            Simeon B. Peck and Elizabeth C. Peck were married          Ma[r]ch 2nd  1859


            Simeon Beers Peck Born                                                    Novem 14th  1810

            Abner Beers Peck born                                                      Feburary the 4th  1832

            Children of Simeon B. Peck

            Abner Beers Peck born                                                      Feb 4st  1832

            Joseph Henry Peck Born                                                    January 21st  1837

            David Curtis Peck Born                                                      August 21st  1841

            David Curtis Peck [2nd] Born                                             January 21st  1847

            Charles Gould Peck Born                                                   May 16st  1860

          Deaths [first five in one column in a single hand]

          David Curtis Peck died April 17th  1844 aged two years & seven months

          Joseph Henry Peck died in Montgomery, Ala                        June 11th 1860

          Caroline Curtis Peck died                                                     May 27th  1858

          Elizabeth Curtis Peck died                                                    [blank]

          Simeon Beers Peck died                                                       June 7th  1885


          Rebecca Peck Dyed  Dec 30th  ~AD 1829, Ag[e]d 43 & 6 months

          Daniel C. Peck Died  April 5th  1862, Aged 79 years

          Samuel Peck Died  may 12th  ~AD 1833, Aged – 87

          Sarah wife of Samuel Peck Died  Sept 18th  1819, Aged 72



Simeon B. PECK Family

 These original pages were taken from the family Bible inscribed “Simeon B. Peck” inside the front cover.  The Bible was published by C. Alexander & Co. of Philadelphia in 1834.


         Simeon B. Peck and Caroline Curtiss were married on the sixteenth day of                                     March, eighteen hundred and thirty-one.  By the Rev. Mr. Burhans                                            [Episcopal minister]      March 16th AD 1831

       Simeon B. Peck and Elizabeth Peck were married on the second day of                             March Eighteen Hundrred & Fifty-nine                                                                                  March 2nd  1859

       Abner R. Peck and Mary Smith were married on the fourth day of March                          eighteen hundred and fifty eight.  By Rev. R. T. McCardy

       David C. Peck and Ellen R. Booth were married on 18th of Oct 1871

       David C. Peck and Agnes Field Booth were married on the 30th  day of                             October Ninteen Hundred Eighteen (1918)


         Abner Beers Peck—Born on the fourth day of Febuary A.D. one thousand                                    eight hundred and thirty two                                                                             Feb 4th A.D. 1832

       Joseph Henry Peck—Born on the twenty first day of January in the year of                                     our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven

                                                                                                   Jan. 21st A.D. 1837

       David Curtiss Peck  Born on the 28th  day of August eighteen hundred and                                     forty one              Augt  28th  1841

       David Curtis Peck [2nd] Born on the 21st day of January in the year of our Lord                            one Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty seven                                                January 21, 1847

       Charles Gould Peck Born on the 10th  [smudged, may be 16th  as in above record]              day of May 1860

       Caroline Rebecca Peck was born on the Ninth Day of January A.D. One                           Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Nine                                                                           Jany 9th  AD 1859


       Children of David C. Peck

       Ada Booth Peck born on the 19th  of Sept 1872

       Cora Ellen Peck born on the 18th  of July 1875






       David Curtis Peck died April 17th  1844.  Aged two Years and Seven months.

       Joseph Henry Peck Died in Montgomery Alabama the Eleventh day of June                                   AD 1860

       Abner Beers Peck died on [blank]

       Caroline Curtis Peck died May 27th  A.D. Eighteen Hundred and fifty Eight,                                   Wife of Simeon B. Peck

       Mary Peck  Died 18th Feb AD Eighteen Hundred & Sixty, Wife of Abner Beers                            Peck

       Charles Gould Peck son of Simeon B. Peck and Elizabeth Curtis Peck died                                   Sept 18th  1918

       Ellen Booth Peck, wife of David C. Peck, died Sept 25th 1917 aged Seventy                                 years six months and eleven days.

       Ada Booth Peck died Dec 9, 1897

       Cora Ellen Peck died Oct 9, 1891

       David Curtis Peck died Nov 3, 1936



Jonathan S. FAIRCHILD Family


This original record removed from a Bible published by Daniel D. Smith, New York, 1820.




       Jonathan S. Fairchild          born                                    January 27th  1783

       Lucy Fairchild                      Do                                                 January 9th 1789~

       Their children’s births

       Joseph Bennet Fairchild       Do                                      May 7th  1806

       Anna Fairchild                     Do                                                 December 24th  1808

       Mary Fairchild                     Do                                                 May 13th  1811

       Mary Fairchild [2nd]            Do                                                 January 27th  1816

       Henry Fairchild                    Do                                                 July 20th  1818

       William Fairchild                  Do                                                 October 4th  1821

       Lucy Ann Fairchild              Do                                                 July 15th  1823

       Anna Emeline Fairchild        Do                                      April 2d  1826


       Children of Anna Frances Fairchild

       Moore and Andrew C. Moore


       Arthur Hill Moore              Born                                   Dec. 20, 1878

       Henry Fairchild Moore                                                 [blank]  1876

       Elsie May Moore                                                          [blank]


       [back page]

       Josiah Fairchild                  born                                    November 27th  1754

       Betty Fairchild                                                              [blank]

       Joseph B. Wheeler                                                       June 26th  1763~

       Anne Wheeler                                                              January 19th  1765~





       Jonathan S. Fairchild & Lucy Wheeler married on the 21st  day of November 1803

       Joseph B. Fairchild and Phebe Shepard married on the 25th  of January 1827~

       Charles Skidmore and Mary Fairchild married on the 16th  of October 1833

       Henry Fairchild and Caroline Booth married on the [blank] November 1844

       David H. Beers and Lucy Ann Fairchild married [blank] 1844

       Edwin G. Terrill and Anna Emeline Fairchild married Dec 31st 1845

       William Fairchild and Adeline Johnson married September 17th  1848

       Henry Fairchild’s children were:

       Anna Frances Fairchild married to Andrew C. Moore

       Jennie Elizabeth Fairchild married to Col. Julius Knowlton




       Mary Fairchild                    died                        July 3d  1811

       Anna Fairchild                    died                        January 10th  1825

       Jonathan S. Fairchild          died                        November 7th  1826, aged 44

       Lucy W. Fairchild               died                        May 27th  1860, aged 71

       Joseph Bennet Fairchild      died                        Jan 8th  1861, aged 54 – 8 months

       Emmeline Terrill                  died                        Feb. 1st  1888 , aged 51 – 10 months

       Mary Skidmore                  died                        Dec. 28th  1893, aged 78

       Henry Fairchild                   died                        July 26th  1897, aged 79 years

       William Fairchild                 died                        Oct 3d  1903, Aged 83 years

Anna Frances Fairchild Moore   died                 Sept. [blank] 1929, Aged 88[? corrected]

Jennie E. Fairchild Knowlton      died                 [blank] 1931, Aged 85 [corr. from 87]

Arthur H. Moore                       died                        July 16, 1936, aged 57     

Elsie May      "                              "                          May 20, 1925, aged 44


       [back page]                                                                      

       Joseph B. Wheeler             died                        October 27th  1837, Aged 74

       Anna Wheeler                    died                        December 18th  1842, aged 87

       Josiah Fairchild                   died                        Aug. 27th  1831

       Betty Fairchild                    died                        Dec. 10th  1816


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