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Transcribed by Harlan R. Jessup

25 Taunton Ridge, Newtown, CT  06470

The genealogical collection of Newtown's Cyrenius H. Booth Library includes Bible records from a number of Newtown/Danbury area families, including:  BEARDSLEY, BEERS, BURR, FAIRCHILD, HAWLEY, PECK, OLIVER, TAYLOR, and WINTON.  The family record pages have been removed from these Bibles and are kept in vertical file folders.  They are being published as a series in Connecticut Ancestry Spellings are maintained in these transcriptions, and word arrangement simulates that of the original record. 

Zar WINTON Family

This Bible was published in 1852 by Alden, Beardsley & Co. of Auburn [NY].  Included was an undated, typed page reading: 

"This Bible originally belonged to Zar Winton - a farmer who resided on what is now called Osborne Hill Rd., Gray 's Plain District, Newtown.  The lovely old Winton homestead burned to the ground in 1881, and Mr. Winton's son, George , built a house on Bennetts Bridge Rd., now owned by the Kearns family.

"George Winton was a citizen of considerable reknown - he served as district Tax Collector, on the Gray 's Plain School Board, as a member of the State Legislature in 1877, and as Second Selectman for many years.  He was appointed postmaster in Sandy Hook November 23, 1885.  Mr. Winton married the former Sarah Jordon in 1852 - they were my great-great-grandparents. 

NANCY M. JONES - a former resident of

Newtown, now residing

in Sherman, Conn."


            Marriages (first column)                                         

            Zar & Delia Winton Married March 19, 1815 [year probable, smudged]


            Jared B. & Cornelia Winton Married April 27, 1837

            Henry L. & Polly A. Winton Married November 22, 1842

            Francis O. & Eliza Winton Married April 25, 1848

            George & Sarah Winton Married May 2, 1853

            (second column)

            Czar E. & Mary E. Winton Married Oct 23d  1860


            their Children [continuing in marriage column]

            Lillian Gertrude Born June 31st  1862

            [interlined]  Mrs. Lillian Mallet Died Aug 1924

            [in adjacent margin]  Lillian Walker Died Apr 9 1921  Age 28


            Julia ^ Born September 16th  1863

            Franklin Miles Born September 21st  1865

            Died May 22nd  1914

            Buried in Woodbury


Births and deaths are generally juxtaposed in adjacent columns:


                           Births                      (first page)                       Deaths

Zar Winton born                                               Zar Winton Died May 21th  1876

December 21, 1790                      Age 85, 5 Months

Delia Winton born                                            Delia Winton Died Oct 1st 1868

December 10, 1796                              Age 72

                                Cornelia Winton died January 26,

                                                                        1907. Wife of J. B. Winton.

Jared B. Winton born                                       Jared B. Winton Died Nov 31th 1882

January 31, 1816                                              Age 66  11 Months

Henry L. Winton born                                       Henry L. Winton Died June 10th  

March 29, 1822                                               1884.  Age 62

Francis O. Winton born                                    Francis Oscar Winton Died May 15th

January 28, 1827                                              1882.  Age 55

George Winton born                                         Geo Winton Died Oct 26, 1917

April 8, 1832                                                    Age 85 - 6 months


                                                       (second page)

Jared B. Winton's Children                               Albert B. Winton Died [blank]

Albert B. Winton                                              Mariette Morehouse Winton Widow    

born August 11, 1838                                       Died May 29, 1913.  Age 62nd Year

Zar E. Winton born

July 27, 1840                                                  

Edmond E. Winton              E. Eugene Winton Died [blank]

born August 23, 1842

Sarah Delia Winton         Sarah Delia Winton Wife Wellington

born September 9, 1845                                   R. Tolles[?] Jan 30, 1907.  Age 61

Hobart H. Winton

born April 2, 1849                                            Died June 17, 1856

Frank J. Winton      

born December 26, 1854                                 Died June 10, 1856


                                                         (third page)

Henry L. Wintons Children                               Wife H.L. Winton died Apr. 13,

                                                                        1901.  Age [76 in pencil]

Mary Estelle Winton                                  

born May 19, 1852

                                                                        Wife of Oscar R. Winton,

Oscar F. Wintons Children                               Eliza Died June 3th 1897.  Aged 71

Isabel J[?] Winton born                                    Mrs. John H. Blackman Died Aug 16

August 1, 1852                                                 Year 1913.  Age 61

Charles W. Winton                      Charles W. Winton

born December 20, 1854                                 Died Feb 13, 1927.  Age 72

Eugene O. Winton Born                                    Oscar E. Winton Drowned

July 4th  1864                                                    Sep 1st  1895.  Age 31 [note

                                                                           name change]

Sarah Jordon born Dec                                     Sarah Jordon Winton

17, 1830.  Wife of  [blank]                               Died Aug 22, 1920.  Age 89

George Winton's Children

Adeline A. Winton born                                    Adeline A. Winton [died]

January 20, 1854                                              Feb. 28, 1942


                           Births                 (third page, cont'd)                Deaths

Willie D. Winton born                                       William D. Winton Died

October 14, 1857.  Grand[mother,                   Jan. 6, 1923.  Age 66.

   may refer to Georgie, below]                         Elsie Jane Bradley died

Georgie May born May                                    May 17, 1881.  Age 22.

7, 1879                                                            Wife of Willie D. Winton

Elsie May born May 9, 1881                            [ Elsie May] Died Sep 26th  1881.


            Margins of above page

            Married Erving S. Jones  nov 12, 1920  [refers to Gladys, below]        

            Gladys W. Osborne borne August 3, 1900

            Georgia May Winton married Charles Edward Osborne June 1899

            Daughter & GrandDa of Willie D. Winton.              [Charles] Borne May 10, 1876

            Gladys W. Osborne married Irving S. Jones nov 12, 1920

                Daughter Nancy May Jones Borne December 3, 1930

            Edward Osborne Died July 4, 1933, Age 57, Burried in Stepney.

            Georgia May Winton Osborne, his wife, Died April 30, 1966, age 86, Buried                Newtown


            On blank reverse of Biblical illustration

            Charles W. Winton married Frances Nichols July 4, 1875.

            Charles & Francis Wintons C[h]ildren

            Clarrabell Winton Borne May 4, 1876.

            Charles Marchel Winton Borne March 14, 1878.

            Clarrence E. Winton Died October 19, 1901 with Hart Trouble, Age 21

                                  Born Nov 29, 1880.

            Florrance M. Winton Borne March 26, 1893.


            Charles M. Winton married Lillian Hubble Oct 9, 1901.

                                  Feb 14 Died 1918, Age 38

            Daughter Dorretta Eliza Borne Aug 24, 1906.


            Claribel married Howard W. Bassett July 21, 1897.

                                  Bassett Died Sep 25, Age 43, 1919

            Claribel died [blank] 1958, Age 82


            Sister to Charles W. Winton  Isabell married Dec 1875

                 to John H. Blackman.  he Died Jan 7, 1920.  Age 72.

            Charles Wintons Wife Francis Died Oct 28, 1916.  Age 63.


            Irving S. Jones Died November 5, 1960 - buried Newtown Village Cem.

            Gladys Winton (Osborne) Jones died March 25, 1981, buried N.V. Cem.       

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