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"There are
some people
who read too much:
the bibliobibuli.
I know some
who are constantly
drunk on books,
as other men
are drunk on
whiskey or religion.
They wander through
this most diverting
and stimulating
of worlds in a haze,
seeing nothing
and hearing nothing."

- H. L. Mencken

Local & regional genealogy resources

This Genealogy Resources page for members features (1) the SMFSD annotated bibliography of Middletown history & genealogy; (2) the SMFSD transcription of The Settlers of Mattabeseck by Frank Farnsworth Starr; (3) expanded information about libraries & archives for Middletown research; (4) links to web sites of interest to Middletown genealogy researchers; and (5) an overview of DNA research related to Middletown first settler ancestors. (Just click on the blue headline.)

The SMFSD Annotated Bibliography
of Middletown History & Genealogy

The SMFSD Annotated Bibliography of Middletown History & Genealogy was compiled to help members add interpretive context to their genealogy research. The history section of the bibliography includes listings of authoritative local and regional histories, plus works organized by topics such as 17th century life, maritime history & the Connecticut River, farming in early New England, etc. The genealogy section of the bibliography includes standard New England and Connecticut references, plus numerous compiled genealogies that have been published on Middletown families. Brief commentary is appended to selected entries. The bibliography was compiled for members by Middler newsletter editor R.W. Bacon. (Click on the blue headline.)

The Settlers of Mattabeseck by Frank Farnsworth Starr

The Settlers of Mattabeseck is a collection of profiles of the early settlers of Middletown that was published in the Middletown Penny Press on October 11, 1900, as well as in a special supplement to the Middletown Tribune. Middletown's own preeminent professional genealogist, Frank Farnsworth Starr (1852-1939), prepared the profiles for Middletown's 250th Anniversary celebration in 1900. For more information about F.F. Starr, see the feature article in the spring 2007 article in The Middler newsletter. (Click on the blue headline.)

Helpful hints for researching in Middletown & Hartford

This information augments that available on the Research Links page by providing helpful hints on using the outstanding libraries and archives available to researchers in the Middletown and Hartford area. Each of the research destinations enumerated on the Research Links page has their own particular strengths. Therefore this members-only page describes resources unique to each library, and offers information that will help the researcher make the most efficient use of time. (Click on the blue headline.)

Local & regional genealogy Internet research links

Distinct from the links on the Local History pages, this listing of Internet links is specifically devoted to genealogy research. Included are sites of regional interest such as the USGenWeb project for Middlesex County, Conn., Connecticut Colonial Records, Mystic Seaport Museum, and more. Also included are links to several complete books available online about early Middletown families. (Click on the blue headline.)

DNA analysis and Middletown first settler research

DNA analysis --- the study of our individual genetic "fingerprints" --- will ultimately enable genealogists to use hard science to corroborate --- or invalidate --- our records-based research. As such, DNA analysis represents the exciting future of genealogy. SMFSD member Peter B. Irvine coordinates the Middletown Settlers DNA Project --- the destination of the above link (click on the blue headline). The geographically-oriented project aims to aggregate the data of early Middletown settler descendants.

Researchers of early Middletown families may benefit by participating in DNA study projects already established for many first settler surnames. For a list of known DNA surname projects for the pre-1700 Middletown first settler surnames, click here.

The subject of DNA analysis for genealogical research has been covered in great detail elsewhere by general interest magazines, genealogy publications, and Internet sites. The following sources are presented for further information:

International Society of Genetic Genealogy
This site offers a good introduction, and includes a bibliography and many links to other informative sites.

The Genetic Genealogist
This blog by Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D. is by a biochemist with an interest in genealogy. Especially informative: “10 DNA Testing Myths Busted.”

DNA 101; Blair Genealogy DNA Project site
This page offers a comprehensive overview of DNA analysis for genealogy.

“Introduction to DNA Testing as a Tool in Genealogy”