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"Legend - a lie
that has attained
the dignity of age."

- H. L. Mencken

Middletown street scenes from early c. 1900 postcards. (SMFSD Middler Collection)

In-depth profiles of the 23 first settler families

By clicking on the links below you will open PDF files that compile known facts about the 23 first settler families, along with sources to consult and verify. (If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader already on your system, scroll to the bottom of this page for a link to download the software.)

And now . . . hit the links:

Thomas Allen (1650) / Mistress (unknown surname) Allen

Nathaniel Bacon (1650) / Ann (Miller) Bacon

William Blumfield (1650) / Sarah (unknown surname) Blomfield

William Cornwell (1650) / Mary (unknown surname) Cornwell

John Hall (1650)

John Hall, Jr. (1650) / Ann (Wilcox) Hall

Richard Hall (1650) / Mary (Anthony) Hall

Samuel Hall (1650) / Elizabeth (Cooke) Hall

Giles Hamlin (1650) / Hester/Esther (Crow) Hamlin

Daniel Harris (1653) / Mary (Weld) Harris

William Harris (1650) / Edith (unknown surname) Harris

George Hubbard (1650) / Elizabeth (Watts) Hubbard

John Kirby (1653) / Elizabeth (Hinds) Kirby

John Martin (1650) / Mistress (unknown surname) Martin

Thomas Miller (1650) / Isabella (unknown surname) Miller

John Savage (1650) / Elizabeth (Dubbin) Savage

William Smith (1650) / Elizabeth (Stanley) Smith

Samuel Stocking (1650) / Bethia (Hopkins) Stocking

Samuel Stow (1651) / Hope (Fletcher) Stow

Matthias Treat (165?) / Mary (Smith) Treat

Robert Webster (1650) / Susanna (Treat) Webster

Thomas Wetmore (1650) / Sarah (Hall) Wetmore

Nathaniel White (1650) / Elizabeth (unknown surname) White

The in-depth profiles of the first 23 families --- along with time lines, land grant maps, and chapters on the broad context of 17th-century life in Middletown --- are also included in Early Families of Middletown, Connecticut - Volume I: 1650-1654 by R.W. Bacon, published by Variety Arts Press.

The Settlers of Mattabeseck,
by Frank Farnsworth Starr (1900) (Transcription).

We cannot provide too many links to the F.F. Starr transcription on this web site. The Settlers of Mattabeseck is a collection of profiles of the early settlers of Middletown that was published in the Middletown Penny Press on October 11, 1900, as well as in a special supplement to the Middletown Tribune. Starr prepared the profiles for Middletown's 250th Anniversary celebration in 1900.

1655-1700 settler profiles: A continuing project

Profiles for the remaining pre-1700 first settlers of Middletown will be prepared as time and assistance allows. If you have comprehensive research and sources for one of the Middletown first settlers on the list below, and are willing to prepare a profile in the format of those presented above, contact SMFSD. We will heap thanks upon you.

Josiah Adkins (1673)
Obadiah Allyn (1670)
Samuel Bidwell (1672)
John Blake (1677)
John Boarn (1677)
Alexander Bow (1660)
William Briggs (1677)
Nathaniel Browne (1655)
Thomas Burk (1670)
William Cheney (1655)
John Clark (1676)
Jasper Clements (1670)
Henry Cole (1650?)
Nathaniel Collins (1664)
Samuel Collins (1665)
Thomas Cooper (1696)
Samuel Cotton (1697)
Samuel Doolittle (1693)
George Durant (1663)
Samuel Eggleston (1663)
John Elton (1671)
Thomas Ferman (1679)
Edward Foster (1670)

Jonathan Gilbert (1672)
John Gill (1676)
Richard Goodale (1671)
George Graves (165?)
Benjamin Hands (1682)
Edward Higby (1667)
Thomas Hill (1678)
Thomas Hopewell (1662)
John Hulbert (1669)
Isaac Johnson (1670)
Francis Jones (1672)
John Jordan (1678)
Isaac Lane (1664)
Thomas Lewis (1687)
William Lucas (1667)
Daniel Markham (1677)
Anthony Martin (1661)
John Payne (1676)
George Phillips (1680)
Daniel Pryor (1696)
Thomas Ranney (1660)
William Roberts (1680)
Joseph Rockwell (1675)

Alexander Rollo (1697)
Noahdiah Russell (1688)
David Sage (1662)
Arthur Scovill (1671)
Edward Shepard (1687)
Joseph Smith (1675)
William Southmayd (1674)
James Stanclift (1686)
Comfort Starr (1673)
John Stow (1667)
Nathaniel Stow (1676)
Thomas Stow (1669)
William Sumner (1687)
James Tappin (1662)
Edward Turner (1665)
John Ward (1664)
William Ward (1659)
Andrew Warner (1667)
Robert Warner (1655)
Benjamin West (1698)
Francis Whitmore (1674)
John Wilcox (1654)
James Wright (1690)

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