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Timeline of the Civil War in the United States

I am developing a timeline, which when completed will give an overall picture of the War Between the States and how it all played out. I hope you will find it interesting and by all means, if you would like ot register to do an article about a particular event listed below, please feel free to write to me and I will be more than happy for the help. My email is

January 1861 -- Succession Begins

South Carolina Succeeded on Dec 20, 1860

Mississippi Succeeded on Jan 9, 1861

Florida on Jan 10, 1861

Alabama on Jan 11, 1861

Georgia on Jan 19, 1861

Louisana on Jan 26, 1861

Texas on Feb 1, 1861

February 4, 1861
Confederate constitutional convention meets for 1st time, Montgomery, Alabama, Ga, Fla, La, Miss and South Carolina elect Jefferson Davis President of Confederacy

Georgian Howell Cobb is elected President of the Convention

February 1861 -- The South Seizes Federal Forts.

March 4. 1861 -- Lincoln's Inauguration

March 4, 1861
Confederate Convention in Montgomery adopts the "Stars and Bars" as the nation's flag

April 12-14, 1861
Bombardment of Fort Sumter, S.C.

April 15-Evacuation of Fort Sumter, S.C.

Virginia 6 weeks later on April 17, 1861

19-Riots in Baltimore, MD

Arkansas on May 6, 1861

Tennessee on May 7, 1861

10-Camp Jackson, MD
Riots in St. Louis, MO

North Carolina Succeeded May 20, 1861

June 1-Fairfax Court House, VA

3-Philippi, W.VA

10-Big Bethel, VA

11-Romney, W.VA

17-Vienna, VA
Boonville, MO

18-Camp Cole, MO

June 1861 -- West Virginia Is Born.
Residents of the western counties of Virginia did not wish to secede along with the rest of the state. This section of Virginia was admitted into the Union as the state of West Virginia on June 20, 1863.

26-Patterson Creek, VA -or-
Kelly's Island, VA

27-Matthia's Point, VA -NAVAL-

July 1-Falling Waters, MD -or-
Martinsburg, MD

July 1861 -- First Battle of Bull Run.