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Google books has become one of my favorite places, I spent countless hours doing research there. I just wish I could afford the ink to print them all out. My library would explode.

The War of the Rebellion

Black Confederates

On Black Confederates

To Their Honor

Civil War Family History

Interesting Facts

Civil War, March Across Georgia

Civil War Genealogy

National Cemetery, Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Ky

CSA Virtual Purple Heart

Confederate Civil War Generals

1890 Veterans and Widows Special Census

African-Americans In The Civil War

Andersonville Prisoner Lookup

Marietta Confederate Cemetery

Marietta Confederate Cemetery- listing of KY soldiers

Documenting the American South

Sights and sounds of the Civil War

The Papers of Jefferson Davis Home Page

Money During the War

The Freeman Diary

Civil War Medicine

Medicine in the Civil War

This Week in the Civil War

The Avalon Project Confederate States of America Documents

Confederate History

13th Amendment to the Constitution

War of Northern Aggression

The US Civil War

Mailing Lists

ACWGREY Mailing List 
For those who are trying to find genealogical information from the Southern States during the period of and around the American Civil War

CIVIL-WAR Mailing List 

For those who are researching women that served or assisted in the American Civil War.

CSA-History Mailing List 
Confederate States of America Early History and Culture, genealogy, Migration Trails, War of Secession, Monuments, Cemeteries, Prisons, C.S.A. Regiments, Reconstruction, and other pertinent topics.

CW-POW Mailing List 
For the discussion and sharing of information regarding the Civil War prisoner of war camps and prisoners of war, both Union and Confederate.