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There is also a story that goes back to BIBILICAL times about the BOOKOUT and SCRIBNER families. There were supposed to have been three scribes to KING DAVID, but when war came to their territory, they wanted to leave. As you know, people did not have surnames then. Two of the scribes took the surname of BOOKOUT (out of books) and the other took the name SCRIBNER from Scribe. I would like to be able to prove this. Carolyn Bookout


We, my husband, Roy and I went to the BOOKOUT reunion in NC. We met some very nice people. They were very informative. I just don't have enough data to positivly connect, even tho researchers believe that we connect with Henry Bookout in Fulton Co., Ar. I am sure that we do but maybe not just where they think. We have always been told that this branch of BOOKOUTs came from Ireland during the potato (no e (grin)) famine and landed in Va. Moved to Ms. around the town of Fulton, then on to the Mississippi river to cross to lands west. When they got to the Miss. River, it was flooded and they took 3 years to build a boat to cross. They traveled up the Arkansas to the black River to the White River to Stawberry River and homesteaded an area near the river in Fulton Co. and Izard Co.,Ar. There were 3 brothers (aren't there always) that came together. Willie Watters Bookout, Henry Bookout, and Frank--so the story goes. Willie Watters Bookout was supposed to be the father of Jacob Bookout "Jake" as he was called. But the only one that I can find in the census records just does the age he would have to have been to have a child born in 1857, "Jakes" birth year. If the Henry Bookout of Fulton Co.,Ar. is the father of Jake, Henry would be my husband's g-g-grandfather. Carolyn Bookout 10/96

. I am still looking for the father of John Riley Bookout who died before 1920 in Birmingham. He was born in Georgia, but was in the 1900 Chattanooga, TN, census with wife Callie. I thought for a while that his father was Charles H. Bookout of Alabama, but realized my error and disconnected them! John Riley Bookout was born about 1866, Georgia. I have looked at all the 1870 Georgia Bookouts and he isn't listed. I infer from that that the family must be in Tennessee, and I don't have access to those censuses. Perhaps someone in the discussion group can check the 1880 Tennessee census for me. Or you may already have the Bookouts in Tennessee census records already. Thanks a lot, and again, your Web page is great! Sincerely, Billie Capell 11/96

Senator Jerry P. Bookout

BOOKOUT, JERRY P. (D) State Senator, Arkansas District 29, Pt. Craighead Age: 61 Born Rector, Clay County, Arkansas, November 2, 1933 Occupation: Businessman Mailing Address: 1717 James, Jonesboro, AR 72401 Business Phone No.: 935-4952 Married to the Former: Loretta Langford; one son, one daughter Member of: Baptist Church Served: House in 1967, 1969 and 1971; Senate in 1973, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1979, 1981, 1983, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1991 and 1993 Term Expires: 1996

Sen. Bookout will not be seeking re-election to the Arkansas Senate, so perhaps he'll have time to devote to tracking down Bookouts! You might want to send him a card wishing him well in his future endeavors. (J. Marc Wheat '96)

Vulnus Sclopeticus

By Mark Bookout

The reference to William G. Bookout's having died as a result of Vulnus Sclopeticus Lung piqued my interest. Vulnus was pretty easy: it is Latin for wound. Not even the surgeons I know who served in Viet Nam knew what Sclopeticus referred to, though. To find the answer I had to delve into the bowels of the Archives section of the Library of Baroness Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga. My first discovery was that, according to Leverett's Lexicon of the Latin Language, 2nd Edition (J.B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia, 1876) the word "sclopus" (or scloppus) refers to "the sound made by striking on the cheek with a finger when the cheek is fully inflated". This discovery sent me on a wild tangent of possibilities until I located Medical Lexicon by Robley Dunglison, M.D.,LL.D. (Blanchard and Lea, Philadelphia, 1854). According to Dr. Dunglison, Vulnus Sclopetarium refers to a wound inflicted by a gun shot.


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Bookouts in Military Service

Submitted by Cindy Dickinson

"Index to Volunteer Soldiers in Indian Wars and Disturbances 1815-1858" Vol I, A-K transcribed by Virgil D. White 1994 BOOKOUT, JESSE Pvt, srv in Bishop's Co of th Highland Bttn of GA Mil in the Cherokee Disturbance & Removel.

Now, I thought this must be Jesse son of Marmaduke. But he died about 1836 in Hardin Co., TN. And I don't think he was ever in GA. So apparently this is Jesse who married Patsy Rollins. He lived in Murray Co., GA at the time the Cherokees were removed. And he is, again, as follows:

"Index to Indian Wars Pension Files 1892-1926" Vol I:A-K transcribed by Virgil D. White 1987 BOOKOUT, JESSE widow Patsey, WC-35 GA 3 Sep 1892

It also lists: BOOKOUT, JOHN W., widow Elizabeth E., WA-6858 TN 10 Sep 1896, Cherokee War. (I suppose this to be John who m. Elizabeth Rollins. I am not aware that he went to TN however. He was in Murray Co., GA and later on to Alabama.Another option is John W. s/o of Jesse above. He died 1896, but I am not showing he married.

"Officers and Enlisted Men of The United States Navy Who Lost Their Lives During the World War, From April 6, 1917 to November 11, 1918" by Washingaton Government Printing Office 1920 BOOKOUT, FLOYD, gunner's mate, third class, United States Navy. Enlisted:Dallas, Tex, May 7, 1917 Died:Naval hospital, Chelsea, Mass., Sept 22, 1918. Cause:Influenza. Next of kin:Sister, Hetty Harrington, Foreman, Ark.

"Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants" Awarded by State Governments by Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. BUCKHOUT, JOHN. N.Y. Private. 13 Sep 1790. 600 acres BUCKHOUTT, WILLIAM. N.Y. _____ 13 Sep 1790 500 acres to heirs.

"Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files" Vol I:A-E, Abstracted by Virgil D. White. The National Historical Publishing Company, Waynesboro, TN 1990. BOOKHOUT, JAMES, MARGARET, W18628, BLW #5202-160-55, NY line, soldier applied 27 Nov 1835 Onondaga Cty, NY, aged 74 on 22 Jan last a res of Pompey NY, lived at poughkeepsie in Cutchess Cty, NY at enlistment, soldier was b 22 Jan 1761 at Fishkill NY, after the war soldier lived at Rensselaerville in Albany Cty NY then to Middleburgh in Schoharle Bty NY & in Pompey in Onondaga Cty NY, widow applied 29 May 1843 Onondaga Cty NY aged 72 in Jun next, married 9 May 1790 at Bethlehem in Albany Cty NY & soldier died 25 Feb 1841 at Pompey NY.

"Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots" Vol 1 A-D by Patricia Law Hatcher. BOOKHOUT, JAMES Clark Cem., Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY 81

"Index to Old Wars Pension Files 1815-1926" Vol I:"A-K transcribed by Virgil D. White. 1987. BUCKOUT, BENJAMIN, Pvt, Old War Invalids Application R(Rejected)12896 IL 31 Dec 1853, see Mex War S-#830 & South Caroline-7.988, Mexican War Widow #6982, served Mexican War.

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