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As far as anybody knows, this man is the patriarch of all Bookouts so far encountered. Following are the notes in our Bookout database for this man. Everyone is urged to send in comments, notes, additions or corrections to the following. Needless to say if you you discover his wife, parents or place of birth everybody would be astounded. This is your family and your list. Please contribute. Henry Bookout 

John T. Phillips published Historian's Guide to Loudoun County, Virginia: Volume I, Colonial Laws of Virginia and County Court Orders, 1757-1766 in November, 1996 (Leesurg & Middleburg, VA: Goose Creek Productions, P. O. Box #776, Leesburg, VA 20178-0776). Henry Wade Bookout III wrote to Mr. Phillips asking whether Thomas Awbrey's (1764) (see 2. above) lease to George Lutwig of land "whereon Joseph Bookout now lives" did not imply that Joseph Bookout was Awbrey's indentured servant or apprentice. Henry Bookout received the following reply January 32, 1997:

Jan. 28, '97

Goose Creek Productions P.O. Box #776 Leesburg, Va. 20178-0776

Mr. Henry Bookout: Thank you, sir, for your kind letter and questions. Time constraints do not permit a full reply, but I did want to give some personal response-- First, Jos. Bookout is clearly not a servant in 1760; also in 1765; the reference in the 1764 lease clearly implies JB is either: 1- a tenant at will; 2- tenant on an un-recorded lease; or 3- that the JB lease was recorded in Fairfax [Co., VA] (prior to Loudoun's formation [in 1757]). The Noland and Awbrey families owned lands all over that area of the [Potomac] river. Believe I would be able to find exact location of this 100-acre tract w. some research, as other clients' work points further up river than you suspect. You are firmly in the area {B} [See "Historian's Guide," p. 416 & passim]. Also, am curious about your 1737 Brooke's site, far DOWN River; and the curious coincidence that Nolands are heavy speculators in ROWAN CO. NC in the 1770s & 1780s--adjacent [two counties west of] RANDOLPH? Hope this is some assistance. Sincerely, John Phillips

JOSEPH BOOKOUT 1, born c. 1700, died 1806, Randolph Co., NC

CALENDAR OF MARYLAND STATE PAPERS--THE BLACK BOOKS (Volume I, page) 227 158 IX, 22 Prince George's County. Petition of several inhabitants above the Monocacy to the Governor. The subscribers have greatly suffered by the loss or want of a proper person for the office of justice; they recommend Capt. Griffith, William Toneyhill, and Jackob Duckett as proper candidates for that office. D.S. 1 P. 30.6cm x 18.8cm. Mutilated. Signers: Samuel Duvall, Henery Emroney (?), John Harper, Ephraim Gold, James Rigges, Henry Truman Hill, Luke Ray, Mikell Hallett, John Sonnis, Thomas Wilson, Hadworth Wilson, Absallom Wilson, Joseph Wilson, Nichols Roads, Joseph Worren, John Whealler, Orlando Griffith, Robart Parl (M.), Joseph Hill, James Parl (M.), Benjamen Kelley (M.), JOSEPH BOOKOUT, John Cramphin, William Davis, John Harding, Gareth Davis, Joseph Harris, Aquila Compton (M.) James Comton, Arthur Nelson, Jr., Joseph Gold, John Nelso(n), Alexander De- 0 0, G(eo)rge Wea - - -, ____-, _____, ______, ______, John Tur(ner), Danel Pa - - -, John Adon - - s, John John- - -, (M.), John Comton (M.) James Wood (M.). 

It is possible, or even probable, that this pioneer of what is now Frederick County, Maryland, Joseph Bookout, is the same person as North Carolina Joseph Bookout, but this has not been demonstrated.

It would appear that he is most probably, or certainly, the same as the Joseph Bookout we find in a somewhat later time frame just across the Potomac in Loudoun County Virginia (Index to the Tithables of Loudoun County, Virginia and to Slaveholders and slaves 1758--1786 by Margaret Lail Hopkins; cf. "Joseph Bookout 60, 65" where the page references are to the pages in the original lists. In the "Acknowledgement" of Index to the Tithables of Loudoun Bounty, Va. the author expresses her thanks to the Loudoun County Clerk of Court's Office for permission to photocopy the original lists and work from them at home. 

John Marc Wheat reported the citations 1. through 6. below of Joseph Bookout from records of Loudoun County, Virginia with the help of Jane Sullivan, Library Coordinator, Thomas Balch Library, 208 West Market Street, Leesburg, VA 22078. (703-779-1328). Citation 6. is quoted from a transcript made by Henry Wade Bookout (III) in December 1995 from a copy of the original manuscript. The men associated with Joseph Bookout may have been assigned discrete territories in Loudoun which collected tithables or taxes: 1. Joseph Bookout is listed in a list of Tithable taken by George West for Loudoun County1760. 2. Joseph Bookout is a witness to an indenture Thomas Awbrey and Thomas Lewis, dated 16th/17th June 1763. He signed with an "x". 3. Pp. 298-300 of Loudoun Co. [Virginia] Deed Book, D: "THIS INDENTURE made the twelfth day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand [298] Seven hundred and Sixty four BETWEEN Thomas Awbrey of Loudoun County of the one part, and George Lutwig of the same County of the other part WITNESSETH that the said Thomas Awbrey for and in consideration of the Yearly Rent and Covenants hereinafter reserved and contained on the part of the said George Lutwig his Exrs. and Admrs. to be paid and performed HATH demised, Granted and to farm Letten and by these Presents DOTH demise Grant and to farm Let unto the said George Lutwig all that Messuage Plantation and Tract of Land situate in the said County of Loudoun whereon Joseph Bookout now lives BEGINNING on the Potowmack River at the fence made by Bookout which divides his place from the said Awbrey's Dwelling Plantation thence with the said fence to the other end of the same thence by a Strait Course to Nolands Line thence with said [299] LINE thence up the river to the Beginning containing one hundred Acres be the same more or less Together with all Houses Buildings Orchards Meadows Woods Waters Easements Profits and Advantages whatsoever to the said Messuage belonging in any- wise Appertaining TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said Messuage Plantation and Tract of land and all and singular the Premises hereby demised with the Appurtenances unto the said George Lutwig his Executors and Admrs. from the first day of January next ensuing for and during the term of six years thence next ensuing and fully to be Complete and ended YIELDING AND PAYING therefore yearly and every year during the said Term hereby Granted unto the said Thomas Awbrey his hiers and Assigns the Yearly Rent of Seven pounds Virginia Currency in and upon the first day of January . . . . [signed] Thos. Awbrey." 4. Mr. Noland's list of Tithables of 1765. 5. Colo. James Hamilton's Tithables 1767. 6. Joseph Bookout [again, signed "x"] is a witness to another indenture between Thomas Awbrey and William and Bridge Cummins dated 12 Nov 1768. 7. Ms. Karen Titus, Genealogist, Leesburg, Virginia sent to Henry Wade Bookout (III) and to Mary K. Bookout (Mrs. Lawrence Ellis Bookout) in Jan 1996 the following record: Loudoun County [VA] Court Order Book D, p. 240[?], May the 9. 1769: "Bookout & [?] Awbrey "Joseph Bookout Plaintif ) In Debt ) "Thomas Awbrey Defendant ) "Samuel Mobley came into Court and undertook for the Defendant that in case he should be Cast in this Suit he should satisfy and pay the condemnation of the Court or render[?] his body to Prison in Execution for the same or that the said Samuel Mobley would do it for him-."

1773 - Joseph Bookout's name on petition, Randolph Co., NC

1785 - Joseph Bookout 1 white poll 150 acres: List taken by William Richards, Esq. Capt. Garner's District (also listed: Charles Bookout)--Randolph Co., NC Gene. Soc. Vol II, No. 2 1978 Winter--"1785 Randolph County Tax List" 4 

!CENSUS-QUESTION-RESEARCHER: Shirley Bookout Evans examined the microfilm of the original 1790 Randolph Co., NC census at the National Archives. Mrs. Evans came to the conclusion that the scribe had, in fact, written "Bookout," not "Bootrout." (In September of 1995 Mark Bookout followed Shirley Evan's example of looking at actual census records and reached the same conclusion as Shirley.) Henry Wade Bookout (III) had written to Shirley Evans concerning this question and Mrs. Evans sent to him copies of the original microfilm and invited him to express an opinion. After carefully examining all the names on the page in which the letter "r" followed a high consonant such as "t" or "l" (see "Alred" more than once), Mr. Bookout concluded that in every case without exception when the letter "r" follows a high consonant the scribe left a small but unmistakable space between the high consonant and the following "r' so that it could not be mistaken for a "k." Mr. Bookout thought that the scribe was absolutely consistent about this. The scribe made very long strokes when crossing his "t"'s and the stroke through the final "t" of "Bootrout" also crossed the preceding high consonant (first "t" of "Bootrout"). If the first "t" is taken as a "k" and only crossed as an ornament (as seen elsewhere), the other consideration, namely, that the scribe leaves a space before "r"'s and a preceeding high consonant, rules the first consideration, Mr. Bookout thought, out. The scribe meant to write "Bootrout." When reporting his conclusion to Shirley Evans, (and also, Mr. Bookout thought, when he sent this line of reasoning to Mark Bookout), Mr. Bookout was over-confident that "Joseph Bootrout" was "Joseph Bookout" whatever the scribe meant to write, an enthusiasm that he later regreted, especially when Mary K. Bookout told him that she has seen the name Bootrout on other censuses. Any researcher should examine this question on the microfilm himself. 

1806. It is listed in Vol. #, Years 1804-1812, Pg 56 (Clerk of Superior Court).August Term 1806. 1st day of August 1806. Amount of the sales of the property of ________ Stated Deed: Signed Benjamin Stood Claton Mod

State of North Carolina, Randolph Co. I Joseph Bookout being sick in body but of good and perfect memory do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows. First my body to be buried devoutly at the directions of my Executors hereafter named and all my just Debts paid. I do Order give and dispose of the rest of my estate in manner and form following. That is to say impartially I leave and bequeath to my son John Bookout the hundred and fifth acres of land which I now live upon which includes my improvements and buildings and is on a separate deed from the rest of my land. I leave unto my daughter Nelly Smith the hundred acres I once sold Thomas J. Brown and I took it back again. The rest of my land I will to be sold by my Executors and the money arising from the sale to be equally divided among my four sons, Marmaduke, Charles Bookout, Joseph Bookout and John Bookout. I will my daughter Sarah Bookout ten pounds. And I hereby make and appoint Samuel Brown and John Bookout my sole Executors of this my last will and testament hereby making and making void all former wills and testaments by me. Write and declaring this only to be my last will and tgestament in witness hereto I set my hand and seal this 21st of July 1806. his JOSEPH X BOOKOUT mark A _____ Copy Jacob Hinshaw Jese Hicks Trust Randolph County August 1806 the above will was duly ____ by Judge ______ by Jese Hicks_____to be recorded. 

FROM NORTH CAROLINA NEWSPAPER May 15, 1955 (Picture of marker with following caption underneath:) "First Butial In This Cemetery - JOSEPH BOOKOUT, Age 105 years, 11 months, 7 days. Pioneer: Early 17th Century. A new Stone Marks The Old Grave. 136 Year Old Monument Is Replaced." Written by W. Townsend Smith - Special to Journal & Sentinel. "Asheboro, May 14, 1955 - A monument, worn by 136 years of time and weather, has been replaced in the large cemetery adjoining the Holly Springs Friends Meetinghouse, located in South Past Randolph County, 6 miles Southwest of Ramseur. The original stone was fashioned by hand from native stone. No date can be read on the old stone to give time of birth or death but Friends Meetinghouse was organized in 1818 so it is assumed Bookout was buried about that time. First settlers in that part of the country are Germans and was about 1740 when they came. Old timers say the Bookout family moved to Mississippi soon after Joseph's death and soon lost touch with people in Randolph County." "Legends of Loudoun: An account of the history and homes of a border county of Virginia's Northern Neck" by Harrison Williams. Richmond, Virginia: Garrett and Massie, Inc. (1938) Has account of Thomas Aubrey, Joseph 1's neighbor on the Potomac River, Loudoun Co., VA (1760-68). 

!COMMENT-CHILDREN-QUESTION-RESEARCHER: Cynthia Morrow Dickinson (Mrs. Joel Dickinson of Springdale Arkansas) wrote in 1995 that Joseph 1's birthdate is based on the information from his headstone. Even if you question the authenticity of his age at time of death, this date is where you start. Peter Joseph b. before 1755 is based on the 1800 NC Randolph Co. census. Marmaduke is based on the 1830 Anderson Co., TN census b. 1750-1760. Most genealogy programs do not "estimate" years, so 1755 is a middle mark. Charles birth year is based on 1790 Randolph Co., NC census. Lucinda, d/o William, J1 is based on Clarkson family information b. 1770 place unknown, m. 1790 NC. William, s/o Joseph 1 is based on Mary K. Bookout of Pittsburg, KS, who made an educated guess of his birth year based on his military record. 

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