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Descendants of Sir Robert de Lytton
The Lyttons of Knebworth

* Sir Robert de Lytton
     Of Lytton, co. Derby. Comtroller of the Household to Henry IV; Governor
     Bolsover Castle; Grand Agister of the Forests of the Peak. Fought with
     King Henry VII at Battle of Bosworth, made Privy Councillor
  m. Agnes Hotoft
     [d/o John Hotoft, Sheriff of London]
  *  Sir Robert de Lytton d. 1504
        Under-Treasurer of the Exchequer to Henry VII; Keeper of the Great
        Wardrobe; member of the Privy Council; Knight of the Bath. One of
        King Henry VII favoutites. 1492 bought Knebworth House, still in
        the family. Governor of the Castle of Boulogne
     m. Elizabeth Andrews
        [d/o John Andrews, of Weston; widow of Thomas Windsor, of Hanwell]
     *  Fides Lytton
        m. Richard Deveneish, of Hellengleigh
     *  William De Lytton
           Of Knebworth. Governor of the castle of Bullogne, France; Sheriff
           of cos. Hertford and Essex
        m. Audrey Booth
        *  Rowland Lytton d. 1582
              Of Knebworth. Govornor of Bolougne
           m. Margaret Tate
              [d/o John Tate of Calais, s/o Sir John Tate]
           m. Anne Carleton
              [d/o George Carleton of Brightwell, co. Oxford]
           *  Sir Rowland Lytton b. 1561 d. 1615
                 Of Knebworth. Knighted 1603 by King James I. Commander of
                 Hertfordshire county militia 1588 at Tilbury (assembled to
                 meet the Spanish threat on land; later Captian of Queen
                 Elizabeth I Band of Pensioners. 1588 the Queen spent a night
                 at Knebworth
              m. Anne St. John
                 [d/o 1st Lord Bletsoe]
                 Anne m.1st Robert Corbet, he died
              *  Sir William Lytton b. 1589 d. 1660
                    A member of the Long Parliament. Entered Parliament in
                    1624, one of the commissioners sent to treat with King
                    Charles I at Oxford in 1644. Later opposed the policy of
                    Cromwell and was one of the 40 members of Parliament who
                    were imprisoned in "Hell-Hole", a cellar under the House
                    of Commons, by Colonel Pride. Of Knebworth
                 m. Anne Slaney
                    [d/o Stephen Slaney of Norton, Shropshire]
                 m. Ruth Barrington d. 1645
                    [d/o Sir Francis Barrington of Barrington Hall]
                 *  Sir Rowland Lytton b. 1615 d. 1674
                       Of Knebworth. One of representatives of co. Hertford
                       in the healing Parliament of Charles II
                    m. Judith Edwards
                       [d/o Sir Humphrey Edwards]
                    *  Sir William Lytton d. Jan 14 1705
                          Of Knebworth. High Sheriff and M.P. from Hertford.
                          No children, succeeded by gr-nephew Lytton Strode
                       m. Mary Harrison
                          [d/o Sir John Harrison]
                       2nd wife of Sir William Lytton:
                       m. Phillippa Kelyng
                          [d/o Sir John Kelyng]
                    *  Anne Lytton d. 1705
                       m. Sir Francis Russell, of Strensham, co. Worcester
                       *  Anne Russell d. 1734-35
                          m. Richard Lygon, of Madresfield, co. Worcester
                          m. Sir Henry Every, Baronett, of Eggington
                          m. Sir John Guise, Baronett
                       *  Mary Russell
                          m. Thomas Jones, of Shrewsbury 
                       *  Elizabeth Russell
                          m. William Dansey, of Brinsop
                          m. - Lloyd
                    *  others
                    *  Judith Lytton b. 1639 d. 1662 of consumption
                       m. Maurice Abbot, of Fulmere, co. Cambridge
                       2nd husband of Judith Lytton:
                       m. Sir Nicholas Strode
                       Descendants of Judith Lytton and Nicholas Strode
                    2nd wife of Sir Rowland Lytton b. 1516:
                    m. Rebecca Chapman
                       [d/o Thomas Chapman of Wormley]
                       Rebecca m.1st Sir Richard Lucy, Baronett, he died]
                    *  Rebecca Lytton, Viscountess Falkland
                       m. Anthony _, Viscount Falkland
                 *  Margaret Lytton d. 1689
                    m. Thomas Hillerdson
                 *  Dorothy Lytton d. 1703
                    m. Thomas Hewitt
                 *  Mary Lytton
                    m. Edward Gostwich
                 *  Jane Lytton
              *  Anne Lytton d. 1612
                 m. Sir William Webbe, Knight
              *  Judith Lytton
                 m. Sir George Smyth
                    Of Annables, co. Hertford
                 m. Sir Thomas Barrington
                    Of Barrington Hall, Essex
              *  Elizabeth Lytton
                 m. Thomas Windham
                    Of Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk
              *  Jane Lytton
                 m. Sir Charles Crofts
                 m. Thomas Bosville
           *  Frances Lytton
              m. Sir Anthony Cope, 1st Baronett
        *  Sir Robert Lytton d. 1551
              Knight of Knebworth and Shrubland Hall; Sheriff cos. Hertford
              and Essex; made a Knight of the Bath at the Coronation of
              Edward VI
           m. Frances Cavalery
              [d/o Anthony Cavalery]
           *  two daughters
           *  Anne Lytton
              m. Sir John Borlase d. Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England
              *  Anne Borlase
                 b. Feb 26 1551 Little Marlow, Buckinghamshire
                 d. Jun 11 1627 Pytchley, England
                 m. Sir Euseby Isham, High Sheriff
                    b. Feb 26 1551 d. Jun 11 1626 Ptyettley, England
                 Descendants of Anne Borlase and Euseby Isham
           2nd wife of Sir Robert Lytton:
           m. Elizabeth Munden
              [d/o Thomas Munden]
              Elizabeth was the widow of Robert Burgoyne
           *  no children

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