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WDC GenWeb - Descendants of Humphrey Pope

* Humphrey Pope
  m. Elizabeth Hawkins
  *  Lawrence Pope d. May 10 1723 Westmoreland Co VA
        Will dated Mar 23 1723. Owned at least 376 acres in Westmoreland Co
     m. Jemima Waddy
        [d/o Thomas Waddy of Northumberland Co VA]
        Jemima m.1st John Spence, he died
     *  Humphrey Pope
        m. Sarah _
     *  Thomas Pope
     *  John Pope d. Mar 29 1785 Westmoreland Co VA
        Will dated Nov 29 1784, lists sons Elliott, William, Ransdell,
        John and Thomas
     *  Ann Pope
     *  Mary Pope
     *  Penelope Pope
     *  Catherine Pope
        m. Edward Sanford I b. bef 1730 d. Jul 25 1786 Westmoreland Co VA
           [s/o Richard Sanford and Susannah]
           Jun 3 1750 purchased for 30 pounds 75 acres in Cople Parish from
           Augustine Washington and his wife Ann, and William Booth and his
           wife Elizabeth. The land is described as being adjacent to Thomas
           and Richard Sanford (his uncles), Edward Ransdell, William Minor,
           and Richard Lee, Esq
        *  Susannah Sanford
           m. _ Sutton
           *  Elizabeth Spence Sutton ?
        *  Patrick Sanford
           Possibly the Patrick Sanford listed as 2nd Lt. in Westmoreland Co
           VA Militia in Captain Thomas Chiltons Company. Promoted to Capt
        *  Capt. Edward Sanford II b. abt 1755 d. aft 1824 Richmond Co VA
              Jul 1815 sold all of his land in Westmoreland Co. Jan 26 1820
              entered a declaration with Westmoreland court for the purpose
              of applying for a pension for Rev. War vets. He stated that he
              served with the 10th Reg. on continuous enlistment under Col.
              Thomas Gaskins, Col. Febegier, and Col. Thomas Posey and that
              he was commanded by Capt. Sandy
           m. Martha (Patty) Yeatman (bond signed Nov 24 1787), b. abt 1761
              Since Edward Sanford was 32 at the time of this marriage, and
              since there is reason to believe that he had a daughter who
              married prior to 1799, there may have been an earlier marriage
           *  daughter b. abt 1801
           *  Susannah Sanford b. abt 1805
              m. William Henry Sisson 1824
           *  son b. abt 1808
        *  Jemima Sanford
           m. Thomas Stone
              [s/o Thomas Stone and Jemima Sturman]
        *  Robert Sanford
        *  Lt. Richard Sanford
           Commissioned as 2nd Lt in Capt. Triplett's Comany
        *  Elizabeth Sanford
        *  Caty Sanford
     *  Jemima Pope d. Sep 30 1755 Westmoreland Co VA
           Will dated May 6 1755, lists dau Elizabeth Sandford, son Patrick
           Spence, dau Jemima Suggett, dau Mary Spence, son Youell Spence,
           grandchildren Jemima Suggett and Jemima Sandford
        m. Patrick Spence d. Mar 25 1740 Westmoreland Co VA
           [s/o Patrick Spence and Penelope Youell]
           Will dated Dec 10 1739, lists son Patrick Spence, Youell Spence,
           Elizabeth, Jemima, Mary Adn Youell Spence, son-in-law Nicholas
           Minor Jr
        *  Elizabeth Pope Spence b. abt 1732 in VA, d. Westmoreland Co VA
           m. Youell Sanford 1749 Westmoreland Co VA
              b. 1732 Westmoreland Co VA
              d. Jan 24 1794 Cople Parrish, Westmoreland Co
              [s/o Thomas Sanford and Elizabeth Youell]
              Will dated Nov 16 1793, married twice
           *  Thomas Sanford
           *  Jemima Sanford
        2nd husband of Jemima Pope:
        m. Nicholas Minor
           [s/o John Minor and Ellenor]
  *  Humphrey Pope

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