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WDC GenWeb - Descendants of Francis Mason

* Francis Mason b. 1566 England, d. 1621 Norfolk Co VA
  m. _ _
  *  Francis Mason b. 1584 England, d. Nov 7 1648 Lower Norfolk Co VA
        Came to America aboard the "John & Francis" in 1613
     m. Mary Alice Ganey 1624 Lower Norfolk Co VA
        b. 1596 England, d. 1656 Lower Norfolk Co
     *  Elizabeth Mason
        b. 1625 Elizabeth City VA, d. 1707 Lower Norfolk Co VA
        m. James Thelaball 1648, b. 1625 France, d. 1693 Lower Norfolk Co
           Became American citizen Jul 15 1660
        *  Mary Thelaball
           b. 1650 Lower Norfolk Co VA, d. Nov 19 1714 Lower Norfolk Co
           m. Lemuel Mason II bef 1683 VA
              b. 1649 Lower Norfolk Co, d. 1691 Lower Norfolk Co
           Descendants of Mary Thelaball and Lemuel Mason II
     *  Lemuel Mason b. 1628 Lower Norfolk Co VA, d. 1702 Lower Norfolk Co
        m. Ann Seawell 1649 Lower Norfolk Co
           b. 1634 Lower Norfolk Co, d. 1706 Lower Norfolk Co
           [d/o Henry Seawell b. 1600 England, d. 1644 Lower Norfolk Co VA,
           and m. 1630 Elizabeth City VA, Alice Willoughby b. 1610 Elizabeth
           City, d. 1649 Norfolk Co VA, d/o Thomas Willoughby b. 1587 London
           England, came to Barbados in 1610, d. Mar 16 1648 Barbados, and
           m. Elizabeth Middleton d/o Thomas Middleton b. 1566 England, and
           Alice _. Thomas s/o Thomas Willoughby b. Bore Place, Kent England
           d. 1620 Bore Place, and m. Catherine Hart d/o Sir Percival Hart.
           Thomas s/o Thomas Willoughby, Sheriff of Kent, England]
        *  Lemuel Mason II
           b. 1649 Lower Norfolk Co VA, d. 1691 Lower Norfolk Co
           m. Mary Thelaball bef 1683 VA
              b. 1650 Lower Norfolk Co, d. Nov 19 1714 Lower Norfolk Co
           *  Elizabeth Mason
              b. 1670 Lower Norfolk Co VA, d. May 15 1717 New Kent Co VA
              m. Edward Walton Jr bef 1698 VA
                 b. 1668 York Co VA, d. Apr 27 1720 New Kent Co VA
              Descendants of Elizabeth Mason and Edward Walton

Contributor: David Warren

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