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* William Toombs
  b. abt 1682-90 Parish of Cornwall, Co. Suninburgh, England
  d. Apr 10 1765 Charlotte Co VA
  m. Margaret Anne _ abt 1726
     b. abt 1686-1700 England
     d. abt 1770 Cornwall Parish, Charlotte Co VA
  *  Gabriel Toombs
     b. abt 1714 prob Caroline Co VA
     d. 1795 prob Dumfries, Prince William Co VA
     m. Deborah Dawson abt 1739 VA, b. abt 1718 prob VA
     *  Gabriel Toombs b. abt 1746 prob Caroline Co VA, d. 1800 Wilkes Co GA
        m. Ann Dawson abt 1771 prob VA, b. abt 1750 prob VA
        *  Maj. Robert Augustus Toombs Sr d. Jan 1816 Wilkes Co GA
              Rev. War: a Major, sent to GA in 1783 where
              he settled about 5 miles from Washington GA
           m. Ms Sanders of Columbia Co GA
           2nd wife of Maj. Robert Augustus Toombs Sr:
           m. Sarah Catlett
           *  Laurance Catlett Toombs
              b. abt 1797 Wilkes Co GA, d. 1829 Wilkes Co
              m. Harriet E DuBose 1822 Wilkes Co, b. abt 1801
                 [d/o Dr. Ezekiel DuBose of Lincoln Co GA, b. prob SC, and
                 Mary Rembert b. prob SC. They also had Mary Julian Du Bose
                 b. 1813 d. 1883 who m. Gen. Robert Augustus Toombs Jr]
           3rd wife of Maj. Robert Augustus Toombs Sr:
           m. Catherine "Kitty" Huling d. 1848 prob Wilkes Co GA
              [d/o James Huling II b. Rockingham Co VA, d. Wilkes Co GA]
              Said to have been of Welsh descent
           *  Gabriel Toombs d. aft Dec 15 1885 prob GA
           *  James H Toombs
           *  Augustus Toombs
           *  Sarah Ann Elizabeth Toombs b. 1809 d. 1840
              m. Henry Jefferson Pope 1829
           *  Gen. Robert Augustus Toombs Jr
              b. Jul 2 1810 Wilkes Co GA, d. Dec 15 1885 Washington GA
                 The "Bob Toombs" of GA History, and Confederate Soldier.
                 Educated at Franklin University, and Union College at
                 Schenectady NY; received A.B. degree 1828 from University
                 of VA for Law, 1830 admitted to the bar in Elbert Co GA.
                 Commanded a Virginia regiment during the War, rendering
                 conspicuous service in Georgia against the British. He
                 was awarded a grant of 3000 acres of land in Wilkes Co
                 in 1783 as a distinguished soldier of the Virginia line.
                 When he came to Georgia to take possession of this grant
                 he settled on Beaverdam Creek, five miles from the court
                 house in Washington
              m. Julia A Colley
              2nd wife of Gen. Robert Augustus Toombs Jr:
              m. Mary Julian Du Bose Nov 18 1830 prob Wilkes Co GA
                 b. 1813 d. 1883 Clarksville GA
                 Gen. Toombs, reaching Paris, France, early in Jul 1865,
                 where Mrs Toombs joined him in Jul 1866, returned to the
                 United States in Dec of that year owing to the death of
                 their only daughter, the wife of Gen. Dudley M DuBose.
                 Gen. Toombs returned to Canada in Jan 1867, and called
                 on President Johnson, in Washington, on his way home
              *  Mary Louisa Toombs
              *  Robert Toombs
              *  Lawrence Catlett Toombs b. 1831 d. 1832
              *  Sallie Toombs b. 1835 d. 1866
                 m. Gen. Dudley McIver DuBose b. 1834 d. 1883
                 *  Robert Toombs DuBose
                 *  Camille DuBose
                 *  Dudley DuBose Jr
                 *  Sallie Lou DuBose
                 *  Julian DuBose
                 *  Louisa Toombs DuBose
                    m. George Pierce DuBose
                    *  Camille DuBose b. 1887 d. 1970
                    *  Katherine DuBose b. 1888
                       m. Blake Gordon
                       *  Louise DuBose Gordon b. 1921 d. 1970
                       *  Harriet Coperton Gordon
                    *  Laurance Toombs DuBose b. 1893 d. 1967
                       m. Gertrude Dow Thompson b. 1898 d. 1988
                       *  Anne Dow DuBose b. 1923 d. 1978
                          m. Royal Knight Joslin Jr b. 1919 d. 1982
                          *  Anne DuBose Joslin
                             m. James Peele Mangham Jr
                          *  Patricia Henley Joslin b. 1946 d. 1964
                          *  Royal DuBose Joslin
                             m. Karen Grady Gay
                          *  Beverly Kane Joslin
                             m. Michael Glen Muessel
                          *  Elizabeth Dandridge Joslin
                             m. Douglas Orr Logan
                             m. Edward Wood Dunham
                    *  Louise Pierce DuBose
                       m. William Thomas Magruder
        *  Dawson Gabriel Toombs d. Dec 12 1799 Wilkes Co GA
           m. Mary _
        *  Mary Toombs
           m. Dr. Rev. Lewis Barrett
           *  Erasmus Barrett
           *  Benjamin Barrett
           *  Parmelia Barrett
              m. Silas Reynolds
              *  Nancy Reynolds
           *  Nancy W Barrett
              m. Silas Reynolds
           *  Lewis Barrett
           *  Milley Barrett
           *  Robert Toombs Barrett b. 1797
              m. Diantha Reeves
              *  Milton Reeves Barrett b. 1830 d. 1912
                 m. Sarah E Perteet b. 1840 d. 1915
              *  Sarah Catherine Barrett
                 m. George B Roswell
              *  Rhoda Eugenia Barrett
                 m. Mr Patton
              *  Lucy Emily Barrett
              *  Diantha J Barrett
              *  Julia Barrett
              2nd wife of Robert Toombs Barrett:
              m. Elizabeth Spearman
              *  Lawrence Catlett Barrett
              *  John Thomas Barrett
        *  Ann Dawson Toombs
           m. John Spearman
        *  Elizabeth Toombs
           d. abt Feb 27 1766 Cornwall Parish, Charlotte Co VA
        *  Sally Dawson Toombs b. abt 1778 prob VA or GA
           m. Robert Dawson abt 1804 VA or GA
              b. abt 1774 prob Amherst Co VA, d. Sep 6 1814 Wilkes Co GA
           Descendants of Sally Toombs and Robert Dawson
  *  Thomas Toombs b. abt 1731 d. aft 1765
  *  John Toombs b. abt 1733 Lunenburg Co VA, d. 1804 Charlotte Co VA
  *  Anne Toombs b. abt 1735 Charlotte Co VA, d. aft 1765
     m. William Trayman bef 1765 prob Charlotte Co VA
  *  William Toombs
     b. abt 1737 Prince Edward Co VA, d. 1815 Prince Edward Co VA
  *  Mary Toombs b. abt 1743 Charlotte Co VA, d. aft 1765 Pittsylvania Co VA
     m. John Worsham bef 1765 prob Charlotte Co VA, d. aft 1765

Contributor: Helen Nichols Battleson

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