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WDC GenWeb - Descendants of George Riffle Sr

* George Strunk Riffle Sr b. 1785 d. Mar 13 1815 Norfolk VA
     Said to be s/o Martin Riffle b. abt 1752 and Barbara Strunk b. abt 1754
     both of Adams Co PA; Martin may be a s/o George Riffle, or a son of a
     brother of George who came to Ireland from Scotland in the early 1700s,
     having sailed from Amsterdam Germany to Scotland in the late 1600s.
     George and Susan lived in what is now Upshur or Lewis Co WV. He was in
     the War of 1812, reported to have been serving as a chaplain, and was
     later taken prisoner by the British. He was under the command of Capt.
     Jonathan Wamsley and Lt. Col. Isaac Booths, 5th Regiment of VA Militia,
     exposure and hardships caused him to contract a sickness that lead to
     his death
  m. Susan McCally Aug 10 1810, b. May 24 1788 d. Feb 8 1866
     buried Haymond Cem, Eden Road, Kanawha Head WV
     [d/o James Jonathan McCally and Susan Watson of Scotland, they also
     had Rebecca McCally and Henry McCally]
     Susan m.1st John Bouse in Pendelton Co VA and had Jesse Bouse b. May 17
     1806 Pendelton Co, d. Jul 27 1871 Ireland WV, buried in family cem on
     the old Bouse Place north of Ireland later known as the Ed Mick Place.
     Jesse m. Apr 19 1826 Jane Nelson and had: Susannah Bouse b. 1827 who m.
     Mr T A Morris Sep 14 1851; Nancy Bouse b. 1829; Isaac Bouse b. 1831 who
     m. Martha Molahan; Jonathan Bouse b. 1833 d. 1834; Joseph G Bouse b.
     1836; Rachel E Bouse b. 1838; John Bouse b. 1840; Jesse Sumner Bouse an
     early preacher in the Walkersville WV area b. 1842 d. Feb 21 1905 who
     m. Amy Clark Jan 4 1886 and had six children including William George
     Bouse who m. and had Mary Bouse who m. Mr Shumaker; James K Polk Bouse
     b. 1844; and Jane Bouse b. 1846.
     Susan maybe m.2nd Mr Haymond. She had Wilson M Haymond b. Feb 18 1809
     who m. Sarah McCartney and had: Marcellus Haymond; Granville Haymond;
     Charles "Tiger" Haymond who had Rhoda Haymond, Dulsie Haymond, Lawrence
     Haymond, Ernie Haymond, Warren Haymond, Molly Haymond, Murl Haymond and
     William Haymond who m. Earl Pritt of Kanawha Head WV; Marshall Haymond;
     Parthenia Haymond who m. Mr Belknap in Webster Co; and Mariah Haymond
     who m.1st Mr Sargent and m.2nd Mr Lee.
     After George died Susan m. Sep 1817 Andrew McKisic who d. Sep 25 1836,
     they had: Rachel B McKisic b. Dec 25 1818 who m. James Pritt Sr;
     Elizabeth W McKisic b. Nov 1820 who m.1st Mr Taylor and m.2nd Mr Holt;
     Mary J McKisic b. Aug 16 1822 who m. Mr Griffin; Margaret M McKisic b.
     Mar 5 1825 who m. William Pritt; Andrew J McKisic Jr b. Feb 11 1827 who
     m. _ _; John T McKisic b. Sep 11 1829 who m. Ann Snyder; and Henry J
     McKisic b. Aug 5 1832 who m. Sarah Ann Moss
  *  Jonathan M Riffle b. May 25/31 1811 d. Feb 1899
        From Clay Co WV he returned to Lewis Co and signed papers for his
        mother to secure a Government pension as the wife of a Vet. She had
        been given a land grant in the Laurel Run area 20 miles from Weston
        WV, she received a pension of $3.80 a month
        Before they were married, Jonathan and Barbara lived on the waters
        of the Little Kanawha River in Upshur Co WV
     m. Barbara Riffle b. Jul 2 1804 Braxton Co WV
     *  William Riffle b. May 31 1833 Harrison WV, d. Jul 4 1922
     *  Martin VanBuren Riffle b. Sep 16 1834 Obrien WV, d. Oct 21 1906
     *  Temperance Riffle b. Jun 18 1836 Obrien WV, d. Apr 7 1893
     *  Delilah Mariah Riffle b. Mar 25 1839 Obrien WV, d. Jan 5 1928
     *  George S Riffle b. May 17 1842 Obrien WV, d. Nov 20 1925
        m. Eliza June Hughes 1868 Obrien, b. Feb 9 1847 d. Feb 10 1922
        *  Johethan M Riffle b. Nov 12 1869 Obrien WV, d. May 7 1880
        *  Margaret Riffle b. Aug 22 1871 Obrien WV
        *  Emesy Belle Riffle b. Nov 3 1872 Obrien WV
        *  Henry Riffle b. May 8 1874 Obrien WV
        *  Martha Riffle b. Feb 3 1876 Obrien WV
        *  Daisy Riffle b. Oct 12 1883 Obrien WV
     2nd wife of Jonathan M Riffle:
     m. Ms M F Smallridge
  *  Phoebe B Riffle b. Dec 25 1812 d. 1871
     m. William B McCartney 1834, b. 1812 VA
     *  Elizabeth McCartney Riffle b. 1835
     *  John A Riffle b. Aug 26 1836
           Civil War: CSA, volunteered at Hacker Valley May 12 1861 in Capt.
           Mollehan's Co. A, 25th (afterwards Co. G 25th) VA Volunteer Inf.,
           his Company was in Garnett's retreat from Beverly, the Allegheny
           Mt. Fight Dec 13 1861, the second battle of Kernstown, the charge
           on the Brick House where Gen. Mulligan was killed, and was with
           Lee's army while Grant was marching toward Richmond. He took his
           parole on Apr 10 1865 and settled in Upshur Co WV
        m. Hannah V West 1880
           [d/o John West and Abigail _]
     *  Dexter W Riffle b. 1839
     *  James Riffle b. 1840
     *  Sarah A McCartney Riffle b. 1842
     *  Amanda Riffle b. 1845
     *  Henry Riffle b. 1847
     *  Susannah Riffle b. Jul 22 1850
  *  George Strunk Riffle Jr b. Dec 30 1814 d. Nov 26 1884 Kanawha Run WV
        buried Kanawha Run Cem where he gave land for it, and timber for the
        church, both still in use. At one time he lived just over the first
        hill to the North of Kanawha Head, it seems his son Daniel was given
        a farm on land on the west end of the same mountain spur. George and
        Rebecca married and lived on Laurel Run that empties into the West
        Fork River at Crawford WV. He preached some at the Hedding Chapel
        Church south of Walkersville. In 1872 he bought 286 acres from Mr
        Fiddler, location unknown but probably the land he speaks of in an
        article he wrote in 1882 where he lists all of his childrens births.
        Civil War: Co. I, 10th WV Infantry
     m. Rebecca Peterson McCartney Jul 30 1835 Lewis Co WV
        b. Apr 4 1820 d. 1856
        Reported to have died from dropsy and was buried at Kanawha Head in
        a cemetery not now used, located near the old Kanawha Head road to
        Arlington, near the top of the first hill north of Kanawha Head
        [d/o Thomas McCartney, and Sarah Bennett d/o William Bennett of
        Lewis Co WV. Thomas came directly from South Scotland and settled
        in Pendelton Co, then moved to Lewis Co. Thomas and Sarah also had
        William B McCartney b. 1812 who m. Phoebe B Riffle]
     *  Manerva Angeline Riffle b. May 9 1836 d. Mar 27 1890 Haerstown
           buried Rose Hill Cem
           Her Green children were living with her and her 2nd husband but
           this caused family trouble between Manerva and John and they
           separated after 1884, Manerva moved to Hagerstown
        m. John "James" Green Sr 1854 PA, b. 1837 d. 1865/66
        *  William Green
        *  John Green
        *  Mary Green
        *  Clara Green
        2nd husband of Manerva Angeline Riffle:
        m. John E Eisenbart 1868
           b. 1825 Germany, d. Jan 9 1900 Pittsburg PA at home of son George
           Came to America and settled near Sutton WV. Civil War: 1st VA
           Cavalry, Co. A of Wheeling WV, was in the Second Battle of Bull
           Run, served over three years without receiving any wounds. John
           and Manerva moved to Summerfield OH about 1868, then to Carlile
           PA in 1884. After he and Manerva split up he moved back to OH
        *  Fred Eisenbart b. 1870 Summerfield OH, d. Aug 13 1852
              Fred and Mary moved to Denver CO
           m. Mary Mullen
           *  Ethel Eisenbart
        *  Annie Eisenbart b. 1873 Summerfield OH, d. 1942
           m. Joshua Brogunier
        *  George S Eisenbart b. Aug 16 1878 Summerfield OH
              When George and Alice married they got the idea that it would
              be a novelty to take the name of Mr and Mrs George S Rosenberg
              which they did and raised their family under that name. Alice
              may have been Jewish. In later years he regretted his family
              not being the same surname as his father. Moved to Funkstown
              MD in 1915, about 10 miles from where Jesse Riffle was killed
              in the Battle of Antietam
           m. Alice Jane Jacobs Apr 6 1896 Hagerstown MD
              b. 1878 Hagerstown, d. Nov 5 1956
           *  Clarence L Rosenberg b. Oct 22 1897 d. 1901 of lock jaw
           *  Mabel Jane Rosenberg b. 1901 d. 1933
              m. Carl Wastler d. 1933
           *  George S Rosenberg Jr b. 1905 d. with no children
           *  Harold R Rosenberg b. 1907 d. with no children
           *  John F Rosenberg b. Jun 14 1908 d. 1908 of spinal meningitis
           *  Helen K Rosenberg b. 1912
              m. Mr Sielman d. 1950
              *  six children
     *  Barbara Burdit Riffle b. Oct 27 1837 d. Mar 23 1922
           buried Haymond Cem, Kanawha Head WV
        m. Joseph Walter Kay Humphrey at Kanawha Head
           b. 1833 d. Jun 11 1909 buried Haymond Cem, Kanawha Head
        *  eight children d. before middle-age
        *  Newton Humphrey buried Tunnelton WV
           m. Fanny Riley
           m. Clara Arbogast
           m. _ _
        *  Sally Humphrey
           m. Mr Bennett
           *  Noah Bennett
        *  Bill Humphrey buried Center Chapel, or Waterloo Cem, French Creek
           m. Amy Russell
        *  David Humphrey b. 1864 twin, d. Apr 23 1945
              buried Heavener Cem, Buckhannon WV
              After he could no longer work, his 2nd wife proved of no help
              to him so he lived with daughter Weltha Shreve at Buckhannon
           m. Viola Pritt d. in 1920 buried Heavener Cem, Buckhannon
           *  Blanche Humphrey d. Feb 1952
              m. Ed Miller
           *  Lloyd Humphrey d. 1926 coal mine accident never married
           *  Grace Humphrey d. 1957
              m. John Gibson
           *  Roma Humphrey d. never married
           *  Weltha Humphrey
              m. Homer Shreve d. Oct 1952
           *  Troy Humphrey d. 1923 never married
           2nd wife of David Humphrey:
           m. Emmie West
        *  Rebecca Humphrey b. 1864 twin
           m. David Strader
        *  George Humphrey d. 1950s prob buried Webster Co WV
           m. Emma Dobbin of Webster Co
        *  Harriet Humphrey prob buried IL
           m. Hezekia Bennett
           *  Ezra Bennett
     *  Martha Ann "Matt" Riffle b. May 22 1839 Upshur Co WV, d. 1917
           There is a Mary Abigail _ who m. Jesse Lee Ferguson of Huntington
           WV, she may be a daughter of Martha. After Cyrus died Martha went
           to Cabell Co WV with brother Daniel who had recently divorced his
           first wife Louisa
        m. Cyrus Thompson abt 1860, b. 1827 d. 1867
        *  Dora Alice Thompson b. Jul 28 1862
           m. John R Riffle b. Mar 28 1863 d. Apr 7 1941
           Descendants of Dora Thompson and John Riffle
        *  Anna Thompson
        *  James (Floyd) Thompson
        *  George Thompson
        *  Noah Thompson
        *  Kate Thompson
        *  Newton Thompson aka Newton Hill
        2nd husband of Martha Ann Riffle:
        m. John Simmons in Cabell Co WV, b. 1805 d. 1880
        *  Grant Simmons lived in Huntington WV
           m. _ _
           *  Harold Simmons
           *  Victor Simmons
           *  Mary Simmons
              m. _ _
              *  two children
        *  son
        *  daughter
        3rd husband of Martha Ann Riffle:
        m. Mr Hill
        *  no children
        4th husband of Martha Ann Riffle:
        m. Arron Osborne b. 1846
     *  Jesse B Riffle b. Feb 22 1841 Laurel Run, d. Sep 17 1862
        Never married. Civil War: enlisted Sep 6/7 1861 French Creek VA, Co.
        A, 5th OH Infantry, mustered in at Buckhannon VA Sep 20 by Col. L H
        Dunning, was in action at Winchester VA Mar 23 1862, Port Republic
        VA Jun 9 1862, Cedar Mountain VA Aug 9 1862, he was killed at the
        Battle of Antietam or died from wounds
     *  Jonathan McCally Riffle
        b. Oct 15 1842 Lewis Co WV, d. Jan 26 1911 Kanawha Run at home
           Civil War: served three years in Co. B, 10th WV Inf., discharged
           on Dec 29 1864, he was disabled and drew a $17 monthly pension.
           Received his local preacher's license Jun 25 1879 and his final
           papers Sep 22 1895. He owned 70 acres known as the old Joby Place
           on Kanawha Run in Upshur Co WV. He and Nancy had no children, but
           Verna Barb was with them a while, she m. Fred Riffle and had they
           had seven children
        m. Nancy (Nancie) P Strader b. 1846 d. 1910
           [d/o John Strader Jr, s/o John Strader Sr and Mary B Wolfe]
     *  David Pritt Riffle b. May 20 1844 Lewis Co WV, d. Oct 21 1899
           Civil War: enlisted 1861, Co. I, 10th WV Infantry. Lived and
           reared his family in the Pickens area of Randolph Co WV until
           about 1890. Applied for and got a divorce from Sarah in May
           1892 at Kingman KS
        m. Sara Jane Armstrong Feb 14 1866, b. Sep 20 1846 d. 1931
           [d/o John W Armstrong and Sarah _]
           After David died she applied to the Pension Board Apr 14 1902
        *  Ardelia Wilson Riffle b. Dec 16 1868 d. Jul 16 1944
           m. Albert Rotenbuhler
           *  four children
        *  Laura Jane Riffle b. Aug 8 1870 d. Oct 5 1941
           m. Wilson McDaniels
           *  eight children
        *  Rosa Ethel Riffle b. Jul 17 1873 d. Mar 18 1951
           m. John Sassi
           *  four children
        *  Ida Maude Riffle b. Mar 2 1873 d. Jan 30 1940
           m. Felix Tuning
           *  two children
        *  William Oscar Riffle b. Jan 29 1877 d. May 12 1948
           m. Delilah Winkler
           *  no children
        *  John Heaston Riffle b. May 30 1879 d. May 29 1948
           m. Virginia Tuning
           m. Annie Landis
        *  Charles Neeson Riffle b. Mar 27 1882 d. May 28 1952
           m. Margaret Helmick
           *  twelve children
        *  Bessie Margaret Riffle b. Jun 23 1884 d. Jun 27 1955
           m. Charles Dulaney
           *  four children
        *  Mary Ivy Riffle b. Feb 14 1887
           m. C Alva Winkler
           *  ten children
        *  Glen Daley Riffle b. Apr 29 1888 d. Sep 6 1942
           m. Cora Alkire
           *  seven children
        *  Roy David Riffle b. Dec 19 1800
           m. Goldie Hornbeck
        2nd wife of David Pritt Riffle:
        m. Cora Elizabeth Hinkle Nov 16 1893 Dellemane Co IA
           b. 1875 d. 1932
           Jan 23 1900 she went before a notary at East Elkport (now Garber)
           IA and said she m. David Nov 3 1893, he d. Dec 21 1899, and she
           listed their children, witness was Caleb Hinkle and Joe Meyer Jr
        *  Rebecca D Riffle b. Oct 6 1894
        *  Lillie E Riffle b. Jan 16 1896
        *  Herbert Riffle b. Feb 12 1899
     *  Daniel Icen Riffle b. Jan 2 1846 d. Feb 12 1919
           buried Spring Hill Cem, Huntington WV
           Civil War: injured and received quarterly pension of $138. Daniel
           and Louisa divorced in Upshur Co in the early 1870s, he returned
           to Cabell Co WV where he met his 2nd wife Susan, Susan and Daniel
           may have returned to Upshur Co about 1900 and lived there until
           about 1904 then went back to Huntington WV
        m. Louisa Elizabeth Strader May 1866 Upshur Co WV, b. 1835 d. 1919
           buried Haymond Cem, Kanawha Head WV
        *  Mary Riffle b. Apr 5 1867 d. Aug 27 1933
           m. Joshua Gaunt
           *  six sons and four daughters, 2 boys and 1 girl died
        *  Becky Annie Riffle b. Mar 27 1869 d. Nov 3 1933
              She and Peter lived in her grandfather George's old
              home where he lived while in the Kanawha Head area
           m. Peter Crawford
           *  six sons and four daughters, 1 boy and 1 girl died
        2nd wife of Daniel Icen Riffle:
        m. Susan "Alice" Ruble of Salt Rock WV 1878, b. 1861 d. Oct 29 1951
           buried Spring Hill Cem, Huntington WV
        *  George W Riffle b. Aug 10 1879 d. 1903
           m. Lottie Gillette
           *  son raised by George's mother after Lottie died
           2nd wife of George W Riffle:
           m. Eva Powell
        *  Ella B Riffle b. Jul 12 1881 d. 1955
           m. Edward Ray
           *  seven children
        *  Benjamin F Riffle b. Jun 24 1883 d. in infancy
        *  Maud M Riffle b. Jul 17 1885 d. Jul 16 1938
           m. James McGinnis
           *  nine children
        *  Ida Grace Riffle b. May 2 1889 d. 1958
           m. Tom Bennett
           *  nine children
           2nd husband of Ida Grace Riffle:
           m. Samuel Anderson
        *  Bessie Loraine Riffle b. Aug 28 1891
           m. Homer Alkire
           m. Henry Savio
        *  Charles William Riffle b. Jul 8 1892 d. Sep 8 1956
              six children, a son accidently shot and killed him
           m. Goldie Lykins
           m. Irene Naylor
        *  Hobert McKinley Riffle b. Oct 16 1897
           m. Inez Booth
           *  Dorothy Riffle moved to Delaware OH
              m. Mr Massie
              *  three children
           *  John Riffle moved to Marion OH
              m. _ _
              *  two children
        *  Theodore R Riffle b. Aug 12 1901 moved to Huntington WV
           m. Bertha Clindenen
           m. Ada Walton
     *  Wilson H Riffle b. and d. Jan 2 1846
     *  George D B Riffle b. Feb 9 1848 d. Oct 19 1849
     *  Berlin Wood Riffle b. Nov 8 1849 d. Mar 14 1897
        m. Lucetta "Jane" Wilson Feb 24 1870 Centerville WV
           b. Apr 16 1852 d. Aug 5 1924 buried Life Cem, Cleveland OH
           [d/o William Wilson and Margaret Malcolm of Crawford WV]
        *  John Adams Riffle b. Dec 30 1870 d. PA never married
           He was with the Haggenback & Wallace Circus for a number of years
           then followed lumbering, and mining work. So far as known he was
           in the PA mining fields when he died leaving no record
        *  George W Riffle b. Feb 5 1873 d. Jun 21 1939 Denver CO
           buried Crown Hill Cem
           Took over the job of keeping the family together after his father
           died. Never married, he did contract mining, buying and selling,
           and stock raising. Went to Denver Co to try gold mining but the
           work was too trying and he died from strokes or thrombosis
        *  Charles Wesley Riffle b. Nov 18 1875 d. Mar 3 1953 Weston WV
              buried Hull Cem, Roanoke WV
           m. Lillie Kathryn Morrison b. Jun 16 1879 Crawford WV
              [d/o Gideon H Morrison and Elizabeth F Simmons]
           *  Homer Rufus Riffle b. Jan 18 1900 d. Feb 6 1953 Camden WV
              m. Goldie Rinehart
              m. Shirley Raybuck
           *  Lexie Madge Riffle b. Feb 7 1902
              m. Brooks McCluster
           *  Edith F Riffle b. Sep 1 1904 d. Weston WV
              m. Robert Dever
           *  Emma E Riffle b. Oct 28 1906 d. Clarksburg WV
              m. Fred Lamm
              m. Basil Travis
           *  Nellie A Riffle b. Aug 24 1909 d. Charlston WV
              m. Edward Eskew
           *  Anna B Riffle b. May 20 1913 d. Clarksburg WV
              m. Hugh Ferrell
           *  George W Riffle b. Sep 28 1916 d. Camden WV
              m. Creola Daff
           *  Irene V Riffle b. Oct 1 1920 d. age 7 years
           *  Glenna R Riffle b. Mar 23 1923 d. Clarksburg WV
              m. Robert Whitehair
        *  Eliza Alice Riffle b. Apr 17 1878 d. Mar 9 1949 Weston WV
           m. William Watson
           m. Mr F Morrison
        *  Ezra Potts Riffle b. Sep 30 1880 d. 1917 WWI killed at Vimy Ridge
           m. Eileen McMann
        *  Sadie Ethel Riffle b. May 26 1883 d. Aug 31 1954 Cleveland OH
           m. Nathan Berry
        *  son d. at birth
        *  Oney Cecil Riffle b. Feb 6 1887 d. Nov 27 1932 Buckhannon WV
           m. Ina Dever
        *  Eva Nancy Riffle b. Aug 23 1890 d. Jan 10 1945 Denver CO
           m. Mr W S Lingle
        *  Harold Clark Riffle b. Aug 29 1893 d. Denver CO
           m. Blanche B Carpenter
     *  Lewis L(or I) Riffle b. Jul 3 1852 d. 1880
        m. Margaret Jane Walton b. 1855 d. 1928
     *  Phoebe Jane Riffle b. Jun 2 1854 d. Jul 11 1857
     2nd wife of George Strunk Riffle Jr:
     m. Martha Ann Strader Sep 13 1860, b. Apr 4 1840 d. Feb 14 1872
        buried at Centerville, now known as Rock Cave WV
        [d/o Jacob Strader and Rebecca _]
        Reported to have died from lung fever. Martha had 230 acres on Linn
        Camp in the Valley of Kanawha Head that she and George sold before
        they left Kanawha Head for Centerville, where he took Martha Ann and
        the children when he and the boys entered the Civil War
     *  Burke (Birk) S Riffle b. Nov 14 1861 d. 1883 of typhoid
        buried Kanawha Run WV
     *  John Randolph Riffle b. Mar 28 1863 d. Apr 7 1941
        m. Dora Alice Thompson b. Jul 28 1862
        *  Grace Riffle lived at French Creek WV
     *  Dora Sinclair Riffle b. Sep 11 1865 d. Feb 28 1947
        m. John "Samuel" Riggleman b. 1862 d. 1946
     *  Victoria "Ella/Ellen" Riffle b. Jun 28 1867 d. Aug 9 1938
        m. Charles David Hanes b. 1861 d. 1946
     *  Ulysses Grant Riffle b. Oct 18 1869 d. Feb 6 1951
        m. Fanny Kingsley Elliot b. 1865 d. 1911
        m. Mary Belle Phillips b. 1865 d. 1946
     3rd wife of George Strunk Riffle Jr:
     m. Delilah Elizabeth Wooddell Jul 6 1872 Upshur Co WV
        b. Jan 6 1854 d. May 19 1920 Knoxville KY buried near Knoxville
        [d/o Preston William Wooddell and Harriet Rhodes Adkinson Hank]
        Delilah m.2nd 1885 Perry H Johnson and had 7 children, one being
        son Lovett Johnson who moved to OH, and a daughter Addie Johnson
        who moved to MI
     *  Penelope Ann Riffle b. Mar 31 1873 d. 1954
        m. Rudolph Burkley b. 1863 d. 1924
        m. Mr. Chambers 1926
     *  Benoni Preston Riffle b. Apr 8 1875 d. Sep 12 1876
     *  Matilda Rhodes Riffle b. May 11 1877 d. Aug 7 1878
     *  Mary Belle Riffle b. Jun 16 1879 d. 1951
        m. Fredrick John Karl Hiser b. 1876 d. 1906
     *  Albert Strunk Riffle b. Jul 17 1882 d. 1908 never married
     *  George "James" Blane Riffle b. Nov 21 1884 d. 1970
        m. Cora Bell Martin (in Morgantown WV?) b. 1891 d. 1988

Compiled from the notes and research of Henry C Riffle

Contributor: Marisa

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