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* Mr Hamm
  m. _ _
  *  Thomas Hamm b. Feb 19 1775 Cheraw Twp, Chesterfield Co SC
     m. Ann Eldridge b. Jun 10 1792 VA
     2nd wife of Thomas Hamm:
     m. Anna Brooks abt 1798 Laurens Co SC, b. 1780 Union District, SC
        [d/o Peter Brooks b. Enoree SC, and Sarah Berry d. aft 1842 Coweta
        Co GA, they also had: Nancy Brooks; John Brooks; and Littlebery
        Brooks. Peter Brooks served in the Rev. War, in 1805 he moved to
        Jackson Co GA, and then to Madison Co GA. Sarah Berry d/o William
        Berry b. bef 1746 Bucks Co PA, d. abt 1783, and Ursula _. Sarah
        applied for a Land Lottery based on being a widow of Peter Brooks,
        in 1827 she was successful and moved to Coweta Co GA in 1830]
     *  William E Hamm
        b. Oct 20 1799 SC, d. Dec 10 1872 Piney Creek, Lawrence Co AR
        m. Rachel (Rachael) Huggins Dec 10 1817 Lauderdale Co AL
           b. Sep 13 1798 NC, d. Jun 10 1874 Piney Creek, Lawrence Co AR
           [d/o Phillip Huggins b. 1760 d. 1823 maybe in Lauderdale Co AL,
           and m. in 1791 Jane _, they also had: John B Huggins b. Sep 22
           1792 Buncombe Co NC; Mary Huggins b. 1794 SC; Luke Huggins b.
           Mar 1 1795 Buncombe Co NC; Tabitha Huggins b. 1796 NC who m.
           Thomas Pickney Hamm; Susannah Huggins b. 1799 NC; Elizabeth
           Huggins b. Jul 28 1800 NC; James M Huggins b. May 27 1801
           Buncombe Co NC; Jenny Huggins b. 1802; Thomas Huggins b. 1803;
           Anna Huggins b. May 26 1807 TN; Phillip Jasper Huggins b. Feb
           22 1809 TN; and Sally Huggins b. Jul 25 1810 TN. Phillip Huggins
           m.1st Elizabeth English who d. bef 1791]
        *  James Jefferson Hamm b. Oct 6 1818 Lauderdale Co AL, d. Dec 1861
              buried Gravel Hill Cem, McNairy Co TN
           m. Sylvana Smith Jun 14 1839, d. Jul 7 1843
           *  Mary Ann Hamm b. bef 1843
              m. John P Hamm
           2nd wife of James Jefferson Hamm:
           m. Malinda Springer Hogan aft 1843
              buried Gravel Hill Cem, McNairy Co TN
        *  Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann Hamm b. Sep 10 1819 Lauderdale Co AL
           m. Hensley Smith May 12 1839 TN, b. 1818 TN, d. Baxter Co AR
           Descendants of Elizabeth Hamm and Hensley Smith
        *  Benton Hamm b. 1819-30
        *  Eliza Hamm b. 1819-30
        *  Calvin P Hamm
           b. Nov 25 1820 Lauderdale Co AL, d. Jan 27 1897 McNairy Co TN
              abt 1830 came to McNairy Co TN with parents
           m. Emily "Milly" Ann Springer
           *  Mr J M Hamm Jr b. Aug 1848 McNairy Co TN
                 1867-73 was a farmer; 1873 became a saddler;
                 Mar 1886 elected Magistrate of District
              m. Laura J Robertson 1867
                 [d/o Pleasant Robertson and Margaret _]
              *  Minnie Hamm
              *  Myrtle Hamm
              *  John Calvin Hamm
        *  Phillip Hamm b. Jan 24 1822 Lauderdale Co AL, d. May 11 1851
           m. Caroline Farris
        *  Sarah Benton Hamm b. Apr 7/19 1823 Lauderdale Co AL, d. 1863
           m. John Smith abt 1839 McNairy Co TN
        *  Thomas J Hamm b. Apr 27 1824 Lauderdale Co AL, d. Apr 15 1851
           m. Mary "Polly" Richards d. Aug 11 1849
              According to a family bible dated 1849: Mary Hamm, wife of
              Thos Hamm departed this life Aug 11 1849 and her 3 children
           *  three children
           2nd wife of Thomas J Hamm:
           m. Jane Adkins
           *  Sarah Ann Elizabeth Hamm aka Sarah Jane Hamm
              b. Nov 24 1851 TN, d. Feb 1 1919 Sidney AR
                 buried Mt Carmel Cem, Sidney AR
                 There is a legal transaction where Sarah at about age two
                 acquired the title to some land abt 1853 in McNairy Co TN
              m. John Franklin Wiles Mar 13 1867 Lawrence Co AR
                 b. Jan 18 1841 TN, d. May 24 1912 Sidney AR
              Descendants of Sarah Hamm and John Wiles
        *  John Michael Hamm
           b. Jun 14 1825 Lauderdale Co AL, d. Nov 1825 Lauderdale Co
        *  Anna Hamm
           b. Sep 24 1826 Lauderdale Co AL, d. Feb 19 1866 Izard Co AR
           m. Caesar (Cisson) McCormack d. Oct 1 1863
           2nd husband of Anna Hamm:
           m. Thomas B Goforth
        *  Mary Hamm
           b. Jan 6/26 1828 Lauderdale Co AL, d. Mar 2 1901 Sidney AR
              buried Mt Carmel Cem, Sidney
           m. Joseph Daniel Smith 1848
              b. Jan 26 1827 Lawrence Co TN, d. Apr 16 1863 Sidney AR
           Descendants of Mary Hamm and Joseph Smith
           2nd husband of Mary Hamm:
           m. Berryman Arnn Sr 1864 Sharp Co AR
              b. Jul 24 1810 Pittsylvania Co VA, d. 1901 Sidney AR
           Descendants of Mary Hamm and Berryman Arnn Sr
        *  Manerva (Minerva) Hamm
           b. Jul 21 1829 McNairy Co TN, d. Jul 28 1851 McNairy Co
        *  James M Hamm b. 1830
        *  William Jordan Hamm
           b. Apr 7 1831 McNairy Co TN, d. Jan 1862 McNairy Co
           m. Sarah Ann Burnes
           m. Susan Burnes
        *  Jasper Sanders Hamm
           b. May 8 1832 McNairy Co TN, d. Sep 18 1849 McNairy Co
        *  Carroll Anderson Hamm
           b. May 4 1834 McNairy Co TN, d. 1852 McNairy Co
        *  Rachel Hamm b. Nov 5 1835
           m. Isaac Harbol (Harbert) Frizzell 1857 Izard Co AR
        *  Joseph Berry Hamm
           b. Jul 1 1837 d. abt Aug 1864 Camp Morton IN
           Camp Morton was a Civil War Union Army POW Camp
        *  Tabitha Hamm b. 1838
        *  Ursula (Ursley) Jane Hamm b. Oct 5 1838
           m. Albert B Buchanan Dec 29 1858 Lawrence Co AR, b. 1836
        *  Newton Luke Hamm b. Jun 24 1840
              Sharp County Record, Thursday, Jan 30 1890, volume 13, no. 8,
              p4, Local News "Talking about large porkers, Newt Hamm killed
              a Poland-China hog the other day that netted 433 pounds. He
              bought his stock from John Medley"
           m. Annetta E Frizzell 1863 Izard Co AR, b. abt 1825 Henry Co TN
              [d/o Isaac Frizzell and Lydia Boaz]
     *  John Mikel Hamm b. abt 1801 SC
     *  Sarah Hamm b. 1804 KY
     *  Jesse S Hamm b. abt 1808 Lauderdale Co AL
     *  Thomas Sanders Hamm b. abt 1810 TN
     *  James Hamm b. abt 1813 KY
     *  Jordan Hamm b. abt 1815 AL
     *  Anderson Andrew Hamm b. 1818 AL
     *  Nancy Hamm b. abt 1822 AL
     *  Thomas Hamm b. abt 1823 AL
  *  John Mikel Hamm
        Served in the Rev. War
     m. _ _
     *  Thomas Pinkney Hamm
        m. Tabitha Huggins b. 1796 NC 
        *  Jacob Hamm
           m. Zilpha Stone
              May have m.1st Mr Smith, may have m.3rd Mr Stone
           *  John P Hamm
              m. Mary Ann Hamm b. bef 1843
  *  William Hamm

Contributor: Judith Arnn-Knight

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