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WDC GenWeb - Descendants of Christopher Hartley

* Christopher Hartley b. 1774 d. 1861 buried Scio OH
     Christopher and Mary were of Otley, Yorkshire, England. He came to
     Harrison Co OH in 1819, settled a half-section of land on Dining Fork
     Creek near what's now the town of Scio. In 1820 his family joined him,
     having come from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh PA by wagon with Mary and
     the older children walking because the wagon was full with their stuff
     and the younger children
  m. Mary Holden b. 1780 d. 1864 buried Scio OH
  *  Sarah Hartley b. 1805 England, d. 1887
        Settled near Scio OH
     m. Thomas Fox
  *  Ellen Hartley b. 1806 England, d. 1853
        Settled near Scio OH
     m. Joseph Harrison
  *  Margaret Ann Hartley b. 1814 England
        Settled near Scio OH
     m. Jonathan Markley
  *  Thomas Hartley b. Oct 11 1815 England, d. Dec 4 1904
        buried Cherry Grove Cem, Jackson Co WV
        Because he came from a large family hard to support, in 1828 he
        went to live with sister Ellen and her husband. He helped around
        their homestead for eight years, for which Joseph helped him get
        his own plot of land from the government, it was in Mercer Co OH.
        Nov 9 1849 the land in OH was sold, 1853-54 he bought land at Cow
        Run, Jackson Co WV and lived in a log house. 1880 he built a big
        frame house, it burned after being hit by lightening Jul 8 1939.
        1881 deeded land the Antioch Church was built on. 1872-93 he was
        postmaster of Huntsville WV
     m. Lydia Tomlinson Oct 11 1849 Harrison Co OH
        b. Feb 12 1826 d. Sep 13 1898 buried Cherry Grove Cem
     *  Ellen Hartley b. Jul 22 1850 Harrison Co OH, d. Sep 21 1934
           buried Blaine Memorial Cem, Cottageville WV
           Hartley family were neighbors of Sayre
        m. Abijah Sayre Dec 24 1874, b. May 17 1849 d. Jan 25 1925
        Descendants of Ellen Hartley and Abijah Sayre
     *  William Hartley b. Apr 30 1852 d. May 24 1928
           buried Highland Cem, near Hamilton MO
           Settled at a farm near Hamilton MO right after getting married
        m. Mary Catherine Henry Sep 7 1880 buried Highland Cem
        *  other children d. before adulthood
        *  Paul Hartley
     *  Christopher Hartley b. Jun 20 1853 d. Jul 5 1929
           buried Highland Cem, near Hamilton MO
           Settled at Hamilton MO
        m. Susan J Howell Apr 17 1878 Pt Pleasant WV
           buried Highland Cem
        *  Rosa Hartley
        *  Ora Hartley
        *  Lydia Hartley
        *  Fred Hartley
        *  Anna Hartley
        *  Willard Hartley
        *  Frank Hartley
        *  Harry Hartley
     *  Nancy Hartley b. Apr 11 1855
           Nancy and Sanford settled on a farm
           near her father's homestead, Scio OH
        m. Sanford Cooper Aug 30 1888
        *  Perry Cooper
        *  Thomas Cooper
     *  Stephen Hartley b. Oct 3 1856 d. Feb 3 1953
           buried Cherry Grove Cem near his parents
           Stephen and wife settled at "Harpold Place" a 100 acre farm on
           the right hand fork of Cow Run, Jackson Co WV, about half way
           between the homesteads of Thomas Hartley and Francis King. Five
           of their children graduated from college, rare for this time
        m. Victoria King Aug 22 1883, b. Sep 15 1862 d. Sep 30 1939
        *  Charles Hartley b. 1884 d. 1961
              1908 graduate of WV Wesleyan College. 1912 elected
              Jackson Co WV representative to State Legislature
           m. Ruth Miller 1914, of Chambersburg PA
           *  Charles Henry Hartley Jr
           *  Robert Hartley
           *  Marjorie Hartley b. 1922 d. 1940
        *  William Hartley twin b. 1887 d. 1984
              1911 graduate of WV Wesleyan College
           m. Derry Perine 1916, of Salem WV
           *  Richard Hartley
           *  Helen Hartley
        *  George Hartley twin b. 1887 d. 1891
        *  Elizabeth Hartley b. 1889 d. 1982
              1919 graduate of WV Wesleyan College
           m. Rev. John Loudin 1922
              Methodist Minister, served in WV and NM
           *  Ruth Loudin
           *  Frank Loudin
           *  Mary Loudin
        *  Alpha Hartley b. 1889 d. 1982
              1919 graduate of WV Wesleyan College
              Alpha and Blaine settled in CA
           m. Blaine Connor 1944
           *  no children
        *  Hoyt Hartley b. 1895 d. 1978
              1940 moved to Belpre OH
           m. Faye McGlothlin 1917
           *  Martha Hartley
           *  Herbert Hartley
           *  Alice Hartley twin
           *  Anna Hartley twin
           *  Freda Hartley
        *  Theodore Hartley b. 1900 d. 1988 never married
        *  Luther "Pete" Hartley b. 1903
              1925 graduate of WV University
           m. Elma Gregory 1927
           *  Kenneth Hartley
     *  Thomas Hartley b. Aug 11 1858 d. Nov 15 1918
           buried Creston Cem, Mason Co WV
           Thomas settled his family in Mason Co WV. A carpenter, he
           built the Staats Mills bridge, which was restored and at
           Cedar Lakes near Ripley WV
        m. Victoria Taylor Nov 20 1887, b. Dec 20 1865 d. Feb 13 1925
        *  Vitus Hartley
        *  Mabel Hartley
        *  Jennie Hartley
        *  William Hartley
        *  Gilbert Hartley
        *  Arla Hartley
        *  Dawson Hartley
     *  George Hartley b. May 16 1861 d. Oct 13 1864
        buried Otterbein Cem, near Evans WV
     *  Henry Tomlinson Hartley
        b. Sep 24 1864 d. Jul 29 1946 Cottageville WV
           buried Blaine Memorial Cem, near Cottageville
           one source says b. Sep 14 1864
           Henry and Laura lived at the home of his father on Cow Run,
           Jackson Co WV. He raised Shorthorn cattle. He helped roof the
           first Antioch Church in 1883. He used to go in to Ripley WV
           wearing wood shoes he made, and a multi-colored fur coat made
           from cat skins he had tanned. Moved to Cottageville WV after
           he sold the farm to his only son in 1935
        m. Laura Fenimore May 11 1888
           b. Mar 5 1863 d. Jul 11 1946 Cottageville WV
           buried Blaine Memorial Cem
           [d/o Thomas T Fenimore and Lelia Ann Greenlee]
        *  Lucy Hartley b. Oct 5 1889 d. Mar 24 1985
           buried Blaine Memorial Cem, near Cottageville WV
           Never married, lived most of her life with parents
        *  Ruth Hartley b. Dec 17 1894 d. May 23 1965 Akron OH
           buried Green Lawn Cem, Akron
           Never married, a nurse
        *  Edna Hartley b. Nov 18 1897
              Edna, a nurse, and Charles settled near Spencer WV
           m. Charles Stahlman Sep 17 1922, b. Oct 12 1897 d. Jan 6 1893
              [s/o George Washington Stahlman and Allie Elizabeth Fore]
           *  Charles Franklin Stahlman
           *  Hartley June Stahlman
        *  Ivy Hartley b. Aug 27 1901 d. Apr 26 1988
              buried Seneca Memory Gardens, Tiffin OH
           m. Herbert Lloyd Oct 21 1922, b. May 4 1900 d. Oct 7 1977
              buried Seneca Memory Gardens
           Descendants of Ivy Hartley and Herbert Lloyd
        *  John Henry Hartley b. Dec 21 1903 d. Feb 28 1982
              buried Otterbein Cem, near Evans WV
              John and wife lived first at Cottageville WV where he ran
              the mill and had a feed store, then to his father's farm
              which he bought in 1935. Rebuilt his grandfathers house
              that was struck by lightening. 1946 sold the farm to a Mr
              Shinn, and bought the farm next to it from uncle Stephen.
              The Stephen Hartley farm was bought by Martin Hartley, the
              original Thomas Hartley farm was bought by Landon Hartley
              in 1979 and the original barn was still in use in 1989
           m. Josephine Marie Sayre Oct 30 1926, b. 1905 d. 1957
           *  Geraldine Hartley
              m. Robert Quentin Sayre Jul 4 1953, b. Aug 17 1918
              Descendants of Geraldine Hartley and Robert Sayre
           *  John Hartley Jr
              m. Sue Ann Casto Apr 6 1956
              *  no children
           *  Landon Hartley
              m. Betty Marie Keefer Dec 11 1957
              *  Charles Hartley
              *  Jason Hartley
           *  Martin Hartley
              m. Sharon Marie Hess May 8 1965
              *  Angela Hartley
              *  Alesia Hartley
           2nd wife of John Henry Hartley:
           m. Eula Coleman 1960
        *  Grace Hartley b. Nov 20 1906 moved to Akron OH
           m. Arthur Carlson Dec 26 1946, d. 1963
              buried Green Lawn Cem, Akron OH
           *  no children
  *  William Hartley b. 1823 d. never married
     Settled near Scio OH
  *  Edward Hartley b. 1824 Harrison Co OH, d. 1913
        buried Flatwoods Church Cem, Jackson Co WV
        Settled in Jackson Co WV on a farm, south of Ravenswood where he
        had a blacksmith and carpenter shop. The three-story family home
        he built was up against a cliff so you could walk outside from
        each floor, with a large field outside the third story. During
        the Civil War he was in the Home Guard. Food was scarce during
        the War, he would travel to a mill near Poca River in Kanawha Co
        to get meal, going through woods to avoid roads and raiders, his
        wife and kids hiding the animals in the woods while he was gone
        for two to three days
     m. Elizabeth Tomlinson b. Harrison Co OH buried Flatwoods Church Cem
        [d/o Thomas Tomlinson and Nancy _ who came to Dining Fork valley
        near Scio OH, from MD, they also had: Lydia Tomlinson b. Feb 12
        1826 d. Sep 13 1898 who m. Thomas Hartley; George Tomlinson; Jane
        Tomlinson; Elizabeth Tomlinson; and Henry Tomlinson]
     *  Jane Clementine Hartley b. 1854 d. 1931
           Jane and Albert moved to KS and at first lived in a sod house.
           She got homesick for WV though, they had a dirt hill built and
           then a three-story house up against it, like her father's home.
           Nothing would grow around the house though, all the good dirt
           was used to make the hill           
        m. Albert Rowan b. 1850 d. 1903
        *  Charles Madison Rowan b. 1883 d. 1959
        *  Benjamin Harrison Rowan b. 1885 d. 1888
        *  Nannie Anne Rowan b. 1887 d. 1931
        *  Edith Ellen Rowan b. 1889
        *  Albert Ross Rowan b. 1892 d. 1967
        *  Chestina Averil Rowan b. 1896 d. 1964
     *  Thomas E Hartley b. 1856 d. 1933
           buried Antioch Cem, Cow Run, Cottageville WV
           Thomas and Mary settled on Cow Run, Jackson Co WV,
           on a farm he bought from cousin Christopher Hartley
        m. Mary Carr b. 1860 d. 1934 buried Antioch Cem
           [d/o William Carr b. Nov 14 1814 Lycoming Co PA, and m. Sep 10
           1839 Clarion Co PA, Isabella Burns b. Mar 23 1821 Mifflin Co PA.
           William s/o John Carr and Sarah Wilton, who came to America in
           1810, both buried in PA. Isabella d/o Robert Burns related to
           the poet Robert Burns, and Sarah Turner a cousin of President
           James Polk, both buried in PA. William and Isabella had eight
           children die in Jefferson Co PA, they came to Jackson Co WV in
           1868 for a better climate. Three other children lived to adults:
           Lavina Carr b. 1850 d. 1909 who m. Mr Rand; Susan Carr b. 1854
           d. 1929 who m. Mr Bibbee; and Joseph Carr b. 1855 d. 1928 who m.
           Hattie Jones b. 1852 d. 1918]
           Mary played the organ at Antioch Church
        *  Cora Isabella Hartley b. 1879 d. 1957
              buried Pleasant View Church Cem, Jackson Co WV
           m. Wilbur Ball b. 1872 d. 1926 buried Pleasant View Church Cem
           *  John Ball b. 1904 d. 1922 drowned
              buried Pleasant View Church Cem, Jackson Co WV
           *  Mary Ball twin b. 1912 d. 1971
                 buried Longview Church Cem, Jackson Co WV
              m. Della Sayre b. 1908 d. 1987
           *  Sarah Ball twin b. 1912
              m. Clyde Vannest
                 buried Pleasant View Church Cem, Jackson Co WV
        *  Raymond Edward Hartley b. 1890 d. 1960
              buried Otterbein Cem, Jackson Co WV
           m. Ella Arzina Hughes b. 1891 d. 1981 buried Otterbein Cem
           *  Mabel Hartley b. 1916
              m. Vinton Hoschar b. 1907 d. 1982 buried Antioch Cem
           *  Edward C Hartley b. 1918
              m. Audrey Lillian Sayre b. 1923
              *  Stephen Hartley b. 1942 d. 1943 throat infection
              *  Nicholas Hartley b. 1944 d. 1954 polio
              *  Randall Ray Hartley b. 1947
                 m. Sandra Milla b. 1951
                 *  Carla Rae Hartley b. 1971
                 *  Melanie Lea Hartley b. 1975
                 *  Thomas Edward Hartley b. 1977
              *  Sharon Sue Hartley b. 1950
                 m. Charles Palmer
                 2nd husband of Sharon Sue Hartley:
                 m. James R Brundige b. 1953
                 *  James R Brundige Jr b. 1983
              *  Deborah Diane Hartley b. 1952
                 m. Opie L Tackett
                 *  Ryan Lewis Tackett b. 1974
                 *  Tanya Nicole Tackett b. 1977
                 2nd husband of Deborah Diane Hartley:
                 m. Dennie Lee Shinn Sr 1979, b. 1950
                 Descendants of Deborah Hartley and Dennie Shinn
           *  Ruby Hartley b. 1920
              m. Howard Simmons
           *  Garnett Hartley b. 1922
              m. Starling Hunt b. 1920 d. 1979 buried Amherst OH
        *  Lena Hartley adopted b. 1896
           m. Howard Shinn
     *  John Hartley b. 1858 d. 1930
           John and wife settled in MO
        m. Chestina Sherman b. 1865 d. 1939
        *  Roy Hartley b. 1892 d. 1966
        *  Reuben Hartley b. 1896
        *  Raymond Hartley b. 1900
        *  Hazel Hartley b. 1902
     *  Philip Hartley b. 1860 d. 1941
           Philip and wife first settled
           in MO and in 1904 moved to CA
        m. Jennie Sigmund d. 1945
        *  no children
     *  Virginia Hartley b. 1862 d. 1932
           Virginia and Millard lived first in
           KS, then MO, then moved to MT in 1918
        m. Millard Rogers b. 1857 d. 1937
        *  Olive Rogers b. 1881 d. 1967
        *  Greek Rogers b. 1884 d. 1983
        *  Edward Rogers b. 1886 d. 1968
        *  John Rogers b. 1888 d. 1955
        *  Howard Rogers b. 1890 d. 1960
        *  Pearl Rogers b. 1894 d. 1989
        *  Homer Rogers b. 1900 d. 1963
     *  Edward Hartley b. 1867
        Civil engineer who traveled in the western part of the country
        and Mexico. It's said he married a Spanish girl and lived in
        Sacramento CA with a son. He visited WV in 1902 and disappeared
        around 1911-13
     *  Myrtle Hartley b. 1874 d. 1943 buried Flatwoods Cem, Jackson Co WV
        m. Hugh McCoy b. 1871 d. 1950
        *  Leona McCoy b. 1897 d. 1919
        *  Mary McCoy b. 1906 d. 1983
     *  Rufus Putnam Hartley b. 1875 d. 1910 drowned, never married
        buried Flatwoods Cem, Jackson Co WV
  *  Jane Hartley b. 1830 d. 1929 never married
     Settled near Scio OH

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