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The Eifel Region
A volcanic plateau bounded by the Rhine River in the East, the Moselle River in the South and the Ardennes in the West.
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Site Name Description
Some Eifel Families Contributed by Pat Cotter.
Eifel Internet Park The country, people, culture, art, entertaimnent and comerce of Eifel.  Includes information on Monreal, Bermel, Mayen-Land, Brohtal.
Eifel Füehrer Eifel and Umland are described.
Eifel Links Many links to Kreise, cities, towns genealogy and more.
The Air War inEifel World War II has been over more than 50 years, but its traces still remain. The Complete Eifel Portal
GO Translator Blankenheim Between the ancient Roman towns of Cologne, Aachen and Trier lies Blankenheim, nestling in the German-Belgian nature park in the heart of the Eifel Hills. The Eifel which is one of the most beautiful parts of the German "Mittelgebirge" or Hercynian range, with its deep blue maars or crater lakes and its extensive wooded slopes, is steadily improving its already excellent reputation as a holiday area.
Eifel-Zeitung Current articles, archives, and a portal among other features.
Heimbach Tourist information, guest accomodatopms and a running schedule of events happening in Heimbach.
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