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  International Civic Arms-Germany-BIELEFELD   Bielefeld probably got city rights in the early 13th century. The oldest seals of the city date from 1231 and 1263. It already showed a gate, which has been the arms ever since. The actual picture of the gate has changed often during the centuries. Sometimes the patron saint St. Georges is shown above the gate, sometimes the small shield is shown, sometimes not. The small shield is derived from the arms of the Counts of Ravensberg, who owned the town until 1346.
  Allgemeine Auskünfte: Internet in Bielefeld   Bielefeld on the Internet
  Bielefeld - info. Das Online-Stadtmagazin.   The Online City Magazine
  Homepage der Bibliothek der Universität Bielefeld - IBIS   Homepage of the Library of the University of Bielefeld
  Computational Linguistics and Spoken Language - U Bielefeld   The main teaching and research interests of the Computational Linguistics and Spoken Language Group cover Computational Phonology, Prosody, Linguistic Models in Speech Recognition and Computational Lexicology of Spoken Language.
  StaedteSeiten Bielefeld  
  Beilefeld: German Stamps Page   A page for stamp collectors. Includes a Dictionary of Philatelic terms German - English and English - German
  Bielefeld.DE   News, Mail, Information.
  In RB Detmold   Beilefeld within the context of RB Detmold with any available links to other sites and surnames.


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