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Lookups - Edgar Dohmann

St. Marien Catholic Church (St. Mary's) -- Borgholz

Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church -- Salzkotten

Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church -- Bad Driburg

St. Johannes Catholic Church (St. John's) -- Ottbergen

St. Petrus im Ketters (St. Peter in Chains) -- Erkeln

Catholic Church -- Borgentreich (I forget the name right now)

People who want lookups should provide as much detail as possible -especially dates and specific towns.

Most of these roughly cover the period 1650-1900 (some start a little later and some end a little earlier). The Salzkotten records are the only ones that are fully indexed so all the rest take some time to go through. Also the handwriting before 1750-1800 is very difficult to read - some of the microfilm copies are very faint, some of the handwriting is poor, and the information recorded was not standardized or formatted. After 1800 or so,most of the parishes started using books with pre-printed forms and theyare much easier to read.

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