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Palatinate chapter business meetings are held at various locations throughout Germany, each Chapter member has an opportunity to hostess a meeting and showcase their "hometown" in germany. Here are our upcoming chapter meetings:

April 18, 2015 - 10:30am - Come join us for a celebration.


Hotel Rosengarten am Park Rosengartenstrasse 6066482 Zweibruecken
tel. (49) 06332-9770  Email:

Please contact the hotel directly for rooms


We thought it would be fun to know what “you all” are doing and what role
DAR plays in your life today. If you would let us know via a brief email,
we would be interested


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Last Sunday of each month the C.A.R Chapter holds a "SKYPE" meeting.


Other Chapter events throughout the year.....

March  - St. Patrick's Day Parade in Munich -

April 15, 2015 - Palatinate Chapter 15th Anniversary

May - Hochfelden, France Wreath laying ceremony at WWII Memorial.

The ceremony is in Hochfelden, France, which is just an hour and a half from Ramstein and 2 hours from Wiesbaden.  Our chapter will present a wreath and we would love to have as many DAR members present as possible. If you are interested in attending please contact Chapter Regent and I will send you more information.

        The ceremony dates back to 7 June 1953 when the monument to American soldiers lost in France was dedicated at the site of the Hochfelden cemetery at the grave of LT John Rahill.  LT Rahill was killed during a German mortar attack on Dec 2, 1944 when he was just 20 years old.  At the conclusion of the war, Lt Rahill's mother, Mrs Clara Rahill sent a letter simply addressed to "The Mayor of Hochfleden, France" in the hopes of learning any details of her son's grave site.  Mrs Lilly Haag, the wife of the mayor of Hochfelden, responded and ensured Mrs Rahill that her son was being well cared for by grateful Alsatians at a beautiful site on the outskirts of Hochfelden.
        In 1949, the US government planned to close the Hochfelden Military Cemetery and transfer the remains of the 1,000 soldiers buried there to either a nearby permanent cemetery in St Avold or return them to the United States.  Mrs Rahill and Mrs Haag once again worked together to ensure LT Rahill's remains would not be disturbed.
       They began a letter writing campaign that involved some of the most powerful men in France and the US, including General Dwight D Eisenhower and French General Maurice Force.  With the support of these two men, both governments agreed to turn over the responsibility of caring for the remains of LT Rahill in perpetuity to the town of Hochfelden.
        A civic organization, Alsace Reconnaissante a'lAmerique (Alsace is Grateful to America) raised funds for a special monument.  June 7th, 1953 the monument to American soldiers lost in France was dedicated at the site of Hochfelden Cemetery and the grave of LT John Rahill.
       A Memorial Ceremony has been held every year since then and commemorates all American sacrifices for the liberation of France from Nazi Germany in WWII.


June 24 - 28, 2015 - The chapter sends a voting delegate to Continental Congress in Washington DC. 
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As part of NSDAR Continental Congress, we are proud to feature items from Germany for sale at the Units Overseas Luncheon.






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