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Translated from 3. Vejledning til bladning i arkivalierne. - open this to see images.

How to use the viewer - bladningsprogram

Arkivalieronline has launched a new program, that simplifies the use of Arkivalieronline, and is faster.
Pop up windows are no longer used and navigation is now by means of arrows in the same browser window.

[full screen picture]

The program is designed to utilize the whole browser window,
and automatically selects one of these five scren resolutions:-
1024 x768, 1152 x864, 1280 x1024, 1400 x1050 or 1600 x1200.

You may browse forwards or backwards, go to a particular page, zoom in or print out the image

[tool bar picture]

page 2

• Browse by using the up or down arrows [Opslag no 2 af 138] (page 2 of 138)
or type in a page number and press Enter [Opslag no 118 af 138] (page 118 of 138)

• Zoom by clicking on Zoom ind .[Zoom ind]
Move the yellow rectangle over the part of the image you wish to enlarge
click and hold down the left mouse button.

In the top right hand corner of the image a navigation window appears.
Pan by moving the yellow triangle with your mouse.

To return to the normal screen clik on Zoom Ud [Zoom ud]

[full screen picture]

Print by clicking on Print [Print]

If the whole page is on screen it will be printed
or if the yellow rectangle is on screen that selected area will be printed.

You may need to change the output format to landscape instead of portrait.

page 3

Clicking on Gem [Gem] saves the image - maximum 25 times a day (24 hours)
a new window shows your running total for that day.

[full screen picture]

clicking on the Gem button [Gem]
calls a dialogue box [grey picture] for you to chose in which file the image will be saved.

If you have AlternaTiff plugin installed the tiff image will open in that program.
You might wish to uninstall that first - or save from there.

Use the back button of your browser when you wish to read another volume
to get to the appropriate screen. to select a new register. [ Tilbage ]

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