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Translated from 2. Vejledning til søgning i folketællinger. - open this pdf to see the images. figur

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The census are divided by years årgange (= folketællingsår),

then sorted by:-
country parishes landsogne,
market towns (or boroughs) købstæder,
Copenhagen København
and in earlier census .-
the establishment etaterne.
ie the royal palaces and stables, Hofetaten,
the army, regiments and garrisons, Landetaten -
and the navy, docks, a prison , hospital Søetaten

The next three drop down menus change according to your selections
eg of place stedbetegnelse (see figur 1, numbers 3/3.1, 4/4.1 and 5/5.1).

Using the menus and buttons (see numbers 1–9 in figur 1):

1. Choose the year årgang.

2. Choose the kind of place stedbetegnelse.
Choose between Landsogn, Købstad, København or Etaten.

3. Drop-down menus sorteringsfilter.
a. if a landsogn or købstad is chosen
the county amt changes automatically.
b. after selecting Copenhagen København
choose the quarter or other division
kvarter or inddeling depending on the year of the census.
c. Under Etaten choose the appropriate establishment etater,
eg. hofetaten or søetaten.

4. Drop-down menus sorteringsfilter..
a. Choosing landsogn automatically finds the district herred
b. After choosing Copenhagen København with etaten
other choices will appear automatically if they exist
c. If købstad is chosen, the herred is omitted

5. Drop-down menus sorteringsfilter.
a. After a choice of landsogn the sogn menu is supplied.
b. If købstad is chosen the købstad menu changes.
c. After choosing Copenhagen København with kvarter
other choices will appear automatically if they exist.
eg Matrikel - the registration number of the plot of land
(N.B. they were revised 1689, 1756, 1806 with street numbers from 1859 ).
see these old Copenhagen maps Gader i København

6. Get the data - click the button [Hent oplysninger.]

7. Multiple results Flere resultater.
When two or more parishes sogne have the same name,
a new table appears where you may select which parish you want

See the images from this pdf Figur 1 – 5 for more examples of searches.

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