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Danish Census and Church Books : Welcome 

Danish family history with Hugh: "How to find your Danish roots,
or your cousins abroad"

[Dannebrog] - forside på dansk

Hvordan begynder man på at forske i sin slægt? Slægtshistorie hos HUGO

OSS-1 - slægtsforskning - FAQ

OSS - FAQ links på dansk

Helsingør church books and more

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Virtual Reference Library


Danish FAQ

Danish Archives FAQ
DAISY electronic catalogue FAQ

Lost census - manglende danske folketællinger

Danish personal names and naming FAQ

dk-de_place_names - some German and Danish forms of names in Slesvig

Kirkebøger FAQ - Danish National Archives Church Books, or parish registers

1000 Danish surnames

The top one thousand surnames in Denmark on January 1 2004
- with thanks to Dorthe Larsen at Danmarks Statistik

FOTW Unionbanner  Kalmarunion and other flags

other FAQ

British Archives FAQ

Rootsweb FAQ

Help with census of the United Kingdom

message board help FAQ

Welcome to the Sorensen,  or Sørensen, Message Board.
Welcome to the Jorgenson Message Board.

To find a Message Board where you can share data
enter a surname
or a country or a county
or a topic,  like an occupation, census or adoption or . . .

Warwickshire message board

Watkin Message Board.

UK surnames boilerplate

EASTER EGGS and other OT stuff

The RAG BAG - links for Danish census dnkcen

street index / gade register
Randers Census Folketælling master index FT-1787
Randers Census Folketælling master index FT-1801
Randers Census Folketælling master index FT-1840
Randers Census Folketælling master index FT-1855 under construction
Randers Census Folketælling master index FT-1860 and names
FT 1787, Odense, Bjerge, Kølstrup
FT-1840 for Bedsted

one place study of Brumleby AKA Københavns Lægeforeningens Boliger

Randers Census Indexing Project
Lost census - manglende FT - FAQ
thanks to Mooney's MiniFlags for this Dannebrog
I use this for news and notes - about this and other sites.
created March 12 2005
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Hugh Watkins.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Ofte Stillede Spørgsmål
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county / deanery / parish   census
amt / herred / sogn     folketælling
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first experiments in transribing a census and putting it on line
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local history in Copenhagen
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på dansk
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Looking for descendants in USA or ancestors in Denmark?
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