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DisForum - Find your relatives in Denmark
In this forum family history researchers who do not speak danish may ask for local help with finding ancestors or contacting living relatives in Denmark.
DIS-Danmark - english
"DIS-Danmark is an association of genealogical researchers who use data processing and computers as a tool in their genealogical research."
DIS is short for Databehandling I Slægtsforskning - Computers in Genealogy

I have been helping webmoster Hedvig Pitzner-Jørgensen
with her homepage in Danish and do see sitemap for Hedvigs slægtssider
I really enjoyed making the graphic of the little rowing boat on the Copenhagen lake.
Her site is aproaching 50 pages now

STILL waiting for answers to my emails from 18th March to Rigsarkiv - the Danish National Archives - and Arkivalieronline via LAV mailbox. The arkivists show pretty bad manners for an official body - TNA Kew is better organised - they acknowledge all emails received and send an answer from the appropriate department within about 14 days.

Møde om Arkivalieronline

A meeting was held in Copenhagen on the 18th March 2005 
at the Rigsarkiv - the Danish National Archives - 
about their web site of census and church book images.

Participating were:-
the chairman of Sammenslutningen af Slægtshistoriske Foreninger  
Elsebeth Ib,
representing DIS-Danmark   Jens V. Olsen,
representing AOHackers   Per Agerbæk
for Statens Arkiver Erling Haagh, En medarbejder ved AO
Chr. R. Jansen,
Brian Jessen, webmaster 
Johan Peter Noack and Poul Erik Olsen.

At the meeting the many questions which users of Arkivalieronline,
had raised were discussed. In spite of differences it was agreed 
to seek solutions cooperatively.

It was agreed:-

1. to form a working group to investigate solutions 
within the existing budget to improve the performance 
of the network and the server.

2. to recommend that major downloads using AO-Værktøj 
should preferably be between midnight and 9.00am danish time.

3. to recommend that the big downloads, of kirkebøger
 or folketællingsmateriale, be restricted to 
users current needs.

4. to establish a brugerråd (users group), 
that can better future cooperation.

5. to meet again when the working group has a report on 1. above, 
and has a proposal of rules for a users' group 
vedtægter for et brugerråd.

links to images on this site are broken by Arkivalieronline

The indexes here are still useful if you compare the numbers of the images with those shown when you preview a print out from the Arkivalieronline site but no longer child's play

1787 1801

1834 Kbh. mangelfuld Copenhagen is patchy, 1840
from 1845 Fødestedet med includes place of birth, 1850 1855 1860 1870 1880
(1885 kun Kbh. Copenhagen only,) 1890 (1895 kun Kbh. Copenhagen only,) 1901 1906 1911 1916 1921 1925
images online - and planned to go online

1930 spec. tilladelse! special permission needed!
1940 spec. tilladelse! special permission needed!
1950 spec. tilladelse! special permission needed!

Lost census - manglende FT - FAQ


Ny bladrefunktion - now you can browse the images
browsing by Macromedia Flash Player which seems to be both quicker and easier than the old system - go the this Macromedia site if you need help.
More information on Windows Firewall can be found in the Service Pack 2 Support Center on the Microsoft Website.

are a group of experienced computer minded danish genealogists
who wish to see improvements to the images and service.
AOHackers hjemmeside 10. mar. 2005 AO Værktøjer version 2.2.1 frigivet

Brugerregistrering - user registration
new users
Oprette - create a user ID
Glemte password - forgotten password
Fornavn - first name
Efternavn - lastname
Adresse -address
Postnr. - zip code or post number
By - town
Land - country
E-mail - email
Når du har tilmeldt dig, modtager du en bekræftelse med password pr. e-mail.
When you have completed and sent the form you will recieive your new password by email
and once you are connected click on Brugerprofil if you want to change your password or address

There are three help files pdf in Danish
  1. Vejledning til søgning i kirkebøger. see below for help - step by step

In Denmark church books, or parish registers, are the basic organ of civil registration

How to read the church books kirkebøger on

Amts- og herredsinddelingen i Trap. Danmark (5. udgave) er benyttet.
the counties from 1793 to 1970 and districts in the volumes of Trap. Danmark (5th edition) are used

The drop down menus and buttons (numbered 1-7 in the image figur 1 in this pdf 1.):
1. Vælg Amt. - choose county
then the menus herred (2) and sogn (3) will change to show what is included

2. Vælg Herred - choose district (or deanery)
then sogn (3) menu will change show the parishes of that herred

3. Vælg Sogn - choose parish
then all the registers kirkebøger will be listed in a table (4).
if there are more parishes with the same name they will all be listed.

EG there is a Resen parish in two counties and three districts (see figur 2).
4. Vælg bog select the book by clicking on its underlined name in the tekst column

5. Hent oplysninger - get the data
use the buttons Hent Amt, Hent Herred or Hent Sogn if a menu fails to download

F Fødte births and christenings
K Konfirmerede confirmations
V Viede marriages

J Jævnførelser

index or cross references
A Afgangslister departed from the parish
T Tilgangslister arrived in the parish

danish english glossary - many more

The Denmark List FAQ page of the Denmark List. Here you will find answers to many of your questions and links to the many resources available on the net.

The Danish List Links Page updated

Online Parish ChurchbooksThe Danish Archives have started scanning parish churchbooks, and making them available online! The interface is in Danish but very easy to figure out. Imagine the convenience of not having to depend on the delivery of microfilm to family history centers. Bravo to the Danish Archives!! Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline

please use dnkcen Site Map in order to navigate and find more FAQ

changes at DNKCEN
this page
and an enormous full sitemap to enable google to crawl every single page.

[Dannebrog] - forside på dansk - with some links about Jews and Roman Catholics in Denmark

HELP - volunteers needed !!!

- to add to and build this site - OGSÅ PÅ DANSK - Brug for frivillige hjælpere - HJÆLP

Any and all corrections, suggestions for improvement and further information will be most welcome SO PLEASE mail me

visit our own mailing list Yahoo! Groups : DNKCEN

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It is a really good idea to subscribe to this Denmark mailing list
Search the DENMARK archives
Browse the DENMARK archives - then you can see what goes on - about 15 messages a day

Old danish handwritng gets easier to read with practicc some images
Kurs i gotisk handskrift
this course is on a norwegian site becaues their archives are written in an older kind of danish, or latin.

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