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    Welcome to the EastEuropeGenWeb Project

    The EastEuropeGenWeb Project is an on-line data repository for queries, family histories, and source records as well as being resource center to identify other on-line databases and resources to assist researchers.  It is the regional branch of the WorldGenWeb Project.

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    You will want to begin your search by exploring the Country Websites.  You may discover that one of the countries is in need of a coordinator.   If you are interested in adopting one of the countries, please contact us.

    Each of the hosted countries maintains a system for submitting queries so you'll want to utilize the country specific query board if available. 


    Brief East Europe information


    Eastern Europe is a socio-political concept mainly influenced by the Cold War, which largely defined its borders. Its boundaries were effectively forged in the final stages of World War II and came to encompass all European countries which came under Soviet influence and control. As such these countries had communist regimes imposed upon them and neutral countries were classified by the nature of their political regimes. Of course today East Germany was absorbed by West Germany through the German reunification, becoming a part of Western Europe by default.

    from Wikipedia Eastern Europe


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    Country Coordinators

    Albania  ~ J. L. Asche

    Austria  ~  Tilman Brandl

    Belarus  ~  J. L. Asche

    Bosnia-Herzegovina  ~  J. L. Asche

    Bulgaria   ~  Steve Tsonev

    Croatia      ~   J. L. Asche

    Czech Republic  ~  Ken Sajdak

    Estonia   ~  J. L. Asche

    Finland   ~  Colleen Clements

    Hungary     ~  J. L Asche

    Macedonia   ~   Host Needed

    Moldova     ~   Host Needed

    Montenegro  ~  Patrice Green

    Romania   ~  J.L. Asche

    Russia     ~   Host Needed

    Serbia  ~  Patrice Green

    Slovak Republic  ~  Ken Sajdak

    Slovenia   ~  Gary L. Gorsha

    Ukraine  ~   J. L. Asche

    Yugoslavia   ~  Patrice Green


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    We are very grateful to Collen, Charles Wardell who have served as the Regional Coordinator for many years! Thank you!